Sunday, January 3, 2016

Goals and challenges!!!!

Phew - just got the pictures sorted into a new (more refined) system of file folders - I didn't go back - what's the point, although there will be a few pictures that I would like to have more accessible.  The big issue will be to keep everything organized as I move forward in 2016. 

Here are a couple of pictures of things that I acquired, but never had a chance to post.  And then I'll give you an update of how my meeting with the BOSS went last night. 

Jelly rolls - one can never have too many of the darn things.  Honestly - I don't know why I keep buying them.  Although - these ones are Australian fabrics and quite nice. Well two are Australian - the other is Kaffe Fassett. 

More jelly rolls

So what exactly does one do with a jelly roll???  (At Northcott - we call them STRIP PACKS - just in case you were wondering.)

(You gotta love those graduated colors!!!  - there are six different colours and each one has FIVE gradations -  I'll have five meters of each please!!!!)   It's called STONEHENGE - Gradations Brights and is available in stores FEBRUARY!!!!!!)

Rain Forest

You could always do the jelly roll race or 1600 or - well - there were several names for this quilt.  You can do a Google search or just follow that link.  Hundreds - perhaps thousands of these quilts were made in the last couple of years.  Some people like them, some people don't. Each to their own.  I have made one - it was fun to make - would I do it again????   Maybe if I wanted a fast quilt, but there are way more interesting (and controlled) quilts to make than the jelly roll race quilt.   And I would NEVER NEVER NEVER agree to do in a race format.  What's the point in that????   This is supposed to be a hobby - hobbies are meant to be relaxing.   Nope - I just want to sew nice and quiet!!!

Here is ONE version of the jelly roll quilt.

Jelly roll race quilt  (doesn't have to be a race though!)
Besides this version - there are MANY MANY other versions of this kind of quilt on-line.  If you want to try something new - why not check it out.  And then there are TONS of patterns for jelly rolls (usually adding some background)  - the sky is the limit with these things!

See - I never know where the blog is going to go some days - when I sat down - I had no intention of talking about jelly roll quilts!

Whoever came up with the pre-cut idea for fabric was a GENIUS.  As quilters (well - as consumers) - we are obsessed with impulse items.  The pre-cuts seem to tie right in with that internal drive.  Somewhere this past summer, I came across these charm packs of a bright paint box line of fabric. It is called Art Class.

Two charm packs of ART CLASS
The problem with a lot of pre-cuts is that you will find the pre-cuts in the store, but NOT the yardage - so if you want to add borders or binding, you have to find something else.

When I was in Saskatoon last month, I went to one shop and look what I found!!!!!   Yes - YARDAGE of ART CLASS.  So I bought enough for the borders and now with two charm packs and maybe a tone on tone - I will have a nice bright lap quilt!!!

Art Class yardage and Charm Packs
 The other thing I found out west was this fabric.  It is all about RESCUE animals (I think dogs!)   Of course - it flew out of the store when there was a local fundraiser for the animal shelters.  DRAT!!!!   This was the only piece left.  I will have to make Lexi (and Little Sammy) something.  I will have to try and find more on the internet or just use this as the focus fabric.

Rescue Me by Windham Fabrics
 A quick search revealed the entire line.    Check it out at the link, but here is the panel.  Thank goodness one of those dogs is NOT a husky!!!!

I saw this next item when I was at Market and it was one of those DUH moments.  The creator of the tool even said - "it only took me 20 years to perfect it!".  I'm talking about the ADD-A-QUARTER ruler.  It comes in three lengths (6", 12" and 18"), three different widths (1/8", 1/4" and 3/8")  and I think there is also a pink one.

I have two different lengths of the 1/4"
 And in my paper piecing box (yes - these are paper piecing tools), I have the 1/8" and the 3/8".   BUT the creator made an improvement to the rulers.   Check out the picture below to see what I mean.

Add a Quarter PLUS is on the left
 Now instead of using card stock to fold the paper - you just use the opposite edge of the ruler, from the trimming side.  So yes - one side is for trimming and the other is for folding.  I LOVE it - now I have to revise my paper piecing cheat sheet.  Well - not that I need it, but if ever I teach the class again.

Based on my schedule - I don't think many classes are going to happen in my future. Lexi and I have some serious training to do - just wait for her blog next week.  Oh yes - and I'm learning all about WordPress and hope to move all the blogs over to that platform once I become somewhat proficient at it.  No worries - I'll let you know when that happens.

So how did my appointment go last night????   Well - I managed to get TWO more categories into my notebook.   Quilts to be quilted for customers (which is thankfully the shortest list!) and Projects to be done for guilds.  Also not a long list, but long enough!!!!   I shall not be volunteering to take on any more quilts or blocks or whatever, until that list is DONE!!!!!!  

Actually making the goal list for this coming week was almost anticlimatic.  I had thought about the deadlines all week.  Then I sat down with my calendar and what needed to be done and next thing I knew - there was a LONG list of items on the page.  No serious negotiating with the BOSS was required!!!   Now some of the tasks will take not long - like making a label and sewing it on.  But these things need to be done and now they are on that focus list.   I did carry over four items from last week.  The two quilts to be designed - well they are partially designed and the designs are on my work laptop and well - I couldn't get the screen to come up last night.  Does that mean that I still don't have the dual monitor thing working properly?????    Good grief - you would think I would have it done by now!!!!

I must confess that I have been working on something on the side that isn't on any list and YES - I must not do this - at least not often.  But I figure if I am working hard on the things that are on the list, that I'm allowed a couple of slight deviations.  It is all Ronda's fault and here is a preview of what I'm working on which I'll go into more detail tomorrow.

A small project!

On top of all this general madness, I signed up for not one, but TWO quilts that require a block be made EACH DAY for the entire year.  I know - what the heck was I thinking.   The first one - I saw at Market and it is all applique.  I had to pay for that one.  It is called That Town and Country Quilt.
Block of the Day 2016 - That Town and Country Quilt
That Town and Country Quilt

It was designed by an Australian - of course (Susan Claire)!!!!   They have some very cool designers in Australia.   Anyway - there are a number of stores that are doing this in the area and I am hoping to buy just the backgrounds from one of the stores. I can start with the applique prep and then call tomorrow to find out about the backgrounds.  Otherwise - I'll go through my stash to find something that will work.  The applique pieces will just be from scraps in my scrap boxes.  No need to buy for those small bits!!!!!

The second quilt (also designed by an Australian - Kathy) is also 365 Challenge Quilt Blocks. It is entirely pieced and is free - although donations are welcome (I did donate!)

365 Challenge Quilt Blocks quilt

Some of the blocks look pretty intense and others are very easy.  My biggest issue is that I haven't chosen a fabric yet.  I know - I had better get myself organized or it will be June and I still won't have chosen something.  I have four different versions in my head - make it primary color bright.  The inside is yellow, the next round is green, then orange, then blue and lastly red.  Or something like that. Version two - batiks. Version three - red and white (although that is very hard since you don't have LIGHT red - you have pink!).  Version four - teal/purple and pink.  Like these blocks that I stole off of Facebook. Thanks Sofie

Love these colors for the dark!!!!

Well - I must get that figured out because those blocks are on my GOAL list for this week.   I'm really tending toward this color version and I wouldn't have to buy a single piece of fabric which would be perfect. Although - I do have something else in mind and now that I know we are going to work on that inner dark border for the next couple of months.....................hmmmmmmmmm.

On that note - I have a head in my lap and a wet nose on my hand.  I think I'm being asked to go for a walk.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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