Saturday, April 29, 2017

Paducah 2017 - Day Three

It's the last day of Paducah 2017!  So much to see and so little time!

I did manage to get out and have a look around at some of the other vendors. I just wanted to say HI to several people that I've been working with but every conversation takes longer than planned. I also had a chat with a few new people. Lots of interesting ideas and a couple of new techniques.

Remember the two authors that I met at Road to California and I bought their books?  Met up with them again and bought the second book in the mystery series. More on them another day. There is this one book vendor that has the most amazing books and I keep saying that I need to make an inventory of what books/magazines (back issues) that I would like, but I never do.  Oh well, I probably don't need another book or magazine anyway!

This is my second year at Paducah and I noticed that many people are in the SAME location as they were last year. I guess once you have a spot and you're happy, you get that spot again. People probably come to expect you being in that spot. We are in a different spot than last year and it's funny because one of the people I wanted to meet up with was in our spot from last year!

There is also this massive bookstore here called One Million Books. I'd forgotten about that store until we saw it the other night, but there isn't going to be time to get to it.

I wandered out into the dome yesterday afternoon as there were a few people that I wanted to chat more with. Three booths and every one of those three booths was busy. This was late in the day so that was good! I did manage to get back to two of them and chatted with the designers, got my information, and made my purchase.

When I walked into the third booth which I had been trying to get into all week, there was a bit of a kafuffle going on.  A HUGE pile of stuff was on the main table in her booth.  Apparently, all of it was recovered from a theft that had just happened. I don't know all the details, but someone saw this person put the items into a bag and left the booth. The thief was approached, the bag was dropped, the quilter ran?   I don't know, but what a shame. So I'm going back this morning to try and finish our business!  We are not talking one or two patterns here, we're talking a LOT of patterns and kits.

We had a very steady line of people at the booth all day. Not huge crowds but very steady. I would say that for day three, it was quite busy. Today is the last day of the show and I expect it to be much quieter. I hope to zip back to the convention center so I can have a peek at some of the quilts.

We also get to meet a lot of interesting people, including the retired couple who sold their home three years ago and bought an RV. They now live in the RV and travel around or stay for a while - whatever their fancy is. She has space in the 39 foot RV for two sewing machines, it's short enough to stay in a National Park and the two of them were happy as clams.  Now wouldn't that be an awesome life! You could pack fabric and projects like you're going on retreat. Then everyone once in a while, you need to head back to your storage unit to get the next batch of projects, stop somewhere to rent a long arm to quilt your quilts and you're good to go!  Yes - that could be a lot of fun! Although I can't see my two dogs living in an RV. They would drive me crazy!

They recommended a restaurant for last night - the Freight House which is located in the old train station. A very nice restaurant and we saw our new friend, Victoria there! They have a farm to table philosophy and everything was so fresh, it was amazing!  We were NOT going to have dessert, but after the descriptions, we all had to try something.  I've never tasted strawberries that were so good!  Well worth going. And thanks to the gypsies for the recommendation!

On the way home, as I was driving over that darn scary blue bridge (Brookport Bridge), the lightning was amazing. Sheet lightening that NEVER stopped.  The sky was in constant flux and I didn't really get to enjoy it as I was driving. I've never seen lightning that never stopped like that. It was very weird. Constant flashes!

Patti accommodated me (or should I say humored me!) and we stopped at the Superman Statue where she took my picture. Thanks, Patti! I'll share that with you when I get home.

I forgot to mention that we stopped at Hancock's after the show. By the time we got there, there was only 1/2 hour left to shop.  Why would they close one hour after the show? Anyway, the place was packed with people, but it soon cleared out. I was NOT in the market for anything, but on the way in, I saw a lady holding up a gorgeous panel which I had to buy. And I found something that I had been looking for so I bought that as well. I didn't do too much damage. A very efficient lady cut my fabric and no line at the cash and we were out of there!

I had a good sleep under one of our American quilts last night. Very toasty warm. Now it's time to get ready as we are leaving right after the show today and will be home by midnight provided everything goes as planned!

Have a great day!!!!


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