Saturday, January 9, 2016

Broken or no????

I'm such a dolt. I've stubbed my toe (s)  in the past and yes - it is painful. But I stubbed my toe yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work and OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!!   It was painful all day and when I got home last night and took off my shoe??   ACK - the darn thing was swollen and purple.

My owie!!!!
 That picture was taken last night - it looks worse this morning.   Is it broken???  Who knows and isn't worth going to the doctor since they don't do anything for it.  But let's just say that it is still pretty sore this morning!

Well - I'm working my way through that task list.  I have an appointment with  myself at 8 PM this evening and I know there are a lot of things that aren't done yet.  I think it will be a busy day.  But having those tasks written down - makes me think twice about doing something that isn't on the list.

Once I'm back from my class - it will be pedal to the metal to cross a few more off.  I certainly don't want to transfer too many to the next week.

And I have just  a smidgen more prep work this morning for my class.

I did hear that Lexi was up early and has posted a new blog post.  Check it out. She's really got the hang of this blog post thing.

On that note - I'm out of here.

Have an awesome awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



  1. Dr told me one of several times I broke a toe to wear leather shoes all day for support. Not slippers or socks.
    Pat C

  2. Use gauze or soft tape and splint the toe by taping or wrapping it with the toe next to it. Put ice on it when you're at home and try to elevate your foot as much as you can at work. Worked for me!...That, and ibuprofen!