Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A FIRST for me!!!!

Every day is just so fun!   Except maybe when you take spin class with Joseph!  Oh boy - what a tough workout this morning.  I haven't had a class with him in a long time and he is tough!   I was sweating buckets. But I had a great stretch and I feel great!!!!

Another license plate and there are still more to come!!!   I am not sure what the count is at this point.  Then I will have to think of something to do with them!!!!

Had a great show n tell with some friends yesterday morning.  You know how it is - you think - oh I don't want to go - so much to do. But it is nice to show what you are working on - no pressure and a loose commitment on what you are going to work on next. It does help to say OUT LOUD - this is my focus.  I don't really have anything in a finished state at the moment, but I hope after a couple more sewing days that I will have something!!!!

Linda was working on some of her rows from Row by Row Experience.   These are all from the U.S. and they are all gorgeous!!!!

She isn't sure what she will do with them yet - or how to place them, but I love them.

Linda's rows

Then I was back home and TIME to get to work.  Got a giant quilt loaded and did some quilting on it. Then it was time for a break.  Made a list, grabbed my bike and I was off. It was a glorious day. Well - I wanted to enter this contest and in order to do so - I needed to take a selfie.  Good grief - I must confess - I have never taken one before.  I know!!!!   Seriously - I think people look silly in them!  Crazy angles and all!!!!  But this was a contest so I must comply!!!!

At least - I knew enough to switch the camera lens around or whatever that is called so I could see what I was doing.  Hey - I am not stupid!

So here is my FIRST selfie- See the mall in the background and my bike with "this bag is green" in the basket. 
I went to the mall, Indigo, the grocery store, the library, the bank and stopped to get tea at Tim's on the way home.  It was such a glorious day and I just love being out there!!!!

The web site for the contest is here. It is called Let Your Green Show and trying to promote people NOT using their cars.

Can't wait to do errands today!!!!  Oh - I don't think I need to do any!  Shoot - will just have to go for a ride.   Oh - I did finish that quilt before dinner, just haven't taken a picture yet.

Not sure if anyone saw this or is interested, but here is an online mystery quilt that was designed by Border Creek Station (Sherri Hisey).  It is part of the Quilts at the Creek presented by Black Creek Pioneer Village and the York Heritage Quilter's Guild.  The first part - the fabric requirements are up.  I think each new clue is presented on the 20th of each month.  I have done mystery quilts from Sherri in the past and they are well designed and excellent instructions.  The best one of all was the scrap one that I did several years ago (OK - so I started it!!!)   I haven't made up my mind to do this one yet - not like I need another project - but I do like scrap quilts.

On that note - got another busy day (as usual - I will die if I am not busy!)

Have an awesome day!


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