Thursday, April 17, 2014

What I will do for 16,000 steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooops - a bit tardy these days.   Just sometimes hard to eek out some time in the morning, but I am here today!

As you know - I have been dealing with quilting books. I have LOADS of them and through the powers that be, I had the privilege to acquire a few more.  I quickly went through the two bags yesterday and look at the treasures that I found...................

I have collected this series of books over the years and was missing a few. Yesterday in the bags - I found ALL the ones that I was missing. How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I also found a couple of OLD Quilt Art Calendars published by AQS.   This one was from 1991.  I have one or two of these. Now the important thing is NOT the calendar, but the quilt pictures. However a big problem of mine is that if you keep the book, you have NO WAY of remembering what was in the book without having to go through a dozen books to find the right one.

Quilt Art calendar 1991 (by American Quilter's Society)

So here is my plan - I took photos of the quilts that I thought had useful designs, colourways or other form of inspiration. I also took a picture of the credits for that quilt. I am going to load the pictures into my database of photos. I will tag them - quilts, colourway, setting, designer or whatever else tweaks my fancy about that particular picture. Then when I want to find a particular style/colour of quilt - it will be a piece of cake!!!!!!!!!!!    I took the pictures and the book is going back in the bag of ones that I will not keep.

Sounds brilliant and would be so useful if I could do that with my magazines and such.  I really don't need or want to keep a lot of stuff, but I want the idea.   Yes - this probably violates copyright through and through, but without doing this - the pictures are USELESS.   It is STRICTLY for my personal use - DO NOT ask to borrow or use my database!!!!!  

However I did find a couple of interesting quilts in the book that I thought I would share with you. Only two from the entire calendar were from "famous" people - well people that I recognized.

Here is the first one......................    You will NEVER guess who made this quilt. Carol?????   You know the lady and I think you follow her blog..............

Quilt is called Fan Dance

Give up????

Read the card below..............

How about this one?   Any idea who made this one?????   I met the lady - took a class from her.   Given her AMAZING machine quilting today - (enlarge the photo and look at her quilting!!!!)   Oh yes - she has come a long way.  

Crane Dance

Did you guess?????    Have a look at this card

Is that NOT amazing to see some of their earlier work.    If you are not familiar with either Ellen or Carol - check out the links. Both are AMAZING artists!!!!!!

Instead of working, I have been reading. I went to the library and found these little books by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She has a blog called The Yarn Harlot.   I have read a couple of her books before, but why not have some light reading and they were all sitting on the library shelf calling my name.

At Knit's End

The above book is a quick read - a quote from someone, followed by her linking the quote to knitting and then her witticism.  Each one is a page long and the book is small.   And you could very easily substitute the word knitting for quilting and it would be perfect!!!!

Speaking of knitting - I now have EIGHT of the squares done. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eight squares done and I must re-evaluate the yarn and the quantity that I got for the sashing. My "expert" who roped me into this project in the first place (but no names to protect the innocent) says it may not be the right yarn.   Hmmmmm - and it looks like I can get SIX sashings not three from the same space as one block.   Oh heck - I will just wing it!!!!!!!!!

My daughter wants to implement a new RULE in our house.  I HATE rules with a passion. Someone mentioned to me the other day (we were talking about raffles) - that there were a number of NEW rules.  She said - "Oh something must have happened and they had to make a rule to cover themselves."   YEP - that is the ONLY reason that I make rules.  I guess M has the same philosopy because the new RULE is that I am NOT allowed to leave my junk on the kitchen table.   Wait - that is a perfect dumping ground!!!

The kitchen table - also known as Mom's dumping ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As part of my cleaning, then I guess I need to clean off the table (permanently) in the dining room so it can become MY temporary dumping ground!!!!!!!     ACK - Kids and THEIR RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

I see we had a visitor in the backyard yesterday. I don't mind as the rabbit eats the spilled bird seed - now if they could only be trained to poop in the corner of the yard!!!!!!!!!!!

We have this FITBIT competition going on at the gym. Doesn't look like our team is doing all that great, but I set a goal for myself of 16,000 steps a day. Whew - day one - no problem, day two - I get home from a meeting and see that at 9:30 PM, I have only 12,000 steps.  It was below zero outside. Oh well - I bundled up, grabbed the dogs and we went for a walk so I could get my 16,000 steps.  I know - totally insane!!!!!!!!

Then yesterday, I am watching my other team mates and seeing their steps (it is all on-line) - well they are ahead of me and I have to get those steps in. I bundle up a bit and off the girls and I go. We take a VERY circuitous route to Tim's (past the mall of course). A quick pit stop into HomeSense where I found some stuff that I went back later with the car and picked up. But I saw this pillow and LOVED IT!!!!

All I will say is YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did NOT buy the pillow though.  Anyway - bottom line - made 18,000 steps yesterday!

Also had to get the dogs to the vet for their shots and whatnot. Whoa  - having pets is NOT cheap.  Look at Sparky - she is in her element up on that table. All she cares about is that she gets TREATS up there.

Sparky hanging out at the vet!!!!!!

On that note - I have to get to work now!!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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