Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moving on................

Before you get in a panic!   I'm not moving - but wait and you'll see what I mean.

I thought I'd start by sharing my office space.  I'm always posting pictures of my studio and it's a near write off - but looks much better these days.  So my office?????  Well you decide!

One side

The other side
Yep - "my" office couch is buried under quilts that we've received for Quiltcon. Sneak peeks of those later this week. The desk is littered with paper - reading materials, projects, patterns to write and much much more EXCITING stuff.    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my inspiration board - I must tidy it up a bit as it is getting out of hand, but so many cool things to save!!!!

But here's what I think.   Don't forget that today is Bell Let's Talk day - the awareness campaign for mental illness.  We are all wired so differently - some of us can handle and thrive on the mess above - others would be totally incapacitated.  There are days when I feel overwhelmed with the enormity of the situation, but most days - I'm loving it!

I think we all need to find that comfort zone so that we can work comfortably.  And one thing and I truly believe this - we need to find the root of the problem.  Oh in this case - STOP buying stuff - that would fix the problem!!!!!   And that's going to happen!  HA HA HA HA!!!

I firmly believe that much of the mental illness situation today is that we are overwhelmed with e-mail, our stuff, social media, advertising, family, hobbies, demands of everyone.  We don't want to cull things, we only see the GOOD stuff posted on-line - people rarely post their mistakes and we start to feel like a failure because we can't do everything.   STOP - PRIORITIZE - FOCUS - WIN.  It has a lot to be said for everything that we do!!!!!!!!!!!!   And LET IT GO!!!!!    If things aren't perfect - I don't care any more.  I don't have time nor the energy!!!  Well I do, but I don't want to waste it on silly things.

OK - so here's the moving deal.  I watched a webinar last night about Social Media.  Hmmmmm - while I'm somewhat knowledgeable about social media - there are people that social media is THEIR JOB.  Wow - I guess people would look at me like that and say - how lucky I am. And yes - I am truly blessed with my job!

I was dreading having to change my e-mail address - not for any bad reason - just consolidating services and that means my e-mail account will go away.  ACK!!!!!!   Now that will set me in a panic for sure. BUT after watching the webinar - I now see it as a great opportunity and I'm pumped to get started. .  However I've already got a NEW e-mail set up this morning and I'm pumped and ready to tackle SOCIAL MEDIA.

Stay tuned for that!!!!!   I will be sending out notices to everyone about the change of e-mail within the next couple of days. Trust me - it's very easy to remember!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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