Friday, September 19, 2014

Let's do some bartering!

Look what Tish brought in the other day.

YES - that is a bundle of Kaffe Fassett shot cotton stripes!!!!!
 And so we are going to barter for it. A win win for both of us. However - does this mean that I can't buy as much at CreativFestival that I was going to buy????

I did it!  I watched 24 episodes and all the extras of Season Two of Modern Family.  I HATE doing it all in a week, but had no choice.  Anyway - it was worth it. While I am NOT a TV watcher - there are some things that warrant spending some time on. And I know it is finite - I am choosing to watch when I want - well sort of!!!!   Anyway - some of the episodes were absolutely hysterical.

And I got some more knitting done.

That makes 19 blocks done!!!!!!!!!!! 

I know - 19 complete - and I want 25.  By my calculation - that means only 6 left to go.  And I was busy at the executive meeting last night - working on another one. And I have a one hour quilting video to watch and Season One of Quilting Arts.   Oh yes - this is going to get done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that means - there is ONE skein left and that bag of leftovers.   Hmmmmm - how many blocks can I get out of the left overs?????  Once that is used up - I will know whether I have to buy one more skein or not. I already have the yarn for the sashing. Oh boy - could there really be a light at the end of this tunnel????

Pauline gave me this great bicycle fabric the other day.  I realize now that I took the picture and did NOT open it up.  Well - it is already filed and I'm not taking another picture. 

I have a LOT of novelty fabric - let's just leave it at that. And my bicycle fabric is with all the other novelty prints. So I have decided to start a new basket just for bicycle fabric.
Laundry basket just for bicycle fabric.   Yes - it looks pretty empty as there are only three newly acquired fabrics - thanks to Pauline and Susan and one I bought myself.   Hmmmm - any bets on how full that basket will be when all the bicycle fabric is in one place?????

Pauline also gave me this awesome wine bag.  No wine - but I love the images!!!!

And when I was on my road trip the other day - I saw this batik with hearts and it is stunning. I had to have it.  Only a FQ left. 

Had an amazing workout in spin class this morning.  I was dripping with sweat and it sure makes you feel awesome!!!!

On that note - I had better do my URGENT errand this morning.  I did get my car back yesterday but so stupidly busy with other things - like volunteering that I didn't get a chance.  OK - so I forgot!!!!   I better go now before I get distracted!!!!   Yep- that is an age thing I guess!!!!

Don't forget if you live in Mississauga that the Tour du Mississauga takes place on Sunday so there will be a LOT of bikes around.   It is going to be a crazy day!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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