Friday, April 25, 2014

Hooked on HATS

It was set up day at CreativFestival.  As much as I dread the long day (for the fiddly work of setting up) - it is always an EXCITING day.  I get to see old friends - The Quilt Patch (from Moose Jaw) is right across the aisle from us (Sew Fancy). Pastime Pieces is kitty corner to us   and many many others.   Heck - we are right in the middle of things.

There are some  amazing displays. If you do not want to buy anything - there are LOTS of displays and free demos to keep you from buying!!!!

I have a demo at 10:30 on crayoning and another one at 5:30 on rulers.   You should come to both - you are certain to learn something.  And sometimes it is good to learn what you do NOT want to do - like certain rulers you were curious about - you can see all about them WITHOUT having to buy it!!!!  

Someone metnioned to me that if people don't want to buy - come for the INSPIRATION!   Oh yes - there is tons to get inspired by. I am way way inspired and I don't need any more inspiration at this point in time!!!!

Have a look - here are some pix I snapped - I will give you details later -

Our booth - see how I have so nicely organized all that fabric????    I will spend my day keeping it all look nice and neat!!!

Mikey from The Crochet Crowd (these guys are just amazing!!!!)   You want inspiration - just look at Mikey - you will get it

The hat display - yikes - there are bags and bags and bags and bags and bags of hats...............

Part of the display is up - 

Detail of one of the hats!!!!!!!!

Of course - I was obsessed with those darn hats.   Yes - I snagged a couple - you will have to come and see me to see which ones I bought.

On that note - I have to get there early and I better get moving.

I can't remember our booth number - 268 I think. If you get a chance - come and stop in.

Don't forget - we are at The International Center - FREE parking.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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