Thursday, January 7, 2016

365 Challenge

Have you ever done something silly and then wonder why you did that???   I do it all the time.  I over commit, I make mistakes, I say things and well - I sign up for projects.  Actually I signed up for TWO projects.   The first one, I'm waiting for my background fabrics so that one is on hold, but the prep work will be done on Mondays.  It is ONE block a day!!!  Yep - idioscy!!!!

But to top that off - I signed up for a SECOND block a day quilt for 2016.  Double idoscy!!!!!

One is applique and the second one is all pieced.

365 Quilt
365 Challenge
Remember last week, I was lamenting on what fabrics to use.  Well - it is decided.  I want to use 100% scraps for this project. A quick peek at the scrap boxes on the shelf and a BAG of scraps that had been tucked away because the boxes were over flowing and green it is!!!!

Green scraps
Now I don't have a computer downstairs and I am NOT printing out all these patterns.  That would be a total waste of time and money.  This is where your tablet comes in handy.  I pop open the appropriate page (if I can't remember the instructions from the computer upstairs) - so far, the blocks are pretty simple.

Tablet is a useful tool to get the instructions

I have decided that all the dark blocks that make those two bands are going to be a thousand shades of GREENS.   I don't care if they are medium or dark - just going for greens.  That means it is time to sort through those scraps.

Starting the sorting process
I am sorting things that are mostly green, but have other colors in them - that goes in one box and will NOT be used in this project.
Rejected for this project

The sorting station
So one shoe box will have the mostly green (with colors), the other shoe box will have solids. However I'm being quite methodical about it all.  Sorting scraps in a hurry is stressful.  Sorting scraps a few minutes here and there is a stress release!!!!   I get to pet the fabrics, get reacquainted with those fabrics.

As I need something, I dig through the unsorted pile, take out a couple that are multi-colored. Iron them and put them lovingly into their appropriate scrap box.

The solids go into their scrap box once I have cut the fabric I need from them.  I am going to try and NOT duplicate the fabrics?????   Wish me luck on that one.

Then I got cutting and sewing.  Ooops - a bit too fast perhaps - this doesn't look right.


Blocks 1 - 4
It pays to keep all the scraps.  For block 5,  I found 6 squares that just needed a smidgen of trimming and they were the right size.  I needed 5 squares - the sixth one went in the "solid" green bin.

This is block five
This is block seven.  That light is a tad light, but it will be OK.  It's green!

Block Seven

What the heck - I heaped all the green scraps into the container and now I dig through that.  Does it mean this will sit out all year????   Probably and I'm OK with that.

My sorting station - now!

I have another box which contains the finished blocks.  Block 5 and 6 are cut out, but at work. I was going to use them as enders and leaders for a project, but didn't get to the sewing machine yesterday - today I will!!!!!

Shoot - there was a Facebook page with all the blocks from the first week up.  There are THOUSANDS who have signed up for this project. Over 10,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    That's wild.  It will be interesting to see how many drop off after each week.   Well - I plan on NOT dropping off.  That's the GOAL!!!!!

On that note - I had better get out of here.  Loads of work to do today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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