Monday, April 24, 2017

Motivational Monday - That was a marathon!

Whew - who knew you could get so much done in ONE day when you're super focused?

I started off with completed the remaining 7 sections of flying geese.  I had some of the units done while I was on the retreat, but I had to change some of the colors so those had to be remade.  I even had to change one more color when the pieces were together as I found it was a tad too dark!

In the back of my mind was a niggling thought that I might not have enough fabric.  OH MY GOD - that's what happens when you don't bother to measure - you just cut off a whack. Or maybe I did measure, but then I used some of the fabric to make extra flying geese units and well - let's just say that I had to use a bit of creative piecing in order to get the top together. Contingency plans were flying through my head as the day progressed.  Could I introduce another fabric?  You know how it is with different dye lots - they are NOT the same. AT ALL!!!  The binding came from a different dye lot and you can't tell!

But I managed to get the entire quilt top together. Next up was to load it on the longarm and then big decision on how to quilt it. That took all of a few minutes and I was off. Customer quilted and I'm happy to report that I kept the density pretty much even all the way through (not heavy) and it was fun.  I even quilted my initials into the top in several places, but I doubt you'll ever find them. It was almost quilted by dinner time. The sleeve went on and it's even hand stitched in place - did that while I watched a smidgen of the hockey game. The binding got put on - both sides and in one day, I essentially pieced, quilted and bound (with a sleeve) a lap sized quilt. How?  I've no idea!

Wait!  There's more!  I also managed to get the inner border on four of my blocks from the night before. Two of them are NOT getting borders - they will remain as a raw block. Then I got the outer border on two of the items, made zippered backings for them and they are now two cushion covers.

The remaining two items will become small wall hangings. One of them has the outer border on with mitered corners (matching no less) and the last one needs a border. Today's task is to get that last border on and get both items quilted and bound. I'll likely bind them by hand on the plane!   I'll need some down time after this!

There is ONE more item that I would like to get done and there might be time - not sure!

I did manage to take a lunch break, a dinner break and an afternoon break in which I spent some time in the backyard with the girls, soaking up the sun!  It was glorious and wish I could have spent more time, but alas - that wasn't to be!

Now there is a HUGE lesson in this.  Oh yes - HUGE!!!  While I'm away, I'm making a  list of ALL the items that need to be done for upcoming magazines, consumer shows, quilt challenges and anything else that I would like to have done with a deadline. The deadline will be listed beside each item and then The Task Master and I will have a good session as I put those items in the book. I'm good at writing things in the Task Master and I'm good at getting them done - what I'm NOT good at is PRIORITIZING the items that need to go in the book.

And at some point, I would say that perhaps I'm NOT good at committing. Or should I rephrase that, I'm TOO good at committing and do I have enough time to actually get things done?

I did take pictures because when push comes to shove - well, let's just say that I pushed and shoved and all of a sudden, I had a super clean cutting mat and ironing board!  Hopefully, tonight won't be so pressured and I'll be able to get some photos edited.

Oh boy - I HATE learning by experience!  BUT, I was happy as a clam yesterday and NOT once did I say "oh - I wish I wasn't doing this!"   It was fun, I was doing something that I love and it became a bit of a game to see how much I could actually get done!  I DID NOT sacrifice quality either.  Except that ONE flying geese point got cut off because I wasn't thinking!  Nothing I can do about that.

On that note, I have a bit of paperwork to get done this morning and then back to the sewing machine for the afternoon.

Have a super day!!!


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