Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep - it's Monday and my favourite day of the week!  Did NOT get to spin class this morning. I have a sneaking suspicion that my torn muscle in the back of my knee is causing me some discomfort and I thought I would give it a break.  It is one of those things that there is NOTHING they will do about - yes - they could do surgery but well - we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Since I didn't do the class, I was off to Monday Mania early!  Well not too early, but I was all set up by the time everyone else got there.

I am working on several quilts at the same time - of course!   I had some stuff pre-cut and when I finished with the first project - onto the second, and then the third. Still working on all that striped fabric of which there is LOADS!!!!!   Might be working on that for the rest of the year.

My biggest problem is that I start a project for a workshop/demo and in the past - the UFO got put away and in most cases is still sitting there.  I am trying to not let that happen this year?   But I guess I had so many new things that - well - there is a lot of WIP (works in progress) sitting on the tables in the studio and I don't really have room to put them away.  I guess I could - one by one!

The others at Monday were just as productive as I was...............

Karen with her gorgeous table runner - and she dressed to match that runner - even her shoes blended in!!!!

Joyce was working on some table toppers - the colours are awesome.  I love them

More of her table toppers

Judith finished this quilt top. Bought it as a kit - didn't like the pattern - so she used a different one.  I love it!!!

Do you recognize this????   This is Tish's Celtic Solstice - the Bonnie Hunter mystery from last fall.  Yes - she has all the blocks together, all of the rows are sewn together and just a few more width wide seams and that part is done!!!!!!!!!!!   Don't ask me!
I could hear the other side of room that was busy working on their homework for the upcoming classes this weekend.  I love it!!!   They have all summer to do it, but NOPE - they wait until the last week.  Well better than me - I don't have it done either.

When I got home - I was still pumped to sew but I ended up prepping for the next sewing day.   I cut more for each of the three projects I "finished" yesterday. Now I am ready to go for another sewing day but I can't sew at home - no - too much other stuff to do - paper work, machine quilting and SO MUCH MORE.

And I have a quilting retreat coming up soon.  Oh yes - four days of sewing.  I could just take my Monday basket and I could probably sew the entire four days and not run out of stuff.  However - I have a new project that I will be cutting in the next couple of days and hope to sew that entire project at the retreat.

On that note - I am out of here

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!


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