Sunday, May 11, 2014

What it means to be a MOM!

It is Mother's Day.     HAPPY Mother's Day to everyone!!!!!!

Being a Mom is a crazy job. Just crazy - you have no idea what you are in for when you decide to become a parent. I remember coming home from the hospital with this little bundle which we laid on the couch. We sat on either side of her and looked at each other and said "Now what?"  We had NO CLUE at that point how a baby was going to fit into the mix of our busy lives. And we were mature, responsible adults at the time!!!  (I've since regressed!)

But time went on and we figured it out pretty fast.

I would like to say that I am PROUD to be a Mom.  There are days when I am a SUPER Mom, there are days when I am a crappy Mom. There are days when I make mistakes (OK - there are many days like that), there are days when I question whether I even want to keep my kid), there are days when nothing goes right, there are days when nothing is good enough. Well you get the picture.

But there are days when you connect with your kid that make up for all the rotten days. We have spent many hours messing about, having fun, doing road trips and just general silliness which is part of being a Mom.

I remember the day when she discovered her hand. She sat in her little chair and stared at her hand as she moved it around. I'm not sure who was more mesmerized - me or her. I have to say that as M gets older and continues to make discoveries about life, I am even more mesmerized as she figures out the big picture. Even though there are days when I could kill her  - there are many more when I am so PROUD that I could bust with pride!!!!!!!!!!!

And part of Mother's Day is to remember MY MOM.  I don't envy my Mom.  I was a feisty child - I "hated" my Mom because she was so strict, there were rules for everything and I felt like I was constantly being punished for every little thing.  I could NOT wait to leave home.   OK - we did have some good moments as well, but somehow we all seem to remember the bad things and never the good. Funny how that happens!

Now that I am older, I have a good relationship with my Mom. I wish we were closer but that isn't going to happen so we chat on the phone.  I wish I had spent more time with my grandmothers - getting to know them a bit better, learning their stories.  I was not interested in that stuff when they were alive. That makes me sad.


Here is my FAVOURITE picture of M and myself.

Yes - that cute little baby is M!!!!!!!!   

It appears that I really LOVE this picture because look................

YEP - there are TWO of the same picture on the table!!!!!   I never noticed until someone pointed it out to me. DUH!!!!!   OK - so I am a clueless Mom!!!!!

And what was my best present ever for Mother's Day???   Not the spa certificate (although I will never say no to that), not a new sewing machine (although I would not say no to that either), not the kitchen appliances (although I am shocked that I am not getting a Vitamix blender - just because M wants one). NOPE the best present ever was this handmade collage of the trip that M and I took to Europe.

She chose the pictures, made up the sayings and assembled the collage onto a placemat from a restaurant that we ate in near the end of our trip.   This really is the best present ever and it is one of my treasures. It hangs in the stairs and I pass it every time I am up and down to the studio (which is many times in a day).

So many cool memories!!!!!     Thanks M - I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that collage!!!!!!!!!   It means so much to me.

We went out to dinner last night because it just isn't going to work today. We had a fabulous time and boy the world is small. We were sitting there and out of the corner of my eye, I thought I recognized the woman sitting at the table behind me. I was just about to say something when M says that she knows one of the boys at the table and then the woman speaks to us. YEP - she and I were on the same sales team many years ago. She also knows DH as he worked there as well. M and her son went to the same school.   They live very close to us, but we were work friends and never became neighbour friends.  Small world - but it was pretty funny how everyone recognized each other at the same time.

Anyway - it was a super dinner, but I realize that I (and M) can no longer eat a big meal. I only ate the meat from the hamburger - no bun and a salad and fries and I was stuffed. We just don't eat big meals any more. We eat often and small. And I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!!!!

On that note - I am off to enjoy the day.  Not sure what I will do - something just for me?  Something that needs to be done? I'll figure it out as I go along. I may just hang out in the backyard with a book.

But I will call my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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