Saturday, September 20, 2014

Road trip!!!

So you want to know about my road trip!

I taught a class on curved piecing at the Chatham-Kent guild.   So yes - had to get on the road early which was a problem with the car issue, but I made it although a few minutes late.

It was a gorgeous day for a drive and on my way - I noticed this in the sky.  When I was the closest I was going to be - I found a place to stop and took a picture.

Hot air balloon - I bet it was a tad cool up there as it was cool on the ground!   But what an awesome morning for a balloon ride!!!!

This is the class sample.................

Curved piecing sample

I think I have mentioned the story of this piece before.  I have been teaching curved piecing for many years. Initially the class made samples of each of the three types of curves - then I noticed that the students were incorporating ALL three styles into one piece.  What a brilliant idea!!!   And so I made this sample.  I tell you - I often learn as much from the students as they do from me!!!!   That is one of the things I love about teaching.   And wouldn't it be neat to have some stripes in those circle insertions?????

OK - let's have a look at what the ladies accomplished.  The nice thing about this class - when you are done - you are done. There is no UFO to take home.  Well - it has to be quilted, but the piecing is all done.

And which way is UP???   I just randomly took these pictures and did NOT rotate them.



AH! Forgotten her name!




They did an awesome job considering there was some confusion about what exactly they were going to be making.  Apparently they did not get to see the picture of the sample that was sent to them.  I think they all did a fabulous job!!!!  And we learned that if you really really screw up the circle insertion - just cut a bigger hole and eliminate the bad circle and insert a new one!!!!

Here is another super tip.  So your smaller sewing machine will NOT hold a cone of thread.  Why not use a cup??
Cone of thread in a cup!

And this is the genius part - Shirley put an empty bobbin on the bobbin winder and ran the thread from the cup around (but not completely around) the bobbin and then into the threading mechanism!   Awesome!!!!!

 I was the guest speaker that evening so got everything set up.  I met up with Lisa whom I have known through an on-line quilter's group for years and she and I and Sarah went for an early dinner.

Then back to the church for the guild meeting. I have to tell you that this facility is the most amazing facility I have ever seen.  It is a large church - St. Paul's Congregational Church.  The guild has been meeting there for years and they use the facility for their meetings, their work shops, their community projects, and their guild show.  They have room for storage and it is HUGE and BRIGHT.   They are a very lucky guild.

This is the meeting area.  There is even a stage that they can use to hold up the quilts.  Oh my - it is fabulous!!!!

On the far wall in the previous picture - those quilts on the wall are their show n tell.  They use these $ store pulleys to get the poles up and down to put the quilts on.   A bit labour intensive for a system, but a nice way to display the quilts. 

I didn't leave until 9 PM and had a BIG drive ahead of me.  I didn't want to stay over.  Got everything packed back in the car.   Stopped for a break about half way - at Tim's of course and then back home around midnight.  Yep - I was glad to arrive in the driveway.

But it was a fun evening. Excellent guild - extremely friendly - great ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with them.   Thanks to everyone for the great reception!!!!

Oh yes - and I got to shop. Sarah works in a shop in Dresden called Verna's Sewing Center.  She brought a whole pile of fat quarters for us to peruse and that is where I got that beautiful batik with the hearts on it.

And during the meeting, Lisa set up her store for us to shop.  I like that idea of shopping at a guild meeting. Lisa's business is called Soft Impressions by Lisa.   She does a lot of quilt shows and will be at the Mississauga Guild Show next April.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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