Saturday, July 15, 2023

Let's play ball!

There is always something to learn when it comes to computers. I have asked my class participants to put certain words in the subject to track the e-mails when looking for homework pictures. Not everyone listens, so I'll have to be tougher next year. But I always seemed to miss some. However, I learned another way to use the search function this morning, so let's see how that goes!!!

And the next time a man says that all women are chatty? I don't think so. The last two days, I've had an appointment with men. Both of them ran MUCH longer than I would have liked. Just get to the chase and get out! But I learned a lot from both, so the time was worth it. 

So preparations for the fall classes are pushing forward, and two classes were revealed (sneak peek) to the participants of the last year's classes. It's only fair -- they are supporting me and the store, they get the sneak peek. Don't worry - when the time comes, you'll see. 

And I'm working on another class that will last for 9 months, and I'm super excited about it. The subject matter is EXTREMELY specific, so to put most of you at ease, if you're not into software for machine embroidery, relax. The class will not be for you! However, if you are into software for machine embroidery, you will love it! 

So tons of pre-work still needs to be done to get all this set up. These are just the classes or clubs that start in the fall. So far, there are five, three of which relate to machine embroidery software! There might be one more, possibly two, sewing classes, and as soon as I know stuff - you'll know stuff. 

My sewing machine did something it isn't made for - mending! LOL -- that's hilarious, as most of us do NOT do the mending. But DH had a couple of things that needed to be fixed, and the machine had black thread, so I decided to get them out of the way. I still have a button to sew on. 

Rather than make a new case for the golf binoculars, I restitched the strap in place. Nothing that the Pfaff icon 2 couldn't handle. That was a LOT of layers, but it sewed like a charm. And it only took a minute - much faster than making a new case! 

Mending a strap

A couple more items got crossed off the to-do list, and thankfully, they are being added at a much slower rate. But still, so much to do. On my walk, I stopped at the thrift store and found some BRIGHT yellow napkins that would be perfect for embroidering something on. The price was right -- $4 for 4. I couldn't resist even though it's not my color. They'll make good samples. 

Blank napkins for machine embroidery

So Miss Murphy and her ball! I'll be sitting at the table eating with my back to the door. And the next thing I hear is Plop! She's gone to fetch the ball and sits patiently at the back door. Sometimes the ball stays outside. 

MOM -- let's play ball

And sometimes, it rolls inside. 

THE ball

Depending on my mood, I make her wait or get up and throw it. I'm not sure who is more entertained when she has to search for the ball in the bushes. The ball is sitting on top of the bushes (lucky throw), and she has to use her brain to figure out how to get it! On the other hand, Lexi couldn't even be bothered to bring the ball to me. Heck, she probably doesn't even know what a ball is! Poor Lexi! 

MOM -- I'll find it - I can smell it!!

To my knowledge, she has never fallen in the pond, but she's come close. She'd make a good mountain goat! It's hilarious to watch her. 

MOM -- not lost, and I'm being careful

HA - being careful. Murphy is not careful - she's like a bull in a china shop. She barges her way through anything! Let's say there's not a single weed under that bush! 

The other night I was walking the girls, and I usually pull them into a driveway when I see someone coming. I tell them to sit - OK -- I'm telling Murphy to sit because she knows what that means. Lexi? Sit? I'm a Husky - I do NOT listen to any commands, especially NOT sit. The lady remarked on it. "At least one dog listens," she said. I replied, "Yes, the other one is a Husky!"

And the quilt of the day got completed. I LOVE this one with the different hats and the two scarves along two corners. Super cute!

Customer quilt - DONE

I've got two presentations today. They are reveals from the class, so no sewing work on my part. I've almost got them together. But I struggled with my computers this morning. Google wanted me to sign in but wouldn't let me find my account. That never happens. And it was only on one computer. My desktop, which I had shut down overnight. See -- shut it down, and it causes problems!!! But all is working now -- no idea why that happened. And god forbid you don't have your phone for that two-step verification process. 

After the presentation, it'll be a busy day as I got ZERO writing done yesterday, and now I'm behind! Plus, I have another quilt to do today. So there's no time to waste! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Our friends dog is crazy for wine bottle corks. This sweet little dog saw Dad with the wine bottle and immediately started barking with whole body gyration. When the cork popped out of the bottle and flew over the deck railing Lucy started the chase. She streaked down the stairs into the yard and was back in a flash with the cork buried in her mouth. She then exchanges the cork for a treat and the cork disappears into a deep pocket. The entire act was of her design and it is extremely entertaining. It is always amazing what these intelligent beings can dream up. Love Murphy’s adventures. Jackie

    1. OH -- that's way too funny! Yes -- the deep pockets are key or you can never stop! Thanks for sharing!