Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do as I say - not as I do!

It's OK to have a few panic attacks along the way.  But HOLY HANNAH - it's almost SHIPPING date and what have I got done?

Let's step back a few minutes.   I've been working with 19 or 20 quilt designers to get help make our quilts for the display at the Northcott booth for Quiltcon 2016.  Obviously there is a deadline - what would life be without a deadline.  I've received 7 of the 24 quilts. One more is sitting in our US office and I think 2 are in the mail.  OK - so not bad, but the deadline for me to receive them is Feb 3.  Let's not panic as there is still time and there are a handful that will arrive at our hotel.

But what about me???   Yep - two of those quilts have my name beside them.  Have I started them?  NO...............    don't make me confess.  OK - I've started one but just!   All I can say is thank goodness modern quilts are not heavily pieced - well most of them aren't.

Now worse case scenario, I could take the quilts with me on the plane, but I also have five other items and those absolutely must be on the crate.  Don't fret - I've been working on them.   The main parts are assembled, found a very important supply earlier this week and those are ready for pick up today (they had to be custom cut).  A bit of trimming and sewing and then a bit of nasty hand sewing and I'll be done!!!!

Leftovers from my one project

My quilt - GASP - it's not orange

I know - I tried and it just didn't work.   But you wait - some of those designers definitely had me in mind when they put their colors together.  You better wear sunglasses!!!!

So today is a heads down day - cutting, sewing, trimming, pressing - repeat!!!!!   I'm going to need lots of tea and lots of chocolate!!!!   Maybe I need some wine - I do have Bailey's.   Too bad I don't have more of Helen Anne's fruit cake which was heavily laced with rum - now that was a fruit cake!  (Thanks again Helen Anne!)

But TONIGHT if you live in this area and want something to do - I`ll be speaking at the Brampton Quilter`s Guild.  They meet at Jim Archdekin rec center in Brampton.   I`ll be chatting about GROUP QUILTS.  Oh my - some of this stuff has NEVER been seen by anyone.  While every quilt has a good story - these group quilts - oh my!   They have the best stories!!!!

Getting ready for the trunk show

As I mentioned - I created a new e-mail account yesterday. Some of you may have gotten an e-mail from me yesterday.   There is a VERY seamless interface that transfers your e-mail from the old to the new.  Although I don`t think it does everything and you still have to notify people about the change.   I started to make changes this morning.  OH MY GOD - that is a daunting task.  I`m not sure where to even begin.  I think I will start by CANCELLING all the e-mails that I receive from stores/groups etc.  There are tons (most I don't read) and often times there is NO way to change your e-mail address.  You can unsubscribe.  That just sounds a whole lot easier and I have to be selective about what goes into the new address or I'll end up in a HUGE mess again.

I also started an INSTAGRAM account.  I know - why not just call me crazy!   Well - now that you say that - my account is CRAZYQUILTERONABIKE     - hey - it's a brand and it's mine!!!   So find me and follow me on Instagram!

I best get on with my day - loads to do and I gain an hour and a half since I'm hunkered down to sew at home today.

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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