Monday, September 29, 2014

I am a victim of my own creativity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First I was almost a victim of cycling today.  I decided it was such a nice day that I HAD to get out on my bike.  I was excited to get out - it really was a glorious day. OK - so I went to the Village Square Quilt Shop in Burlington.  It is such a nice route to get there - about 70 KM and they are open on Sunday.   PLUS - they have loads of great stuff.

This is one of the new lines of fabric that they have in store. Let's just say that it was a GOOD thing that I was on my bike. And GOOD thing that I missed Maureen by mere minutes or I could have been in trouble. Maureen picked up my purchases last time that I couldn't carry home on the bike. This time - everything fit in the jersey pockets. I wore a loose jersey with bigger pockets just in case.

Fabric in the left most pocket and patterns in the center.  Love those jersey pockets!!!!
Trees are just gorgeous!

Anyway - that new line is cotton but is also coming out in FLANNELS. If you want to make a MAN quilt - check out that link. If you haven't been to this shop - you should go.

So I am on my way back - coming up Winston Churchill which is a busy street - but I don't mind.  I am cruising along at 30 KM and coming up to a GREEN light. I see three cars in the left turn lane ahead - so they would be turning in front of me.  The first two turned - no problem - I wasn't that close to the intersection, but the third IDIOT - turned in front of me.  I slammed on the brakes, my bike skidded, I could not get unclipped (happened too quick to think about unclipping) and I could NOT yell at him which I wish I could have since his window was open.  Fortunately no one was injured - I didn't even fall off the bike, no time to get scared!   It also happened earlier in the day - some idiot trying to make a left hand turn and they just can't wait - or they misjudge how fast the bike is coming.  What would it hurt these people to slow down - and WAIT!!!!!!!  But all is good - no fabric was lost and that is the most important thing.

I have a MAJOR problem these days. My brain is RACING.  I was working on the striped workshop, and the ideas are still flowing from that. Now I am working on TWO more projects for workshops or guilds and I can't stop!!!!!!!!!!!   I NEVER do this- but I walked into the stash room to get something and came out with fabric to make a quilt - just on a whim. I was typing up my handout and raced upstairs to grab a bundle of 1 1/2" strips. That laundry basket is exploding.  I won't be able to sleep - I CAN'T sleep because I have a ton of stuff to sew!!!!!!    ACK!!!!!!!!    While I am very excited that this is happening - I really don't have time to deal with it.   I am going to have to document everything and work it in when I can.   ACK ACK ACK!!!!!!!  I have rifled through lots of those fabric baskets - pulling out stuff that will work in my scrappy quilts.  Oh yes - this place is looking like a mess, but I am happy happy happy!!!!!

This was the bundle I ran upstairs to get - but decided that it was too jumbly for what I want

Nope - this is way better and those fabrics literally jumped off the shelf!!!!

Speaking of stripes - look at what is coming from Northcott. I'll just take a full bolt of each with the solids to match please!

When I got home from the bike ride - I needed a nap.  I pushed it - the entire ride, but it was so worth it. My legs were strong - the hills were NOTHING and it was just an awesome ride.

I am madly cutting because I have ONE more project that absolutely needs to be cut for the retreat.  I have most of it cut, but there is a LOT of cutting. Lots of log cabins - all those itty bitty strips!!!!

On that note - I am out of here to get something done.  I did not go to spin class today - I figure I could take the day off after my ride yesterday.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Have you been in my stash? I just made a block yesterday with the top fabric on your orange pile. I recognized several of the others as well.