Monday, September 22, 2014

Tour du Mississauga

Yesterday was the 7th Annual Tour du Mississauga.  I rode in this event last year.  When I picked up my registration at the event, I got chatting to some of the committee members and ended up applying to the committee. Got accepted and obviously had to volunteer this year instead of riding!   While I am happy to volunteer - I really wanted to ride.  HOWEVER - with the weather conditions yesterday - I think I was just as happy to be a volunteer!!!!

We had been watching the weather all week and then by the hour and on Saturday, the conditions did NOT look good at all.  The forecast was for thunder storms all day on Sunday. Oh thunder storms AND rain.  There was a big possibility that the event was going to be cancelled.  However we decided to go AGAINST the forecast and go ahead with the event.

I jumped out of bed and was down at City Hall by 5:40 AM.   The ground was dry, but the sky - well you couldn't see what the clouds looked like at that point. It was DARK.

Looking out towards Celebration Square

City Hall
 And you can see that the ground was DRY - the reflections you see are in the wading pool.

We moved our registration tables around several times before we settled on a spot that was protected from the rain but still close to the start line.

And then of course - about fifteen minutes before the first ride is to start at 7 AM - the rain came down in buckets.   I mean BUCKETS.   Oh - please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The riders were taking shelter under that big roof up above.  Our registration table was under the end of that structure. 

People were also taking shelter inside City Hall - with their bikes.  Oh yes - it was CRAZY!!!!!!

It was decided to postpone the start of that ride until 8 AM and the 100K and 120K would leave together.

The rain did subside for that start and I zipped out to take a couple of pictures.

Here is the youngest rider (aged 10) that did the 120K  (I know!!!!),  Counciller Fonseca (the counciller tasked with the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee, Jeff W - our chairperson AND there is Hazel - The MAYOR of Mississauga.  She was supposed to ride a token couple of kilometers, however the conditions were not safe for the 93 year old Mayor to ride.  She is one incredible woman. Can't believe she gets around like she does!!!!

Oh - just to note - that youngest rider  - he arrived at 3 PM after completing his 120K

The numbers were down considerably because of the rain. 

And I heard lots of stories of riders hiding out somewhere along the route and riding when the rain stopped - wait for that!   Others rode a shorter distance  and many riders didn't come out.  And I don't blame them!

Have to say that EVERYONE who did come out was in GREAT spirits though.   Reminded me so often of that saying that I saw in the Lettuce Love Cafe the other day.............

It says - Some people feel the rain - others just get wet!!!
Couple more neat quotes about the rain!

I don't think I heard one NEGATIVE thing about the weather yesterday.  Yes - people weren't jumping up and down to get out in the rain, but they were there.  There was a sense of camaraderie!!!   Oh yes - you are NOT a hard core rider until you have ridden in the POURING rain.

My friend Lisa - was out riding in the rain yesterday.  She did 100K - her longest distance to date and in the rain.  Oh yes! - she is hard core now!!!!

Here is the link to her blog with pictures from the rider perspective!!!!!    Way to go Lisa!!!!!!!!!  (but those bruises! - OUCH!!!)

Then it started to really really rain!!!!!   Then it cleared up slightly for the shorter rides to take off!!!

The start of the 60 K ride

Dorothy (our fearless leader) taking pictures for the Tour du Mississauga web site or Facebook - not sure what she did with the pictures!

Another shot of the start line

It got so foggy/cloudy that you couldn't see the top of the Marilyn towers!!!!!

And then once the 30 K riders were on the road - a MIRACLE happened.  The rain STOPPED completely - the clouds cleared up, the sun came out - it got HOT and it stayed that way for the rest of the day!!!!!!!!!!!

Start of the 15 K ride.  Although they started out with wet pavement - the sun was shining and it was glorious!!!!

Police escort

More of the 15 K riders

The pavement is dry - and everyone got to enjoy the BBQ in the hot sun!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a crazy day and I got home at 4 PM.  I did NOT sleep much the night before - just one of those nights where I could not get myself to sleep no matter what I did.   So when I got home - I crashed on the couch and then got up and went to bed!!!!   Not one of more productive evenings!!

On that note - I am out of here!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Love the quotation about dancing in the rain. If it had been cold, the rain would have been miserable. As it was, it just added to the adventure and sense of accomplishment.