Monday, July 31, 2023

Pamplona to Puente La Reina

A new city and a new day!! 

So I'm not compaining, I'm explaining. What does one do about the snorers? 

I had a great conversation last evening with a man from Holland who was riding his bike from his home to Santiago. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's and wanted to do the trip. That's why one should never wait - you never know what life will throw you, 

 Last night, I stayed in an Albergue that was in a converted cathedral. there were 112 beds on two floors with no real separations. There is little modesty on the Camino, but it's doable. When I arrived at my bunk at 9 PM, this one guy was sawing logs like he was a lumberjack building a house before a storm. And he did NOT stop. I don't know why someone didn't tap him on the shoulder and get him to turn on his side, but it was loud. I had been warned about this guy and the rumors were 100% true. 

When I got up this morning, he finally stopped snoring once he turned on his side. When I left at 7 AM, he was still fast aseep and totally unaware of the chaos he created. 

Now I have good ear plugs, so I did get some sleep, but even with those, you could hear him. I was on the top bunk, so not easy for me to get out and slap him around. OH-- sorry. But seriously, if you are that bad of a snorer, perhaps you should book a private room. I hope I don't run into him again!

I'm paying 7 euros more tonight, but got a realy nice place. I stayed here last year and there are four in one room. FOUR!!!  What a luxury and only two so far and that might be it. We have our own bathroom!

Now here's another beef about people on the Camino. What's with  the alarms? 5:30? And then he left his phone on the top bunk while he went to the bathroom and the damn thing rang again!!!  Thankfully it quieted down after that and I got a bit more sleep. I don't know why people need to get up so early!! There are PLENTY of spots at all the albergues, so thereˋs no need to rush. 

Anyway, I left the albergue at 7 AM and walked through the streets of Pamplona which was practically deserted at that time of the day. The signage is so awesome that youˋd have to be totally distracted to get lost. And then just as we were at the outskirts, there is was! The wind turbine farm on the ridge and it seemed so high and so far away and we had to cross that ridge. 

So from time to time, I got a view of the turbines and yes i was making progress. Thankfully the incline is not too steep, but veey manageable, so no issues and then I was UP! The view is stunning up there and it was windy! Snapped a couple of pictures and had a wee rest and then I was off. 

Now I had to deal with the descent which was not going to be pretty if my memory served me well. Letˋs say that healthy feet can make a huge difference. Last year, every step was like walking on glass and it seemed to take forever to get over that section. Today I was like a mountain goat and scrambled down like it was nothing! Again, I did NOT miss the walking sticks. I think they held me back too much and I relied on them for support when I didn't really need it. 

My knees were fine - OK-- so after a bit, they werenˋt happy, but nothing I can do about that. Iˋve got drugs! 

The rest of the day was mostly downhill and a decent pitch, so there were no more problems. 

The terrain was so varied - we mostly walked on paths, some very rocky, some nice and some shade, but not as much as there has been in the past three days. We crossed some major roads and then through a corn field and I was here. 

OH-- I got to walk through the fields of sunflowers. Last year, they were already desecated when I walked throught, but I got to see their sunny faces looking at the sun! Very cool. 

I'm so glad I have a decent walking pace as it allows me to get in more or less around noon and I'm leaving a bit later than last year. This does't drag the day out and if you want a nap or need to get the laundry done, there is plenty of time for that. And then there's the posts to Facebook and the blog. 

I just wouldn't like to be out there for hours and hours!!! 

I guess we need to be ever vigilant - two people were the victims of theft in Pamplona yesterday. But serioulsy -- I would NEVER leave my money unattended. I take my money pouch everywhere - even to the shower. Trust no one. Apparently there is a safefty polie force just for the Pilgrims. They were just here and I got a card to scan for their app - just in case! 

So Iˋm on my second beer as I sit on the patio at the albergue. Itˋs a beautiful spot and well worth the extra 7 euros!!!

And I remember last year, how much time I spent doctoring my feet and I donˋt have to do that this year. What will I do with all my time.

On that note, Iˋm out of here. 

Have a great day!!


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