Monday, January 4, 2016

Side tracked!!!!

I'm going to blame this all on Ronda!!!!!    I bought a kit for this little bag last year at the Brampton Quilt Show.  Creative Sisters in Kitchener had samples and kits in their booth at the show.   The fabric was beautiful and the little bags were so cute. 

So cute that when I was driving home from PEI - I saw the pattern again and bought it because I didn't remember that I had already bought it.  The Brampton Show was in May.  I drove home at the end of June. Oh yes - the memory is quickly going!!!!!     Yes - if I were you - I'd be worried about me!

Anyway - got rid of the second pattern, located the kit when I was looking for some Christmas stuff - got motivated by Ronda and the rest is history!!!!

I think Ronda (who also bought the SAME kit) was making these bags at our retreat or sewing day.  You guessed it - I don't remember.  Hey - there are too many details to remember everything. I only remember IMPORTANT stuff. 

Anyway - I had some extra fabric with me and she made me a bag.  Isn't it cute????

My little duffle bag
Over the holidays, Ronda and I had a sewing day and she brought a whole bunch of little bags prepped and ready to sew.  Here is what she accomplished that day.  Pretty impressive. 

Ronda's duffle bags
I decided that it would be more efficient to prep some bags as well and so I was merrily prepping away. When I was on my FOURTH bag, I realized that I had screwed up (by not reading the directions properly - I seem to have a big issue with that!).

And I was trying to economize the supplies that were in the kit.  Here is my first bag!!!  Not bad and no mistakes on this one.

Little duffle bag
But what to do with the other three that I messed up on?????   Hmmm - I could add a strip of fabric to each side and VOILA - the bag is fixed.  A brilliant fix I have to say!!!

The mistake is now fixed
However the day was not over and neither were the mistakes.  Ronda also made a mistake - she forgot to put tabs on her first bag so it wasn't just me!!!!

Now Ronda did tell me to watch this seam as it was better if the seam went away from the zipper.  Did I listen???  Obviously not - look what I did................


But I fixed it and looks much better

My first two bags  - DONE
The thing I like about these bags is that they are quick and easy and they can be COMPLETED in a very short time.  Yes - COMPLETED!!!!!

The fix on bag number three
No lack of zippers.  I dug out my plastic bin of zippers so I could choose the right color and length that worked with the fabrics I had chosen.

Zippers galore!!!!!!
AHA - I think I now have the hang of this.  I even made a bag the next day (as a gift for someone) and ZERO mistakes on this bag.  It was perfect!!!!

Bag with NO mistakes
Then I got my brain working to see how I could refine the pattern. There is a small tab on each end of the bag to aid with closing the zipper.

Tab to aid in closing the zipper
DUH - do I not have a ton of ribbons that I made for tabs with the embroidered bicycle on them?????

Perfect for tabs

Well - I got busy and dug through the zipper box and dug through all the fusibles I had and well - I just couldn't help myself.

Bags prepped
I think there are 14 of the darn things prepped and ready to sew together.

I came across this package of fusible - can you see the price tag on it???

Check out the price tag

Here's a close up - 
Yes - that came from BOUCLAIR when they still sold fabric and sewing supplies.  That was years ago.

Let's just say that the zipper box closes much easier these days, the fusible shelf is much neater and I've got some great gifts almost ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want the pattern - it is called A Little Duffle Do it by Karen West.

A Little Duffle Do It - Click Image to Close
A Little Duffle Do it by Karen West
You can buy it online or check with Creative Sisters - they may still have it.

On that note - have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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