Saturday, April 12, 2014

You better sit down for this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was out last night (I'll tell you why in a second) and on my way home, I decided to swing by Indigo which is just by the mall (I know - I can't help myself). Anyway - went into Indigo and OH MY GOD - you are kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Look what I saw on the cover of a magazine...................

Do you see what it says - TRY MACRAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   - Seriously?????

I used do a LOT of macrame. My whole family had plant hangers, wall hangings and we had a hanging glass topped coffee table in my first apartment. I wonder if I can dig up those photos. Hey - if everything was tagged it would be a cinch to find them!!!!

I see the gauntlet has been thrown down as well.  I have a growing number of friends who have a FitBit  (do NOT buy the bracelet one for $99)  and it seems that we are all MILDLY competitive!!!!   Susan lives in my neighbourhood and the other day she needed to drop something off. I told her I could stop by to pick it up, but NO she insisted on coming to my house.  Just so SHE could get the steps on her FitBit!!!!!  

Then I saw her at Ruti's Needlebed yesterday and the first thing she asked me "did I walk there?"  I replied NO and she said she did. Oh crud - now I have to walk to Ruti's to get steps!!!!!

And I see that Mary did almost the same amount of steps as myself last week. Oh boy - I have to step it up a notch.   However I have to say that when I got home from Ruti's, I walked the girls to Mary's, then the library (of course passing the mall along the way) and then to Tim's and back home. Combined with the rest of my day - have a look at how many steps I took..............    (Hey - I just learned how to take a screen shot of my computer screen, throw it into Photoshop!!!!!!   And get a picture for the blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - in case you can read that - it says 20,208 STEPS yesterday.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know - YOU want to see my latest mall pictures.

This was in the afternoon when I walked the dogs

And this was at 9 PM when I went to Indigo - I am not sure if they were still working, but there were lights on!!!!!

One of the ladies in our knitting group (yes I am STILL knitting the same project), but anyway while Nancy is a quilter AND a knitter, she has been painting FOREVER. She invited us all to attend a show that their Art Society was hosting. Hmmm - why not - I was home alone. DH is away on a golfing vacation, M was at a sleepover with Caroline who celebrated her birthday yesterday!   So I hopped in the car and headed down to the Visual Arts Center. I had never been and this was a good excuse to go.

The grounds at the Visual Arts Center are BEAUTIFUL  (I snapped this with my phone about 8:30 PM)

A nice place to just relax and yet it is minutes from my house (smack in the middle of the city)

Anyway - if you are looking for something to do - go and have a look at the art work. Some pretty amazing stuff. I didn't buy anything, but I saw a couple of pieces that I loved and I thought long and hard. I just have something else in the back of my mind that I want MORE than a piece of art, so I will remember the paintings!!!!

Visual Arts Mississauga

And the link to the group hosting the show -   (this link takes you to the info about the show - THIS WEEKEND ONLY)

The Clarkson Society of Artists

Anyway - it was a nice change and I  met a couple of people that I knew!

On that note - I haev a HUGE mess in the studio. Someone is here working on the machine so a perfect opportunity for me to get some of the mess cleaned up??????

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (don't forget your 10,000 steps!!!!!!!!!!!)


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  1. For the first time in quite a few years I have aquired some indoor plants, a jade plant, a starter diffenbachia and a avocado that I started from seed... The point is, modern windowsills are very narrow soooooo... I need a couple of macrame hangers for them -- trick is to find some nice rope!