Saturday, January 16, 2016

Show n Tell

AHA - at last - I'm at the same computer that contains the photos for some show n tell.   It was bad enough having one computer, but now having three and they all have a different version of Windows. Two different platforms on two different tablets - and let's not forget the phone.   You see what I mean - all this technology gets complicated.

I know what you're saying - why not upload all those pictures to Dropbox or some other Cloud based system?  I could and I even have TWO Dropbox accounts.  I just can't seem to get them to connect to each other - I'd like to only have one!   How to make that happen?   I need to take some time to figure it out. Time that I don't have at the present.  So I'm shuffling photos on USB sticks for some stuff because my photo editing software won't load onto my work laptop because of different version of Windows!   YEAH!!!!!  

Wouldn't it be nice if twice a year, some technology fairy came to your door and said today is the day - I'm going to make everything work together seamlessly?  Now that would be like winning the lottery.  No - that would be better than winning the lottery!!!!!

Anyway - let's have a look at the pictures for today.  This is from my Free motion Inspiration class at Ruti's Needlebed.  The premise of this was to make FIVE different tablerunners over a period of 10 months.  Every second month, we would make a new table runner. Then every alternating month - we would have show n tell of the quilting from the previous class and discuss new free motion designs and styles, threads, techniques of free motion so you could go home and quilt that tablerunner. Does that make sense???

This is the second year we're running this class.  Funny how some stores have better attendance during the week and others are better for weekends.  When I ran this class last year during the week - we ran it three times in one day!  This year because of work, I can only do the weekends and well - the attendance is not so great.  Yet at other stores - my weekend atatendance is through the roof!!!!   Ah - those fickle quilters!

The tablerunner patterns all come from a booklet called On The Run Again by Anka's Treasures.

On the Run Again cover saturated 500
On The Run Again  by Anka's Treasures

Check out the link above if you want to see more of her stuff.  I LOVE her stuff - it's fresh, it's easy and fun!

Our show n tell for this month was the tablerunner on the front cover. Oh gosh - now I'm going by memory and I can see faces, but I can't place them in the right order from the class.  NO names today!

What is so much fun about these monthly classes is seeing how each student intrepreted the pattern.  Even though there are only a few samples - check out the differences and how the color/value changes the look.

Northcott's Oh Canada fabric 

Greens and creams
 Notice how the center star pops, but one star is light and the other is dark.  It really depends on value contrast.

In this next one, see how those two stars pop (in the middle and the right hand side) - the left one not quite as much.  The reason is that the background of that print is the SAME value/color as the center star. The contrast is not as great.

The center and right stars pop off the background

And if you remember a while back - I quilted a bunch of these runners for a customer.  She can sew, but can't quilt due to an injury.  So she paid me to do it for her.  Was that cheating????    Hmmm - what feedback did I get (from myself!)?

Here's a picture of the one I quilted for the customer.  Interesting to see how different the two look based on placement of the fabrics.  

Be very careful what fabrics you use.   Just when you think you've got it figured out - you don't.  Trust me - I've made SEVERAL mistakes.  I should dig those out and show you - it's always a good lesson. That's how I learn is by making mistakes and guess what - I'm still learning!!!!!   Each and every day!

This was the first table runner that we made.  Yes - eventually everyone makes all the tablerunners - sometimes it just takes a while to get them completed.

On that note - I'm off to another class today - actually THREE classes.   I'm starting TWO new ongoing classes for this year at Sew Sisters.  One of them (Vintage Moments) is FULL and they're taking a waiting list.

Saturday Morning Club - Vintage Moments
Vintage Moments - Class is FULL!!!!!

The second one still has a bit of space so if you've nothing to do - come on over to Sew Sisters and check it out.

Saturday Morning Club - Farm Girl Vintage
Farm Girl Vintage

WAIT - before you say - "I don't like that quilt" - not only is this going to be about Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage blocks, but this is a DESIGN class.   Yes - I'm going to be using EQ7 (you don't need a copy) to demonstrate how easy it is to change things up in a quilt.  Technically you could choose ONE block from the book (but that would be a waste since there are some very fun and cute blocks).   Then you can slice and dice that ONE block how you want.   Oh yes - this is going to be FUN and pretty informative.

I have 10 minutes to spare with NOTHING to do.  I'm all prepped - oh yes - my machine quilting basics class is also FULL today.  It's going to be a HAPPY LONG DAY!!!!!!!  


(remind - I have TWO more ongoing classes I'm teaching at Hobby Horse and those start next Saturday.  I'll post pictures tomorrow!)

Have an AWESOME day!!!


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