Sunday, February 7, 2021

Just keep walking

 I'm feeling pretty accomplished these days. I still have a lot to do, but I'm making progress in all areas, which feels good. I have the time to work on things that are not urgent, and well, things are under control. However, I did forget that I had a meeting yesterday. Oh - it was in my calendar, and well, I was so focused sewing in the afternoon that POOF - the thought never occurred to me. 

I must get better about reviewing the day's events in the morning so that the items stick in my head!!

The good news for today? There's only one reminder today, and that's it. The rest of the day is MINE!!! Oh - I've got loads of plans for today, but I don't have any deadlines. No pick-ups or drop-offs, so I'm totally on my own. 

I think I was excited yesterday, which is why I forgot that meeting. I went on a road trip! Or - should I say that Ronda and I went on a road trip. We went to get my CUSTOM - MADE metal rack for my walking medals. 

Oh great -  there was an accident on the highway which slowed us down for a wee bit, but not much. 

The rack for my walking medals

Isn't that amazing?? I love it! He had previously made some Keep Running, but I didn't want that since I'm not a runner. I asked for Keep walking, and he even changed the figures to walkers from runners!! I would have loved to see his shop, but that'll have to wait for another day. Fortunately, he's not far from our retreat house (Fireside Retreat), so we'll have more opportunities to be in the area. The name of his business is Twisted Wrench Studio. He has a Facebook page.  Thanks to Pat for the recommendation!!!!  

Then a quick stop at our favorite quilt shop (Thimbles and Things) to do some curbside pickups. Holy - that store is hopping even in this crazy time. Not only with online classes but in ordering and servicing customers. All - within the guidelines of the current rules. A BIG thanks to Sue and all her staff to keep things going and stay cheery while doing it! I'll show you my curbside pickup tomorrow or Tuesday when it'll get put to use. 

It was a quick trip up and back. I used to think this was a long way away, but you know what? It's not that far at all. I was listening to an audiobook, and I knew that it would disappear at 1:40 PM. I listened to it on the way to pick up Ronda. I had ELEVEN minutes left when I picked her, so I waited and listened to those eleven minutes after dropping her off. I swear that about five minutes after that - the book disappeared! That was close!!!  The only disadvantage of audiobooks - you can't hang onto them for just a wee bit longer. 

I'm now 20% into the next one, which is long, so I hope to get a good part of that "read" today. Plus, I finished a physical book last night. 

I finished another customer quilt. I don't have a huge pile, so I'm trying to get them all done as one or two have been there for a wee bit longer than I would have liked. Can I get them all done before the end of this month? I sure hope so. I would like to get back to some Quilts of Valour quilts so I can start using those two rolls of batting. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I even managed to get some sewing done - FOR ME!!!!  The blue string quilt is HALF together. So that's good, and I should be able to finish it off later today. 

The blue string quilt

Then I'll need to think carefully about what goes back on that empty wall. I have one more project on the current projects tables where the blocks are done - they just need to be sewn together. I might put that one up, and I need to finish the other one that is half sewn on the other wall. 

But I got a chuckle as I was pressing. I noticed this fabric in one of the blocks. The pink and blue striped one. Yes - it's ugly, but wait. 

A wile arrangement of scrap fabrics

The SAME fabric was in one of the blocks for the other scrappy quilt that I had stitched the night before. What are the chances of that happening?? 

The same fabric is in this block

Oh yes - at one point when I was cleaning (years ago), I had a huge bundle of ugly fabrics, and I cut them up to be used in scrap quilts. I did start to cut them into strips of varying widths as per Bonnie Hunter. Then I realized that I wasn't using the strips. That's NOT how I function - I want to decide on a project and then find the fabrics. I don't like having stuff pre-cut. Anyway -- I don't like the pre-cutting of my scraps. That's just me - I know it works for others. 

Her's what I have left for scraps that have been cut into strips. 

Pre-cut UGLY strips

I'll find a purpose for them. I think they are 2" and 1½". 

I got two more blocks made for the latest scrap quilt. Only 10 more sets to sew. I CAN get this done!

Another set of scrap blocks done

And while sewing those, I'm putting those little blocks together made from the teeny half-square triangles. Yep - look at the size of those things. They are tiny! I think they finish at 3/4". 

Tiny half-square triangles

I know that some of you are madly cleaning, and I got this picture from - well, I won't say her name to protect the innocent. But she had a LOT of embroidery software products, and well, these just won't work any longer. First - the operating system they work on is not current, so that's one clue that these no longer have any value. Let's face it - some of us have software that is more than ONE generation past. PLUS - there are newer, easier to use, and more powerful features than these products. Why would you want to use the older products when you have newer ones? 

A few boxes of old software

We know that we should get rid of this stuff, but it's hard. Why? I think the owner of that software summed it up very nicely in this statement. 

" But the good news is that I had room to get more off my countertop into this now clear space.

 The downside of throwing out is you see the price you paid for these, and the manuals weren’t even opened. ☹"

And sadly, she is right. We see these great products that we bought with the best of intentions. We paid a LOT of money for some of these products and to find that the package was never opened? That's very sad. Plus - one thing about some of this software, and I mean ALL software, comes in a HUGE box containing a little manual and a CD. Takes up a LOT of shelf space. Even if you decide to keep the manual for the moment, it takes up a whole lot less space. 

However, now she has a lot more room on her shelf to put something else there. And here's the thing - if you have Embroidery software - Premier Plus (please!), I'll be teaching some classes through a local sewing machine dealer. So watch for that - I'm sure the spots will fill quickly. The idea is that if we've purchased something, we should use it. At least try it - maybe you won't like it, but at least you know that. 

And even better - if we decide to get rid of it, it's one less thing to clutter our spaces and one less thing for our families to deal with when you're gone. Or imagine having to downsize? I've been at the decluttering for years, and I can't imagine what will be involved in downsizing. 

So when it comes to software (and I NEED to tell myself this repeatedly), if the OPERATING SYSTEM is old on the software, NO ONE else can use it. Well, they may have an older computer, but what are the chances???  Just be mindful of that detail. I find that one VERY HARD to comprehend even though I know better. I'll have to tell you the story of my Dad one day and software. 

Just wait for it - I have a picture to share with you tomorrow that well, I need to be more ruthless.  

Since we're on the software kick - here's your assignment for today. I know we talked about the software before, but I bet you weren't ruthless enough. And your significant other may balk at this one. But dig it all out. ALL of it. Look at the operating system, look at the dates of the programs. Things like tax software, security protection system, and operating systems are all quickly outdated in the tech world. Recycle the boxes, and YES - you can throw the CDs away. Katheleen gave me permission to do that!!!

On that note, I'm off to have a glorious day!!! All by myself with my audiobook, my long arm, and the sewing machine!!

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. A few years ago you mentioned a log cabin UFO. Are the pre-cut strips the right size for that?