Saturday, September 20, 2014

Getting old SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - so I ran around like an idiot yesterday but I did accomplish a LOT.   I even got my urgent errand DONE.

So I am in the line - got my paperwork in order. It is my turn - I ask for a two year renewal - OOPS - they are all FIVE year.  Oh crap - see that is why I can't remember this stuff - too much time between dates!!!    They snapped a picture  - the woman who was as friendly as a robot - I guess when you do the same thing over and over and over - hard to get excited about your job.   Anyway - she asked me if I needed to renew my plates on the car.  NOPE!  I am good.

As I walk to the car - I think - do I need to renew the plates?????   ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????   Yep - the plates are expired too!!!!   I was going to renew them then, but I did not appear to have the correct insurance paperwork with me (don't even ask!) and god forbid - I get the same woman!!!!

The worst part of all of this is that the idea never even occurred to me. I did NOT forget because I didn't even think of it.  That is kind of disturbing as I am usually pretty good on details.  Oh well - I just chalk it up to old age.

BUT in case you think my memory is going - it is NOT. Because I remembered the orange running shoes at Marshall's that someone told me about a couple of days ago.

See - no memory issues at all!!!!!

Had to get a big size - why?   well as you get older your feet get flatter!  And look what is happening to my foot.............

Got this ridiculous bump on the top of my foot. 

I NEVER do this, but I did a webnosis to see if I needed to go to the doctor.  Could be a bone spur (which is NOT good since that is related to arthritis) and could be a cyst.  I have one on my wrist but not that big.

Doesn't sound like I am going to die but just looks stupid!!  Doesn't hurt so at some point - I should go to get it checked out, but nothing urgent.   Of course - now that I am aware of it (only found it yesterday) - I can "feel" it.   The power of suggestion!!!!

If you need something to do today - check out the Yorkshire Rose Quilt Guild show.   I won't have time but hopefully some of you can get there!!!

On that note - oh yes - check it out - there are two postings this morning.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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