Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Expired???? Seriously?????

Have you ever done something stupid?  Of course you have!    Well let me share with you the most recent STUPID thing I have done.

It all started with my car. I have had a leaky rear tire for quite some time. Instead of getting it fixed - I just kept pumping up the tire.  Every time that darn warning light for the tire pressure came on - I got out my handy dandy tire pressure gauge, checked the tires and went to the gas station to pump up the low one. And it was always just one tire.  However I have noticed lately - that the tire was leaking more and soon I was going to have to do something about it.

You know where this is going?  NOPE - you have no idea!!!  Wait for it.

Anyway - I have to make a big road trip TOMORROW (Wednesday) and I thought I better get that tire fixed before I go. Plus the car was due (OK - so it was over due) for maintenance but I really haven't had time since I got back - I know - I know!!!  I arranged to have the car serviced TODAY (TUESDAY) and I got a ride back home from the dealer.  I got a call that the car needed NEW BRAKES - are you kidding me?????   Not even 60,000 on the car.  Oh well - do the brakes and OOOPS - they need some small part for the dash board lights (that is under warranty - thank GOD). The part had to be ordered and would be in on Wednesday. Could they keep the car over night?   HMMMMMM - well NO - I need the car.

They arranged for me to get a rental so no problem. I get a ride to the rental place and OH MY GOD - ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????   My driver's license has expired!!!!   CRAP CRAP CRAP.  I never even thought about it. It expired while I was away and NEVER ONCE thought about it since I got home. yep - a true blond at their best!!!   Of course the car rental place is NOT going to rent me a car and the Service Ontario offices are closed by this time.  Now what?????  No panicking allowed!!!!  

I got a ride back to the dealership HOPING that my car would be in some shape that I could get it - who cares about that damn little dashboard light part (that cost almost $100 to diagnose - since it is under warranty - I hope I don't have to pay for that!!).   Anyway - turns out that my car is in pieces in the shop - so NO CAR!!!!!!    And I need a car!!!!!!

DH and M both need their cars tomorrow - why oh why couldn't this have been last week when DH was away and his car was in the garage.  Nope - so I had to find a rental car that we can get EARLY in the morning so DH will drive that and I get his car - which I hate!!!   And I had an audio book all set up to listen on the way. Can't do that now!!!!   I am ticked - well not really, but crap - no one to blame but myself!!!!!

I would say that there is a lesson here - OK - so there are SEVERAL lessons to be learned.  When you get the form in the mail to renew the driver's license - not a bad idea to do that right away!!!  When there is a problem with the car or it needs servicing - perhaps it would be a good idea to make arrangements so there is some flex time when the car is really needed.  Honestly - I can get around locally on my bike.  

Anyway - here are a few pictures of what happened on Monday!!!!   Yes - that is Claudette and Maria going through the garbage!!!!  It would appear that one person's trash is another person's treasure!  Karen was throwing away HUGE (OK - so they were small) pieces of fabric and we were HORRIFIED.  Maria is making a big dog bed filled with scraps so she retrieved them!!!   Don't worry - if Maria didn't get them - I would have!

Claudette and Maria checking out the garbage!!!!   And they were having FUN! Oh know - we were all having fun!!!!

I decided that it was time to get some backings done.

This is one of the quilts that I made for the striped workshop this past weekend.  I only had ONE meter of that striped fabric so I had to find something else to go with it.  

Made the backing from that gorgeous purple/orange fabric  - the binding was already made and now there is another project in the TO BE QUILTED pile

I had finished the borders on this quilt a while back. The binding was also made - time to get the backing done

And so another quilt in the TO BE QUILTED pile

I was working on some of the other striped quilts but nothing completed - I'll show you when they are finished.

Look at the most amazing license plate!!!!!  Thanks Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome license plate!!!

And I spent a LONG time watching episodes of Modern Family.  Sucks that you have to watch 24 episodes in ONE WEEK. We should be able to renew for at least one week.

However - I was knitting like mad and got ONE MORE block done!!!!

One more block done

That pretty much sums up the stupid side of my life the last couple of days.   We had a great class today (I rode my bike there) and I'll let you know about it later.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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