Sunday, January 17, 2016

Crazy Saturday!

What a crazy day!   I did manage to sneak out for a few minutes at lunch to switch bags and it was a gorgeous day.  I missed it completely!

But we had FUN!!!!  Oh my goodness - it's going to be a fabulous year with our Saturday Sampler at Sew Sisters.  There is room for a couple more in one of the classes - so if you want to be part of the fun - well it's plain crazy!

Started off with our Vintage Moments.
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Vintage Moments by Marsha McCloskey

 I taught this class a couple of years ago at another store.  As is usual fashion for me - I haven't completed my top yet. Most of the bits and pieces are done so my goal is to get it complete this time around.

My version (to date) of Vintage Moments

You see my problem is that I like to complicate things.  Yes - it is bad enough to have to piece an eight pointed star, but when you have to fussy cut a striped fabric to do it - well it makes the process that much more complicated. There are 16 stars in one of the borders and I'm INSISTING that they match the center.  Call me an idiot.  My goal - start cutting those so I can make the stars and get this quilt done!!!!

Check out my tutorial to make your own eight pointed star.

If you want to see the results of the previous class that I taught - check out this post.

We did have some show n tell from that class - none Vintage Moments - I'll show all that show n tell at the end of this post.

Next up was  Farm Girl Vintage .     (Yes TWO classes with Vintage in the name!)
Image result for vintage farm girl
Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt

Oh - I'm so excited about this quilt.  This is the class that we have a few spots left. Call Sew Sisters if you are interested in joining. It's not too late. We are all going to pick our version of the quilt we want, custom designing them no less so I doubt anyone will have a quilt that looks like the one on the front.

I did take in my laptop and Ronda brought me a projector which worked just fine. Except that I'm trying to focus it and it won't focus.  OH - I need my glasses on to do that job!!!   But I think the class got a good appreciation for what can be done with EQ7 and the designing stuff. Now we each have to figure out what we are going to make, how big, what fabric, how many blocks, etc.  It will likely take a month or two for all that to gel.

We looked at THREE blocks yesterday - a pinwheel, postage stamp and kitchen window.  Many of these blocks would make a good quilt all on their own.  On my way home, I got really excited as I thought about the day.  I had seen a quilt on the internet just recently that had me drooling, then seeing the postage stamp block again and remembering that I had this bag at home.

Bag of 1 1/2" squares

Do NOT search for confetti quilts on the internet.  You did didn't you!!!!!   Your mouth will drool - I've just added another 10 projects to the list of those I want to do.

But do check out this post because I absolutely love the quilt and read until the end to see what her husband did for her. It's pretty funny.

HA HA - as if I needed another project!!!!!    This surfing the internet for inspirations at work is VERY DEADLY.   If you thought I was in over my head before - you don't want to even know the half of it now.   I'll keep that as my little secret.

But if my studio is any indication of what's going on - well one picture tells a thousand words.  Have a peek.

My studio
Normally things aren't on the floor like that, but well - it's been a bit crazy and not much time to tidy up.  Hopefully today - a bit!

But we did have some Farm Girl Vintage show n tell.  Karen won't be able to make it next month and so she found something she liked and made a block.

Karen's Farm Girl Vintage homework for February
It's pretty cute and what a way to use fabric.  I LOVE that barn door and look at what's in the barn - cute little pink piggies!!!!!   Nicely done Karen!!!!

At last - here is our show n tell from yesterday.....................

Let's start with Raili - this is from one of the ongoing classes, but from a couple of years ago.  I'm going to say 5?   It was taught at Cockadoodle - a quilt store which doesn't exist any more.  RIP Joann - we miss you!!!!
O Tannebaum   by Sue Garman

Raili did a fabulous job on the quilt and it is done!!!!!!    She is a machine these days - she bought a quilting machine and it's smoking!!!!!!

The back of Raili's quilt
 A super way to use up odds and ends!!!!

Next up was Suzi with a hexagonal quilt.  It is gorgeous with Kaffe Fassett fabric in it. She's going to have fun with binding that top and bottom.  That becomes a love/hate situation, but I'm know she'll do a good job.

Hexagons quilt!

Marilyn is also a machine. I think she brings in some show n tell every month!!!!   This time is was "quilt as you go" that she made with her scraps.

Marilyn's quilt as you go!
 And then there is Karen.  We always know that we are going to be "surprised" at Karen's show n tell.  She has a very unique style and it's always fun to see what craziness she has come up with.

This was a tinners project (a group project) that a number of us in the class had worked on - many years ago - again this was run through the Cockadoodle store).  If memory serves me correctly, Karen's theme was Wine, Women and Song. See - I can remember things - this was done years ago!!!!   My block is the middle one on the bottom row.  Yes an EIGHT POINTED STAR - see I'm an idiot.  I love what Karen did with her quilt and it is finished.  Sadly, mine is still in a box.  I so want to get to it - but not right now.

Wine, Women and Song - Karen!
 And then Karen tried to blame this next quilt on ME!!!!!   Fancy that.  She said I told people that working in series is a good thing.  OK - I did say that!   You remember that last year, one of the quilts for the Saturday Sampler was Tiny Town.

Tiny Town
Tiny Town by Bunny Hill

Here's a link to the final quilts of Tiny Town in last year's class.    Have a look specifically at Karen's.  Oh - heck - here is Karen's quilt. 

Karen's Tiny Town 
You can see it is quite different from the original.  There are detail shots on the blog post above. 

Well Karen made a second Tiny Town - this is the night time version of Tiny Town. 

Tiny Town by night

It's pretty funny and again - so much detail - I didn't get a chance to take a lot of picture, but look below in the top left.  There's a coyote baying at the moon and a hottie guy!!!!

Detail of Tiny Town by night

Let's just say that Karen has a great imagination, a wicked sense of humor and has a lot of fun in what she does and her level of creativity is off the chart!!!!!   Well done Karen!!!!   By the way - this was a total surprise to me and to everyone else who had been in that class.

On that note, I've had a wet nose hitting my arm for the last hour.  I must get going before Lexi gets insulted that I don't pay attention to her!!!!!

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!



  1. I have collected enough scraps that I am taking 3 cat beds to Diane this week. Her sister, whom she gives them to, is coming on Sunday. None went through your house!
    Pat C

  2. Vintage Moments quilt is the one quilt I'd make again - and I've already made 2. However, none that fussy cut anywhere on it.

  3. Clicked on the confetti links and just spent a wonderful time with my morning cuppa browsing around. My head is swimming with eye candy. Hope to catch up with you when I am back in TO in April for the arrival of my grandbaby. Heading home to Ireland on Tuesday.