Friday, September 26, 2014


Another awesome sewing day.  I just love these sewing days.  And things have taken a complete turn of events. I used to spend my Mondays cutting out projects. Then I would sew them at home. Now I seem to be prepping the projects at home and sewing them while away!!!!  Not sure how that happened, but I don't mind.  I have a lot of stuff in my laundry basket and could just whisk away at any moment (sewing machine is in the upstairs hall) and I would be fine for at least a week!!!   Yes - I am just going to whisk that laundry basket away when I go on retreat.  But a bit more cutting first!

Anyway - here are a couple of projects that the ladies were working on yesterday.

Linda was putting the borders on her quilt which is stunning

The rest of that border - she still has MORE borders to put on. 

Mary got this border put on her quilt which is also stunning

Close-up of the alternative blocks which is embroidery.  Gorgeous!!!!

I decided it was time that I did one of those jelly roll race quilts.  I know - I have resisted all this time, but had some Christmas strips that would be perfect for playing around. I got all the strips joined .....................

And that first big long seam done.  I know people don't press that seam until the entire quilt is done, but I am pressing that seam.  It would drive me crazy if I did not!!!!!

Also got a lot of curved piecing done in the morning which is prep for a class coming up on Tuesday.  I'll share when it is a little more complete.

Look at this scrap of orange fabric with names of tea on it!!!!   Thanks Mary!!!!

It was like Christmas yesterday. Not only did I get the tea fabric, but I also got the pattern for this Row by Row.
An awesome row by row pattern!!!!

And let's not forget - THREE more license plates. Thanks to Maria!!!!

And I got one more at the guild last night - thanks Bernice!!!

There are still more to come - one or two I believe.   It is crazy - once I get them all - I will take a picture of them.  It was a fun summer to say the least and I thank everyone for helping me collect them!!!!

The Brampton Guild had their first meeting last night. As I looked around the room - there were a LOT of people KNITTING.   There were THREE people at my table including myself. Block number TWENTY is DONE.  Yes - I am now on the last skein of wool and then I get to use up the leftovers.   Oh yes - can't let anything go to waste. I'll take pictures later to show you.

I am off on another road trip today so no time to run around and take pictures this morning.

On that note - have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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