Thursday, February 4, 2021

It's all about PERMISSION


Oh my gosh -- I don't even know where to start today - there are so many things to share!!! 

Let's start with the blue string quilt on the wall. Here's a picture in case you don't remember. I'm showing you the quilt on my portable design wall for a reason - just wait for it. 

The blue string quilt on the portable design wall

So - there's one block that is going in the opposite direction. I was going to change it, and then a blog reader suggested that I leave it for the humility block in the quilt. And you know what? I'm going to do that. Nothing needs to be perfect. The quilt is already a HUGE jumble of blue scraps, so if one block is turned? Who is going to care? 

Thanks to whoever you were to give ME PERMISSION to leave it as it is. 

Now - I'm sure you remember the Pineapple Rule from yesterday. Thanks to Jane's excellent sleuthing skills (dare we call her Nancy Drew?), I discovered that there was a book written by Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan for the Pineapple Rule. When I had a few minutes of downtime yesterday, I thought I would look for the book. OH - I guess I won't since a good part of the books are behind the portable design wall. That would mean that I have to sew the quilt BEFORE I can search for the book. A slight design flaw!

However, there is another set of bookshelves in the opposite corner, and there are some books on those shelves. I might as well look there. And OH MY GOSH - look what I found. 

Pineapple Passion

This is their ORIGINAL book for the Pineapple Rule. Holy - who would have known. Once I saw the book, I remembered it, but I did not remember that I had this one. The copyright date is 1989. I almost died laughing when I found it. And where did I get it? From one of the local guilds when they were cleaning up their library. That's hilarious!!! Now I have TWO sources from which to get the instructions for that pineapple ruler. Thanks, Jane (aka Nancy!)

Now, I feel compelled to make a pineapple quilt. It would be awesome with scraps??? Oh yes - bring it on!!!!

So that anonymous blog reader gave me permission to leave that mistake in my quilt, and now I'm going to return the favor. If you dug out some of your old software products, I'm hereby giving you permission to ditch the books. Do NOT donate them - but recycle them. This particular one is for some media drive that we bought, and I think it's either gone or in the electronic waste. The book is copyright 2005. I think enough has happened in the technology field that this book is so not relevant any longer. 

A user's guide - now in the recycling

But WAIT - not every User's Guide needs to be ditched. I dug out my Husqvarna Viking Designer I the other day because I needed something from it. I also pulled out the User's Guide and found a WEALTH of excellent material in there. So be careful what you pitch, but technology stuff - I'm pretty sure you can pitch that all. There's more where this came from that needs to go. 

This was the TOP OF THE LINE in 1998. 

Husqvarna Viking Designer I

Here's the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 - the current top of the line. A wee bit of difference, to say the least. 

Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2

Here's my Microcosft Office from 2010. Hmm - don't think this needs to be kept any longer. I recycled what I could, and the rest (the CD) went into the garbage. Oh gosh -- I should ask Katheleen first if I should be keeping CDs as I have quite a few. I wonder if she reuses them in her journaling??? 

Old software

So dig through your software and get busy (that's not your homework, by the way). But that software stuff takes up a lot of room, which is why I'm glad that things are going subscription these days. No need to wonder if you're up-to-date; you always have support and nothing to throw away. It's perfect for me. 

We did have some issues with our local postal sorting station and the pandemic, and we all thought that mail coming from international sources would not be making it through the border. That's so not true. I've received THREE things from the US this past week, and it's only Thursday. Here's one of the things that I bought. I'm a sucker for books about quilts and history, and I thought this would be a good addition to the library. 

A book on Human Rights represented in quilts

I bought it from my friends at, which I still think is the BEST place to buy quilt products/fabrics in the US. They've been around for years, their postage is not bad, and the service is fast. And the book came wrapped like this. 

The book was tissue paper inside the packaging

And I also got this package, which I will share tomorrow. I just don't have time today. So things are moving across the border. 

Another package received from the US

The applique is now totally prepped for Quilter's Patch. So I need to get my act together and STOP prepping other stuff and get sewing. I want to get everything prepped. I like to play those little games with myself. My goal is to be finished prepping by the weekend, and then I can sew most of the weekend. Yeah!!!!

All the applique is prepped

I was on a call yesterday morning, and as I was sitting here, I was fiddling with my penholder. Oh my - look what I found—a Sharpie White paint pen. 

A Sharpie white paint pen

What's hilarious is that I found one in Studio B the other day. Neither of them is opened. Oh, dear! Now both are together in the scrapbook area. 

Two brand new Sharpie Paint pens

And since we're talking about letting go, here's another example of something that I let go of. The other day, someone mentioned that they wanted to buy Harry Potter fabric, and where could they find it? Well, I happened to have a fat quarter bundle and two 1-meter pieces. I sold it!! No hesitation in my voice as I said she could have it. Oh my - what has happened to me? 

A bundle of Harry Potter fabric

You know what? It's better to let her make a quilt with fabric that she wants rather than it languishing in my studio and likely never be used. It was a win-win for both of us. 

I knew exactly where that fabric was. Thanks to my new super-duper organizing system, I pretty much know where everything is, and I love it!!!

OK - so here's your homework. But first, a wee story. 

I knew that I was paying an exorbitant amount each month for my cell phone, and I kept meaning to check it out online. The other day (thanks to my electronic "to-do" list), I did that. Well, what do we have here? We have two tablets, and both were being charged for a data plan - $10 each. Then EACH of the tablets was being charged with a USAGE fee of $10. PER MONTH. That's a total of $40 each month for tablets that have not left the house in months and no reason to be using data. So I got rid of the USAGE fees. I'm not sure what happened there, but I've turned the cellular data setting to OFF. I can connect them to the Wi-Fi for free at my house. I want a data plan on one of them for sure, and I'll have to pay for that. I think the second one is on a contract. 

I called to get this fixed. The conversation was challenging to conduct, or I would have gone further. There was a huge delay on the call. I asked where the guy was located - in the Philipines. I kind of resent that. Why does our HUGE service provider use off-shore people to support us in our country. I know why - money! But it's very annoying. So I disputed the amount, and I got a credit of $67, and my bill was reduced by $20 a month. More will get chopped later. 

Here's the assignment. Pick one bill - phone bill, cable bill, electricity bill - whatever bill you choose. Check out your usage over the last couple of months. Are you paying for stuff that you shouldn't be?? Plans change all the time - why not try to find a cheaper option. I have to say the guy was NOT very helpful, and with the delay, I was afraid something would go amiss, so I'm going to call back next week.  And make a note in 6 months to review it again!!  That's a decluttering assignment that can save you money. Yeah!!!!

I've checked Canadian sources for my red flannel, and it looks like I'm going to have to cave and buy from the US. Not a big deal, but no one has the variety that I need. Sigh..............   Where is that awesome store that used to be in Moise Jaw? The owners are retired, but I know they would have had this!!!

As I was leaving the house for a walk the other day, one of my neighbors was outside bringing in her recycling cart. She stopped me and asked if I was Ruthi? Nope - but we got to talking, and I think she had seen me at Ruti's Needlebed when that store was open. She has an embroidery machine that she bought from the store and likes to embroider!!!!  Perhaps I've found a new friend on my street. We'll have to get together once the pandemic is over, and I did invite her to join my embroidery club!

We need to have a list of hobbies/occupations for everyone on our street!!!

On that note, I'm out of here!! I've got loads to do today, and I better get started. 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I'm glad you liked my suggestion - it took me a while to find the "wrong" block amongst all the right ones in your photo! I don't know how to add my name to posts here... sorry to be Anonymous all the time. I'm Victoria. :)

    1. No worries Victoria!!!! You're right - if I hadn't told you, most people wouldn't even see it! Thanks for the permission!

  2. I love the turned block! Yea you for keeping it. I know you can be a bit obsessed with your quilt blocks ;-)

    1. Oh Elle -- I'm NOT a bit obsessed with my quilt blocks. OK - perhaps I am!!! And all it takes is permission from someone else to let go! I'm getting much better at it.