Saturday, July 1, 2023

Digital sorting

 AHA  - a helpful observation in the comments about my scrap quilts. I do not appear to be an "anything goes" scrap quilter! And for the most part, that is 100% true. I like to curate my colors, I don't mind mixing several colors together, but I've found that throwing all colors into one quilt can make it look - well, scrappy! But coordinating the colors makes it more cohesive. I guess it depends on which style you like. 

So -- I think I will sort by the scrap size I cut and then sub-sort by color -- or at least keep them somewhat separate, even if it's in the same container. That makes it a whole lot easier to make a quilt as well. It means I could start making some brown scrap quilts the second I finish with the second box of scraps. No need to wait until I get through the entire process! 

However, there will be some quilts that I want to mix colors, and there'll be others that I call BRIGHT, so I'll have to wait for several colors to be done before that happens. 

Let's say I'm a LONG way from making a decision, but the better one is prepared and things are correctly sorted, the more efficient I'll be. 

That is the case with my computer files. While I have an amazing filing system for some of my stuff, other parts are less neat and tidy. And for the life of me, why can't I come up with a filing system where I can actually find things. The other day, I was trying to find the sample files I use for software demos, and alas, they were not to be found! My problem is that I have MULTIPLE files for the same thing - so no wonder I can't find anything!

And let's not ask me to find a manual -- that's impossible. So I spent some time this morning creating a new file for a project, which led to some sorting. 

Sorting computer files

When creating a file system, remember the subfolders. I have subfolders, within subfolders, within subfolders! But I'm going through my OneDrive and trying to clean it up! There are many presentations there that I probably do not need; however, I can harvest bits of those presentations for future presentations! So those parts will get saved and filed accordingly. And I'll keep the last one of each for the show and tell. Why? I've no idea, but at least it's a start in cleaning up the massive amount of files sitting on OneDrive. Never mind what's on my hard disks and my laptop! Sigh!!

Here's another important piece of information -- did you know that NOTHING is new! Yep --- there isn't much new in this world, and when it comes to quilting, there is absolutely nothing new. And I got a chuckle when flipping through this Antique Quilts magazine from 2001. 

Quilt  Magazine from 2001

Even back then, they are saying that there is NOTHING new. It makes me smile and a bit frustrated when people say, Oh, Famous Designer (insert name here) made this technique take off. Ah, no! First, that technique has been around for centuries; it was brought back decades ago and has been used by several famous designers. Just because ONE designer is more famous doesn't mean she brought back the technique. And the technique, if you haven't guessed, is English Paper Piecing, which was documented back to the 1770s!!!! 

All some people see are the current trends and have ZERO clue where they came from or that quilting has a LONG history. I think it should be required reading to go back through some of the older magazines and books. That is where the meat and potatoes of quilting lie. OH MY GOSH -- I sound just like my grandfather when I say that! I'm one of the "old" people! 

In defense of the new quilters, nothing sticks around today, and it all tends to be very trendy, with the historical stuff falling by the wayside. When I learned to quilt, all techniques were equal, lots of historical things to browse, and the industry was just different. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm not a fan of the trendy, cute stuff. We also didn't have the marketing engines of today that are DRIVING what trends we pay attention to, not the other way around! 

Maybe we need a modern book on quilting history. Someone recently told me that you no longer need to have knowledge to write a quilt book; you just have to look pretty! While that is NOT nice, I howled with laughter because it is so true! But if it gets the younger generation into quilting, then I guess we all have to live with that!

I decided not to wait until after lunch to read, so I headed out to the gazebo with my tea and my book to read for a bit. I swear, those four days at the retreat just wiped me out. I napped several times yesterday and was in bed early -- totally exhausted! I bet it's the aftermath of so much traveling. But I think I'm good today! 

Of course, Miss Murphy would not leave me alone. She found the ball I had tossed into the trees the previous day. What was hilarious is that it was FOUR feet in the air on a branch. Nope -- her super nose found it, and she jumped several times and got it. And yes, she dropped it in the pond, so I had to take it away again! 

MOM -- help!

Look at these giant bugs in the pond. I suspect they keep the mosquitos down? I'm not sure, but they are big. This one has a web going. 

Giant bugs in the pond

But these ones are sitting right on the water. They are hard to see -- I'll try to get a better picture later today. 

More giant bugs in the pond

Well, the geocaching streak has come to an end. I went out in the afternoon and attempted to find two caches. I suspect one was removed as some research indicated that it should be easy to find, and someone stuck this toy in the tree. 

A toy, but no geocache

I had attempted to find the other one before and had no luck, although it seems to be there as others are finding it. I came almost face to face with this robin. And was able to snap him taking flight. So I was a bit bummed by that, but I knew I could not keep that streak up forever, and I've come to terms with it. I can still go out and find caches, but no pressure to find one every day! It was great fun while it lasted. 

Robin in flight

I have some samples to quilt on the long arm, which needs to be done. But all I managed to accomplish yesterday was to make the back, find something for the top, piece the batting, and get it loaded! OK -- so that's better than nothing! 

An empty bolt of fabric for the backing

Today, I'll get the quilting done and try to get back into the swing of things. I have NO Zooms this morning -- that's hard to believe, and there are two tomorrow, so I will try and get something done to show. That's what led to the file sorting on the computer! The file I need to work with has been created, and I'm ready!!

With all this crazy traipsing through the bushes, I got two very itchy mosquito bites, so slathering on AfterBite to make that disappear!

Well, I have loads I want to get done, and I have about a 1/4 of that book to finish, so it'll be a busy day, and let's hope there is no need for a nap! But if I need one, I have zero qualms about taking one. I just don't need HOURS of naps like the past few days!

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!



  1. It is not only the filing system that is important! Your file naming convention is equally important as it allows one to search the system. How are your electronic search skills? Mine are not great but my hubby is amazing. Hope some of these thoughts are helpful. Jackie

  2. The struggle is real especially after 30 years of using a computer regularly AND I'm not a teacher as you are.

    When I think I'm done with a file, I change the name adding ZZ to the front of the name rather than delete. That drops them to the bottom of the list but in the same folder/subfolder should I ever want it again. When I worked, I had a folder called Archive just in case I needed to produce an old record for evidence. (never delete in healthcare).

    One thing I've done that is helpful: my quilt photos are saved by year and named by their pattern if a pattern was used. That makes it easy to find a pattern via search as photos are much faster to view than thinking about what a pattern looks like via just the file name.

    Food for thought as you cleanup this part of your life!

  3. I have scraps in specific cut sizes. I store them in 12 inch fabric bins that fit into my cube storage that holds up my cutting table. Each bin is then divided into colors in zip lock bags. I can sort through the bin and the pieces stay neatly folded within their zip lock bags.

    For the insects on your pond, we have those in our irrigation ditches. We call them water skippers. They glide back and forth on the water surface.