Sunday, April 16, 2017

Retreat Day Three and Day Four

If I don't do the blog FIRST thing, it will get forgotten in all the excitement of the retreat.

A different group of people - well half from other retreats and the other half are new to this house, and oh my - what fun! We had our games night the other night where we learned a few things about each other that we didn't know before. Thankfully it was all good and clean, but it could have gone south pretty quickly. That's based strictly on some of the conversations I've heard. I think some of us have some pretty colorful backgrounds, but I'm not going to mention any names to protect the innocent  - right Shelly?

We've eaten like kings which is the norm.  Good food and pretty darn healthy except for that giant apple pie with ice cream. Alas, the ice cream was finished up last night so there is NOTHING for Ronda and myself to share today before we leave. Although I'm sure there will be something in the fridge that we can fight over.

However because we were one person short, we decided to head out to dinner last night to a real restaurant. That was the first time in THIRTY retreats! Oh, what fun! And not only the fact that we were one person short did we go out, but we have a certain retreat member who is a Leafs fan and so going to dinner allowed her to watch at least one period of the hockey game. After we got back to the retreat house, Ronda watched/listened to the game on her phone. I went to bed during the first overtime period and I have no idea this morning who won. Since I did NOT hear any wild cheering last night, I'm going to guess that they lost. Which is a shame that they have now gone into overtime TWICE - well, better than being shut out!    (IMPORTANT UPDATE -  they won!!!!)

We had a lot of rain yesterday morning and I see it is pouring again this morning. No worries - we are all toasty in the house and sewing up a storm. Two of our members had to leave yesterday so with only five in the house - we've got loads of space.

I've learned a LOT while at the retreat. I've learned how the dishwasher actually works! Keep in mind that this is my 7th retreat at this house!  Shelly to the rescue on that one. I've also learned that when working on something with a LOT of pieces that it's a good idea to label EVERY piece. I'm working on Fancy Forest - good god - can it be true that I'm on my LAST set of blocks.  Well, it's not without its challenges.  So this Francis Firefly is - well, if you are making this block, my suggestion?  Label ALL the pieces.

We got home from dinner and I realized that I had screwed up. The girls are loving that!  At first, I thought it was a major screwup that would involve cutting more fabric which I had in one of my bags. BUT, after looking at the situation and undoing TWO small seams, I was able to reposition the pieces - mirror the middle piece and drop it one line - oh god - it was complicated. BUT I persevered and I got all 16 top wing sections done last night.  Needless to say, I was tired and so if there was any cheering going on for the game, it's likely that I missed it!

There are many other things I learned at the retreat but I'll share them when I need to. Went off to the quilt store yesterday to get ONE thing. Well, that one thing turned into several things.

It's always so much fun to see what everyone is working on and I have some great shots of their projects. I'll try to get those edited and posted this week. I have so much to do and it's always sad on the last day of retreat as we wind down what we're sewing - I so want to get those damn butterflies/fireflies - or whatever done this morning if I can! And I can't even say the worst is over because there is another complicated section coming up! Wish me luck!

Back to reality tomorrow and to get caught up.  I have been rooting through my project bag so many times, it's a disaster so that will be the first thing later today to sort that out!

On that note, I'm back to the fireflies.

Have a great day!!!


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