Monday, May 19, 2014

Keep your eyes open!

Whew - I needed to get my butt on my bike for an outdoor ride.  While I have been doing spin class three times a week for a long time, it just isn't the same as sitting on the bike for hours. My friend Megan "told" me I had better get my butt on the bike. do what is important to me.  OK OK - so I got off to a bit of a late start and when I did get outside  - oh  my! - the sky did not look too promising.

Tires pumped up - snack, keys, phone, money, CAA card in the pockets and I was off.  I rode my road bike which is ridiculously light compared to riding the touring bike. Not that the touring bike is much heavier - it is all the other stuff that I carry that adds weight.  At times I felt like the bike was jumping all over the place because of the lack of weight!  You would think that my weight would help to keep it grounded!!!

Anyway - you have to go a LONG way to get 80+ K.  If you are interested - have a look at my route.

Bike Ride - May 18

It was oodles of fun, and while there were a few rain drops - it really did NOT rain.  It was awesome to be back out.   There were loads of cyclists out and I have to say those most of them seemed to be behaving themselves and the traffic for the most part gave a wide berth. I did think a lot about last summer and Bob and Irene. Still makes me very sad - it always will.

However one cannot let things like that paralyze you - you must move on - keep going.

Thought I would share some recent show n tell with you.

Awesome way to use up a border print!!!!!   Will make a smart table topper

Another easy table topper with a bit of pizzazz

And a quilt could not be much simpler than this, yet it has a nice appeal!!!!! Great idea for a gift!

This is a Jackie Syer pattern. Part of the scrap busters at a local guild

Another Jackie Syer pattern - again a GREAT scrap buster!!!!!    Thanks Maria for brining in your quilts. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!

Lynda was working on her outreach project for the guild. I don't remember where she got the pattern, but this is also an EXCELLENT scrap user.  And she just so happened to have a fabric for the border that ties all the colours in!

This is Mary's block of the month that she did with The Quilt Rack in Ancaster.  Mary then embroidered windmills (from Aunt Martha's patterns) for the alternate blocks. I love it!!!!!!!

Linda brought in her finished (well - still borders to work on) top. This is a pattern by Border Creek Station.  Just LOVE this!!!!!!

Sacha was working on this fabulous log cabin. The bright colours are to die for. That cat fabric in the center - a Laurel Burch of course!!!!!!!!!!!!   I want to steal this one too!!!

Elaine (NOT ME) was working on some placemats.  See - it is NOT just me who likes tractor things!!!!!   

Marelene's "accident" quilt. She made this for a friend because she needed a "quick" quilt for a birthday!!!!!  Hey Marlene - we all have birthdays!!!! 

I've got more show n tell, but it is already late in the day - so best to go with what you see.

Here are some recent pictures of the backyard.   Ok - so the pond!!!!

It is hard to tell in the picture, but there are THREE black fish in front of the big gold fish. 

A school of fish - you can see the black/'gold ones better here. By my count we have ten fish that survived the winter. 

Another view of the black fish 

I was taking this picture of the gold fish. It was ONLY when I loaded the picture into the computer that I saw the reflection in the water.   I was so focused on the fish that I did not see the reflection.  I think that happens so often in life - we see ONE THING and do not see the entire picture.  Now how does one take pictures of conversations???   I could use a camera like that!!!!!!!!!

And here is a picture of Little Sammy.   She loves to keep an eye on what is happening in the house so she likes to watch from upstairs!!!!!    

Adorable Little Sammy!!!!!

We had a great sewing day today!!!!     Lots of laughs - more info tomorrow. No time for details - got to finish my homework.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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