Friday, January 8, 2016

Odds and ends day!

Today is just a day of odds and ends.  Let's start with Scrabble. 

I must confess that I haven't been playing on-line Scrabble like I should be!   It only works on one of my two tablets (I know - you aren't allowed to make a comment about that!).  It won't play on my Surface - the version of Scrabble available is different from the Acer - well one is Android - the other is Windows.  The Android tablet which is the one I travel with - well I must remember to turn the Wi-Fi off when I'm not using it as the battery drains pretty quickly as it attempts to keep the link open.  

Then for Christmas, I got a Scrabble page-a-day calendar.  Now in the past, I've been terrible with these calendars.  I get to Day TWO and then stop!!!!   Trust me - I have one at home from a few years back and it's pretty much intact after Day Two.   Here's the problem - I feel compelled to KNOW all the answers or memorize all the new words.  Why????   Cause I'm an obsessive idiot and can't let go.  Well - with my new calendar - that is NOT the case.   I am ripping the pages off daily.  I might not remember 10% of what information is contained, but that is OK.   If I learn 10% more than I knew - I'm good. 

Every Tuesday, there is a 7 letter Scramble.  You should be able to make a word (a bingo)  from the 7 letters.  I'm not always good at this.  And since I'm used to the shuffle button on the computer version - I like to move the letters around.  That's a bit hard to do with a piece of paper.  SO thanks to my little Scrabble magnets - I chose the appopriate letters and then during the day - I messed around with them.  Did I get the 7-letter word????   Nope - but I've moved on!!!!!!

Using Scrabble magnets to try and figure out the bingo. 
By the way - do you know the word?????

I have a couple of things to make for QuiltCon 2016 which happens next month.  Look at all the bright yummy strips that got trimmed off my projects.   I JUST LOVE this line and thankfully, I've had loads to play with!!!!!  It's from the ColorWorks concepts from Northcott.

Bright trimmings for the pet mats
Oh yes - if you want to see what Christine Baker did with ColorWorks concepts this week on QUILTsocial - check out this link from Monday and then go through the entire week. It's amazing what she did.    And check out her final quilt.  I'm in LOVE - I NEED to make one of these. And there is a giveaway - follow that link and get your name in the draw.   Gorgeous gorgeous fabric (I picked it by the way!!!)

Now here is a flash back to Misty Pines.
Image result for misty pines quilt pattern
Misty Pines by Patti Carey

 I think I had mentioned that I was short of one fabric and there is NONE to be found in our warehouse. One of the people who attended my class happened to have purchased a kit from Keepsake.  I could beg, borrow or steal her leftovers from this particular fabric.  Mary agreed to sell it to me (well - we are still negotiating!) and then lo and behold, she was at Lens Mills and guess what?????    YES - she found more of it.   Bless her heart!!!!!!!!!!!!   I should be able to finish up that missing kit this weekend.  If anyone is interested - there are still TWO kits left.

Fabric number one from Misty Pines kit!!!!! 

And someone in the class mentioned doing the quilt in different colors.  Have a look at this picture that I found on the internet.

Image result for misty pines quilt pattern
Misty Pines - recoloured  - love it!!!!!

One of the goals for the week was to make the backing for my Oh Canada quilt.

OH Canada designed by Elaine Theriault
  (If you want the pattern - here is the link to the free download)

No problem - I made the backing, but when I went to put it in the "to be quilted" pile, where or where was the binding?????   I knew I made the binding.  But it wasn't to be found.  I was tempted to make it again, but I knew that I had made it.

Then I was digging through a laundry basket right by the ironing board and guess what I found????   Yep - that would be the binding. I had put stuff in the laundry basket that needed attention.  The backing was in the basket, but when I pulled the bolt out, the binding had slipped down.

Laundry basket with stuff that needs attention

OH Canada - ready to be quilted

Last night at guild, Marilyn showed me this bag that was made and QUILTED by her Mom.  Now Mom has been a die hard hand quilter all her life.  She took my machine quilting class last year and she is doing a fabulous job on the machine quilting.   Awesome job Lois!!!!!!!  

Quilted tote bag
All that fabric came from my favourite quilt store in Warmin, Sask.  Prairie Chicks. But we need to talk about a bottom for that bag.  See the sag???   I have some election signage just waiting to jump inside that bag.

You can call me a dumb blonde for this next story.  But I was out in the country last week and my car was FILTHY with mud.  Peter kept bugging me (in a friendly way) that I needed to wash my car.  I told him I would the next time I filled up with gas.  And that happened to be last night.

I stopped at a Canadian Tire which I never do.  Bought gas and a car wash. When I drove up to the car wash - OH CRAP - it is one of those ones with the little track - I hate these ones.

I couldn't find the darn coupon number on my receipt and that was an omen for the rest of the experience.   I pulled up to the door - didn't see the flashing green light because of the edge of my windshield - you know the support bar.  Anyway - I tried driving into the car wash - I KNOW - I said it was a blonde moment.   Needless to say - my car did NOT get washed.

Inside the car wash
Next thing I know - the attendant is tapping on the window of the car wash - yup - we have a problem.  So I got to go through the car wash a SECOND time.  This time he directed me.  Let's just say the car got washed, but I will NEVER go through those track car washes again!!!!!!

On that note - I'm out of here - got a super busy day and I have loads of sewing to do.  I'm tired of cutting fabric for others - it's time to cut for me!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Is the word "failset"? I looked it up and it and apparently a failset is a component of a LAN system.

    Anne Gale

  2. The answer was SEALIFT. I didn't know either word!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for designing that gorgeous Oh Canada quilt! I just finished my first quilt of valour. I was able to find the flag fabric in a local quilt shop but had to adapt your pattern so I could use the fabric in my stash. You inspired me so much. The quilt is finished and my guild is now going to make another since I have a few flags left. Thanks again!

    1. Lesley -- so glad you liked the Oh Canada quilt. Send me a picture - I'd love to see it.