Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cut cut cut!

Embroidery club yesterday morning and I got not one, but TWO blocks completed!!!!!   I think that leaves me with eight blocks in total to complete.  Oh my - I could take them to the retreat and with embroidery club over the next couple of months - I could actually get the top done by Christmas!!!   That would be awesome.

Like my knitting  - I will be very happy to move on to the next embroidery project - don't worry - there are already a number of embroidery UFOs in the box.  They are all trying to make themselves adorable so they get chosen next!!!!  I will go for something small for the next one - just so I can get it done quickly and move on to the two big ones that are waiting to be done. There are NOT a lot of embroidery UFOs, but trust me - it will take a long time to get them completed.

I made the bindings for two small quilts and got them sewn onto the quilts.  Done and ONE week in advance of them being due!!!!

Got the customer quilt trimmed up and it is gone. The next one is loaded on the machine.

Customer quilt

One more license plate!!!!!   How cool - I managed to snag a number of them from the US!!!   Thanks Carol!!

The other day I bought a new 1/4" piecing foot for my sewing machine. This was the result of the testing of the Husqvarna sewing machines. This 1/4" piecing foot came with all three machines I have tested.  I had never seen it before.  Yes - I get the "new product" e-mails from Husqvarna  - but I never open them. I guess I had better start!!!

Anyway - the 1/4" piecing foot - P  foot came with the small portable machine that I bought. The H|Class 100 Q

H|Class 100Q

1/4" Quilter's piecing foot - P

The old 1/4" piecing foot

One of the biggest problems is using several different machines to sew the same project. I had to turn on my other sewing machines and then I "set" the machine for sewing the 1/4".  When I got the 100Q - I did not have to do that.  Just turn on the machine.   Hmmm - this should work for my older machines as well.  And it works perfect!!!!!    I must confess that after years of using the one with the flange on the right - it is taking me a bit of time to adjust to just using the edge of the foot, but so far so good!!!!!   Now my projects will be 100% transferable from machine to machine - because it is the FOOT that dictates the 1/4" NOT an adjustment on the sewing machine.    WOW - that is awesome!!!!    And how long did it take the manufacturer to discover that gem!!!

Retreat is coming up in a couple of weeks - four days of sewing!!!!   Can't wait!   And I have a specific project that I want to work on.  

But I just got the fabrics the other day - so they have to be cut.  And the pattern uses a very specific line of fabric but I am using KONA solids.

Look at all those fabulous colours - the chart is FIVE pages big - there are only three showing above

The first cut for section one is DONE!!!
 And what am I making????   Well it is the sample for the Saturday Sampler that I am teaching at Sew Sisters in 2015 (starts January).

Amish with a Twist Series Two by Nancy Rink
It is a gorgeous quilt and now that I have "translated" the colours - I am ready to get going.  Kits will be available once I get the sample made so we know that the colour choices work and the quantities are correct.   I hope to pass on all the information in a couple of weeks so Sew Sisters can start assembling kits for those that want one.  You can also choose your own fabrics.

Zipped out on my bike yesterday and I confess that I took another selfie for this silly contest.  OK - so it is one thing to take a picture of yourself, but to try and get certain things in the background - well I need more practice!  This is the last week for the contest - so I am think I am done with the selfies!!!!

Anyway - I went to Ruti's to pick up a book. And well - a couple of pieces of fabrics just jumped into my bike basket. Including this one which is stunning. It was only when I got home that I realized that it was a STRIPE - oh boy - but the colours are gorgeous.

Purple/green stripe

I brought home four pieces of fabric and I am happy to report that one of them is cut up already, another will be cut later today and the other two - well they went into the stash including a Halloween fabric - I know - I couldn't help myself - it was on sale!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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