Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And the mall comes tumbling dowm.......................

An exciting day yesterday.

At the beginning of the day...............   (OK - so this picture is from a couple of days ago, but not much change - just more of those support beams have been removed)

The mall
Then about 3 PM - this is what the mall looked like

Ooops - the top is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I was out at 6 PM and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The tower is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I had to drive around to the other side of the mall and OMG - the food court is GONE  (that was at the front of the mall).  Actually the food court is still there, just smaller, but all restaurants or most are still open.

And they have started to build the NEW entrance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start the rebuilding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it does NOT take much to get me excited!!!!!!!       Shoot - I wish I could have seen that part come off!  In all the times I have driven or walked by that mall, I have not seen ONE piece of stuff come off!!!!

It was a bit of a lazy day yesterday but I did get some work done.   Hey when the sun is out and it is hot, I couldn't help but walk the girls to Tim's and then sat outside and blinded myself by reading a magazine!!!!

Here is the first of the four mitered corners on that border fabric/bargello

Not bad - now to make the other three match somewhat.   Notice I had to add a small bit right in the corner as that one strip wasn't quite long enough.  And I am trying to be skimpy on my fabric because I still have one more border to put on. I have enough fabric, but of course takes more with all the matching!!!!

Then since the DVD was due back at the library TODAY and no renewals, I sat down after dinner and had a MODERN FAMILY love fest.  It really is a FUNNY FUNNY show.  I think I watched SIX episodes in a row. Thank goodness I am going to have to wait for Season Two. But I watched all the chatty stuff at the end of the DVD and I think it is absolutely hysterical that Luke (the youngest son of Phil and Claire) is portrayed as a dunce and a misfit on the show and the kid (in real life) belongs to MENSA. Go figure!!!!!  

Anyway - I got ONE MORE knitted square done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I think that makes SEVEN!!!!!!   I am ON A ROLL.

One more square!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - it is embroidery club this morning, so I had better get myself organized for that.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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