Monday, July 17, 2023

Running out of room!

My neighborhood isn't the only one going to "hell in a handbasket" with unkempt yards. It was noted that even if they are NOT rentals, they are poorly maintained. Why? The beautiful landscaping that some of these houses had has just gone to weeds. Sigh.............   And on that note, I'd better keep after the weeds in my garden! There's a story there, but not today. 

I spent a good part of the afternoon on the phone. Long overdue phone calls were much lengthier than planned but extremely interesting. And I sat in the gazebo while on the phone. Can you guess what happened? 

Before I knew it, a certain someone who shall remain nameless was dropping her ball in the pond. She knows! And if I don't get up to get it, she barks! She is worse than a child, but how can you say no to that sweet face! 

MOM -- I don't know how it happened. The ball jumped into the pond! 

Good lord -- the coyotes are at it again this morning, but this time I'm awake! I thought I heard them faintly when I first got up, and now hearing them again, it was probably them. Let's travel the entire forest and wake up the whole neighborhood. I bet some people would throttle them! But it was short and sweet this morning. Twice in one week, and we haven't heard them (or it) for months. I did some research, and one coyote can sound like many. 

At one point during the day, I went looking for Murphy. She likes to sleep along the side of the house, and I found her way at the end of the side yard by the gate in the last patch of shade!! I let sleeping dogs lie and didn't make a sound, and she never knew I was there!

Let sleeping dogs lie!

But her antics with fetching the ball from the bushes are hilarious. I'm sorry to keep posting it -- NO, I'm not. It's hilarious, and you keep thinking she will fall in, but she doesn't! It's our entertainment while eating. Because she NEVER fails to get the ball when we sit down to eat. 

MOM -- I CAN get the ball

So while I was quilting yesterday, I tackled the cutting table. It looks much better than it has been for a while. 

The cutting table! 

OK -- so a lot of stuff got put on the extra table that never got put away. I know -- I need a few days to get back to sewing, but that just doesn't seem to happen. I managed to get all the Barn Sampler blocks assigned for the summer cut out! So when I get a chance, I can sew those. 

Today is Monday, and I'm supposed to be cutting my brown scraps, but I'm not sure I can make that happen. While I managed some writing yesterday, those deadlines are looming, and I must finish the articles. Fortunately, the quilt for today is small. 

OH -- I found this on the table when I was cleaning. Why did I buy that brush? It was probably from a class, and someone recommended it for something, but what? Nothing comes to mind. Was it for machine embroidery? Or using a digital cutter? 

A mystery brush

And here's the quilt of the day. An unusual quilt, to say the least. It's very modern, and I used a geometric pattern on it, so I was a bit worried about keeping it straight on the long arm, but it turned out pretty good - I think the pattern was only 1/4" off on one side and I doubt anyone will notice that. 

Customer quilt - DONE

The backing was 120" wide or something like that, and the quilt was 103" wide. I'm not a fan of loading large quilts, but it loaded like a charm. You have to love when a quilt you are "dreading" works out beautifully! And I was dreading this one simply because of the size!

So the queue is diminishing, but there are still quilts! It's like my to-do list. Nothing new is added, and slow and steady items are crossed off both lists. 

I need some dedicated time at the computer, and I could make good progress on the list. But I hate when I get one thing done, and it doesn't work, requires much follow-up, or as a result of getting that done, another thing has to be done! 

Like my CrossBorderPickups account, which I tried to get into it the other day, and that didn't work. Why? I changed my password, and that didn't help. So I ended up chatting with them, and they locked my account since I hadn't been in it for a while. So that took time to reactivate it. Then I still couldn't get in. I just tried it, and I'm in! Yeah!!!!

Now I'll be able to knock a couple of other items off my list. Shoot -- I don't have time before I go to spin class, so it'll have to wait until I'm back, and then I might miss part of Monday sewing just to get things tidied up on the computer. 

Speaking of the computer, it's been running slowly, and I couldn't figure out why. I have been turning it off to try and help the situation. But I noticed this last night when I was looking for something. 

WHAT??? A red bar is never good! 

Now why is that when I don't really save anything on this computer - it's all on a separate hard disk. 

I see all my OneDrive is on this computer, but I don't think that's right - it should be on a server somewhere. I have several other questions for Microsoft, so I must call them. Grrrrr --- I hate calling them because I think some people do not know about the product. And I hate when you use the support webpage and get an answer to a question and then find out that your software doesn't have the commands they mention in the solution. HEY -- I'm supposed to have the latest version - why wouldn't I have those buttons? Sigh...................

Well, on that note, I'm out of here to get to spin class. I slept well once I fell asleep, so I suspect I will go to spin class and then return and nap! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Have you run a defrag lately? That's a good first step. Temp cache can eat a LOT of space.

  2. I think the brush might be for fluffing chenille.

  3. OneDrive saves your files locally as well as on the cloud. If a file has a cloud icon beside it, it's in the cloud only. If there's a green check, there's a local copy cached on your computer and it's synced successfully to the cloud. If there's a red x, the file is saved locally only and there's a sync issue with the file.

  4. It's a shame about your neighborhood. Years ago my mom's uncle moved to assisted living and my mom had me and my family move into his house. It was an older neighborhood and most residents had bought after the war. House by house they moved out or passed away, their homes were sold and usually renters moved in. Gardens were wrecked, lawns were neglected, and when one of the kids showed my son a gun, we moved out. Keep your eyes open.