Tuesday, July 18, 2023

A love/HATE relationship with technology

Do you ever have days when you just want to throw in the towel? That's today, and it's not even 7 AM. 

Why? My computers. The laptop has a problem with the number of files in the inbox, so I can't send or receive e-mail. No worries -- I have my desktop. Except this morning, while I was editing a document, the darn keyboard started acting up. I've tried new batteries, although that wasn't the issue. I've rebooted multiple times, and that didn't solve the problem. So why does all this technology stuff happen? 

There are days when I just want to shut everything down and run away! Today is one of those days, especially since I need access to e-mail and I need the computers to continue writing and editing. Sigh..........

I will call Microsoft to fix the laptop since I think that'll be the faster fix. The keyboard? Who knows what's happening with it. Although I saw that I may have to install a new driver? Why -- I don't know. 

So yes - I almost have one more article out the door, and thank goodness for OneDrive because the file is accessible on both computers. But wait -- someone mentioned that EVERYTHING saved on the ONeDrive saves to my home computer as well. It's probably all on my laptop as well. I really do NOT want that. And with all that sorting I did the other day, it literally ate up all the space on my computer, which has bogged it down. Sigh..................... I have to figure out how to save it on my EXTERNAL hard disk, not the computer's hard disk. 

Now I'm forced to archive a bunch of stuff, which is good, but it was not on my radar to do now.  What I dislike about all this stuff is NOT knowing how it works properly or how I should be working with it to get the maximum benefit. Can anyone recommend a good source of information for that, or do I just struggle along? I see a couple of Youtube videos, so I might start there. Another monkey wrench that I don't need at this time with a bunch of deadlines. 

We went to the movies again last night - we had to see Mission Impossible. OK -- so who doesn't like Tom Cruise? He's a great actor, and I LOVE all the research into new technologies, the development of new technologies that he does for creating his films, and his concern for his people. He may have some quirks -- hey, we all do! 

We did not walk, although we should have because it had stopped raining by the time we left and it was a beautiful night when we left the theatre. Oh well - -another time. But yikes -- the food is expensive there. We ordered a chicken burger, and it was $17 -- that is NOT the combo price, but just the burger. Thankfully it was good, but still! If they lowered the price, more people would eat there, and that would encourage more people to eat there, and well, you know what I mean. 

But those seats are sure comfy!!! All the seats at this theatre are recliners! 

A comfy seat at the movies

And another technology woe - my internet connection doesn't seem to work well in the basement. For Monday sewing, I always come up at noon to have lunch, and I bring my laptop with me. It takes a minute for it to switch from the booster to the router and vice versa. However, the last two Mondays, after going back downstairs, I lose the connection and can't get back on. Now why is that? 

So I sent them a message saying I was done for the day, and I got to work. I puttered, trying to clean things up a bit. The cutting table is in pretty good shape. 

The cutting table looks great

But this is why! There's that table sitting in the middle of the floor and covered with stuff that would normally be on the cutting table. I need to give this situation lots of thought because why can't I get it done? I haven't sewed in weeks - I guess that's why. Although I don't see the situation changing anytime soon. However, I have a quilt top that needs to be assembled, so I can quilt it later this week. 

The stuff that used to be on the cutting table!

The floor is pretty clear as well. This is good news! 

Back to open space

I suspect that both computers could use a service and defrag of hard disks and whatever else needs to be done. Keyboards need to be fixed and space cleaned up. While I love technology, I also HATE it with a passion! It is my nemesis, to be sure!!!

I did get some quilting done. Oh shoot -- it's a bit of a struggle to get the pictures loaded this morning. I'm using two computers, which isn't working well! 

You'll have to see it tomorrow. 

And on that note, I"m out of here!!

Have a super day. 


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