Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Progress is being made!

Monday are the BEST day of the week.  The ladies were out in full force for a sewing day.   So much sharing of information and inspiration. I just LOVE LOVE Mondays!   Thanks everyone.  Oh - I did not get a picture, but Maria now has a bag right beside the garbage to collect the fabric scraps so she doesn't have to root through the garbage any more!!!!

I got one project finished by lunch - I will show you later this week after I show it to the guild on Thursday night.  Can't have any previews on our block of the month program. Which isn't really a block of the month, but more about that later this week.

Then onto the next project which I made good progress on, but it is not quite complete.

Remember my missing fabric?  Well it is being used in this quilt and all I can say is that it is BRIGHT. The contrast between the red/orange and the green will knock your socks off. Yes - it is not for everyone, but I really like it. 

Close up of the quilt - and I have a bit of that flower fabric left over, but not much!!!!

There are FOUR more rows to sew onto the quilt and they are in various stages of completion.  This is a pattern that uses the Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Quick Curve Ruler

They have some amazing patterns and I - well I would make them all if I had time!!   The curves are very gentle which make them easy to sew.  I am teaching a class this morning and next week at Sew Sisters - yes - too late for you to sign up, but you can always call and we can arrange another class!!!!

I am MADLY cutting fabric. Barb - I started to cut those oranges and teals this morning.  Funny that you have a lot of the same oranges. I believe that top one was from a challenge?????

Oranges and teals from yesterday's blog

Not only am I cutting those oranges and teal (and hoping to get the top done by Thursday evening?????) But I am trying to finish cutting Amish With a Twist Series Two.  I am almost done, however this morning when I was cutting (OK - I was up VERY EARLY) - I am NOT happy with the lighter purple among the dark fabrics.  I think it should be a shade or two darker and will try to find something darker today. It would do in a pinch, but I know there are so many other colours to choose from - I am going to change it.

The bits and pieces for the log cabins

I still have the mediums to cut for 28 blocks and then it is complete!!!!!!   Will be ready to start sewing next week.

I did a bit of tidying up - these are the fabrics I purchased at The Village Square Quilt Shop when I went on my bike.

Rakes, wheelbarrows to satisfy my novelty print fetish AND bicycles - just because

That laundry basket is getting fuller and I only skimmed what I quickly saw on the top of the novelty print laundry baskets!!!

Yes - I am quilting as well, but doing a custom quilt and I procrastinate on those for sure - but can't put it off any longer - I will be back at it once I get home from my class.

On that note - have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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