Monday, September 15, 2014

Knit one, purl one - oops make that knit knit knit

Had a date with a sewing machine yesterday.  The new one that I am reviewing for QUILTSocial. So all of that will be revealed in early October. I am not even sure of the dates yet.   

But I am working hard on my knitting.  I HAVE to get that afghan done and once it is done - there will be a HUGE moment of decision - what to work on next. 

My completed blocks - there are seventeen of them

Almost done one more and then three more skeins of yarn and a bag of leftovers. 

I am going to continue to make blocks until everything is used up. I hope to have 25 in total - the blocks are not square so I hope 25 will give me a decent size once I knit in the sashing.  I know - I have to knit in sashing!!!!    Just think how easy and fast that would be with quilting!!!!   But I watched EIGHT episodes of Modern Family the other night.  I got the Second Season on DVD from the library and I have ONE WEEK to watch it.   Going to be another marathon later tonight. 

I was on a roll yesterday - at least until  my allergies kicked in and then I wilted like a flower in a hot desert sun.  But at one point I thought I would get my label maker out.  I know it needed batteries and I could just take the batteries from the old label maker and use in the new. Simple right?

Nope - I open up the old label maker and it uses six AA batteries, but the new one - it uses six AAA batteries.  Shoot - I wanted to get rechargeable ones. 

Of course NOT the same batteries and NOT the same cartridge - the old cartridge doesn't exist any more

I needed a break in the afternoon so I rode my bike to the mall.   There is one good thing about riding your bike - you are limited by what you can carry home. I went to Target to get the batteries (I ended up getting non rechargeable batteries - did you know that all chargers will charge TWO AAA at once - not more), then zipped off to Teavana to see M who was working.  Oh boy - they have some interesting tea flavours for the fall.  Spice Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice.  I am a sucker for both flavours and next thing I knew - I bought all this. 

I bought TWO kinds of tea, a bag of rock sugar, a tea canister and the PERFECT tea maker.  Then M said if I bought the SPOON for $4 - she would get a gold star.  Kind of like a hat trick - I bought ALL the components of a good cup of tea. 

So as I was feeling sorry for myself with my stuffed head - she made me Spice Apple Cider tea.   You put the rock sugar in the tea maker, then the hot water, then add the tea - we can't be damaging those tea leaves by pouring hot water on them.   Then set the timer for 5 minutes to let the concoction steep. Then - and this is the neat part ---  place the Perfect Tea Maker ON TOP of your cup.  A little spring opens a spout in the bottom and your tea pours into your cup. It is only $20 and I think is a super deal!!!!!   As M says - the leaves are not all crushed down into a regular tea strainer thing (whatever it is called) and so the water has a chance to get flavour from ALL the leaves.

Tea going into the cup

It is really a nice little tea maker.   I like it. Thanks M!!!

Well after leaving the mall with my bag of tea supplies and my bag with my wallet and batteries - I stopped at Indigo and bought a book and a magazine.  Yep - then I crammed all three bags into my bike basket - shoot I should have taken a picture.  Anyway - it all fit but no room for anything else!!!!!

I didn't even stop at Tim's.  I am down to ONE medium tea a day from them.  My stomach is not liking copious amounts of their tea these days. 

On that note - I am out of here - it's Monday Mania and I've got sewing today!!!!!!   (But not before I hit the gym)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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