Friday, April 11, 2014

Doing good.....................

OK - so I have overwhelmed even myself!!!   I came home - made a HUGE mess in the studio - trying to get an applique quilt on the go and there is fabric and stuff EVERYWHERE.

Doesn't look too bad in the picture - but trust me - it is a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However I did manage to get TWO more Farmer's Wife blocks cut - eighteen to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farmer's Wife block - number one

Farmer's Wife block - number two

I would have to say that I am a BIT oblivious to a lot of things. Like my new rain boots. I have worn them a couple of times - and before I could wear them, I had to cut the elastic that was holding them together. Then yesterday I am out walking and wondering what is flapping around my feet.  OH MY GOD - the BIG price tag is still attached!!!!!!

DUH - I never saw that??????   Seriously?????   I must be totally asleep when I walk the dogs!!!!!!

However I love them. They allow me to splash through the big puddles and not get my feet wet (the forest still has streams and puddles we must cross), they are low enouhg that I can get them off easily and they do not rub on my shins.  Yep - as sad as I was to give the orange ones away, these are better. More practical for me.

 I was trying to clean up some paperwork last night and reading through a local magazine. I found TWO things of interest that I thought I would share with you...................

So you know I have an obsession with the mall. Right?  I can't help it - I had to go to the library yesterday and I took the dogs. Except that we took a different route so that we could see the mall on the way.  I know - totally obsessed!!!! And then we had to scoot home because it looked like a major storm was headed our way. We had a few sprinkles, but nothing major. Anyway - I digress..............

As I was reading this local magazine, there was an article on the mall renovation.........

 Now you probably won't be able to read thise, but there is that BIG ball that they are replacing the tower with. I am just not so sure about that.  But the interesting thing in the article is that the mall is working with Habitat for Humanity and are donating as much of the salvageable building materials that they can.  I think that is VERY responsible of them.  I don't feel so bad about it coming down, but really - where are they going to put those HUGE clock faces???????    Really?  On the side of a house????

I think that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Way to go Erin Mills Town Center.

The other article I read in the same local magazine (Spirit of the City - September/October 2013) was about The Benefits of Fitness.

Oh boy - this is such a subjective subject (many people don't feel there are benefits to fitness), but the article opens with this statement "It's no secret that regular exercise makes you more energetic, helps you lose weight and leads to restful, satisfying shut-eye at night."   I SO BELIEVE this is true.  And it doesn't not mean that you have to go and run a marathon, NO it means just get active in your day.  I am sure that many people would be shocked at how little they move.  Invest in a FitBit and then evaluate how many steps you take in a day.  When I was at  my parents - I could barely eek out 500 steps in a day (it was bitterly cold out), the house is small and I wasn't doing my daily routine. My normal routine means that I do anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 steps in a day.    How many steps do you do?????    I am very serious - you SHOULD check this out. Most libraries have pedometers that you can borrow.

The article ends this way "Imagine your doctor told you there was a drug-free way to enjoy better overall health and protect yourself against Canada's leading causes of death all while looking younger, sleeping better, having more energy and enjoying stable moods and a sharper mind. You'd think it was  medical miracle. That's the power of regular exercise, and it's never too late to get up, get active and enjoy a better life."

They talk about having higher oxygen levels and how oxygen is deadly to cancer cells, keeping your brain functioning well and much much more, exercise will NOT get rid of depression, but it can reduce levels of anxiety and depression. I mean when you are so focused on breathing - there is NO room to dwell on your issues.

Yes - we all have aches and pains. We all have time constraints, but I could NEVER give up exercise (or high activity levels). I would die!!!!!!!!    So while you don't have to follow me for a bike ride - why not enjoy the nice weather and take a walk. Doesn't have to be miles and miles, but just longer than you would normally. Enjoy the nice weather. Do anything, but MOVE!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. Got loads to do and I have to get myself under control!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. loooove the boots! Now if I lived near Erin Mills I might just be hunting up a quircky clockface for fantastical garden!