Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Who designs what for whom?

OH -- it came to my attention that the blog didn't get posted this morning.  We had a power outage in the night and I guess it took a while for things to reset.  The miracle of the internet yet again!!!!

I had a pretty good day yesterday! I got lots of sewing done but can't share any of it with you yet. I'm trying to get my homework assignments done before they are urgent, so that's my goal. Let's just say that in that department, it was a great day. 

I had to pop out early from Monday sewing to get my eyes tested. Just a routine check as I hadn't been there in a couple of years. The optometrist is at the mall, so easy walking distance for me. But I wasn't sure if I was in the right spot when I arrived as things have changed in that section, and it's under construction. But I was in the right spot, just no sign to tell me that I was. 

Yes - it was a super hot day, but really?? It's not that bad. It's all in how you set your mental state. It's hot - big deal - move on! The only issue was that because I had to wear my mask indoors, the eye thing - what is that thing we look through anyway? Well, it kept fogging up! Anyway -- no change in prescription, my lenses are clear, optic nerves are healthy. I'm good for another couple of years. 

Since I was at the mall, I decided to do a bit of shopping. Keep in mind, I don't want to go crazy since I have to carry it home and I don't need or want much. But I stopped to buy some soaps and a couple of other things. 

It wasn't heavy, but it weighed a bit, and I keep up a pretty good pace and probably the heat added to it, but my heart rate was up there for the walk home. And yes - it took a bit of time for my face to stop perspiring! But a couple of cold face rinses and I was fine!

Here's my little shopping bag. In the spirit of reducing waste and not throwing stuff away, I use this little bag to shop around the neighborhood. 

My REUSEABLE shopping bag

And you can put quite a bit in it! Yep - I bought soaps - $5 for $25. We needed some more, and well, now was a perfect time. Anyway - all that fit in the bag. 

All this fit in the bag

And in trying to keep on top of stuff, everything was sorted and put away within minutes of getting home. 

The bag is empty again

I even went through the mail and dealt with it all immediately. One of the items was the latest Connecting Threads catalog, where I spotted some weird stuff. What's this all about??? 

I know of Riley Blake Designs, and I know of Moda Fabrics, and I swear they are two different companies. Have a look at the designer of each of these collections. I have a feeling that someone got it wrong. Seriously wrong!!!

Riley Blake Designs for Moda Fabrics? 

Riley Blake Designs for Clothworks?

AH -- from Riley Blake Designs

By Riley Blake? 

Oh boy !!! 

Well, I have to finish off today with an unsavory story. I also stopped at Bulk Barn on my way out of the mall. They want you to wear these ugly plastic gloves in the store. OK -- I'm good with that. But as I scouted up and down the aisles, a couple of young girls caught my attention. One of them was dipping her ungloved hand into the containers and popping a sample or two in her mouth! Seriously???? They headed to the cash to pay, so I didn't pay much more attention to them. 

All of a sudden, they were back getting something else. And yes - the one girl again dipped her hand into a container and got a wee sample. Well, I couldn't hold back. I calmly walked up to them and said that what they were doing was totally unsanitary and was totally stealing, and what would their parents think? Then I proceeded to let the staff know and let them deal with it. 

If you want to sample, I get it - it's all tempting. But at least use the darn scoop and put it in a bag and then sample it, so your germs are in your own bag. They looked like deer in headlights when I approached them. But seriously -- unless we start to speak out (calmly and rationally), this kind of behavior will continue - that goes for any kind of disgusting behavior!!!

Oh my -- lots more to share, but I've run out of time this morning. Let's just say that I made good progress on that tabletop in the office - you would be very proud of me. Heck -- I'm very proud of myself for that. Now to do more today. It's time to get this mess gone!! It is so funny that because several layers of stuff are gone, it's really starting to look clean and makes the room feel larger. I had to stop a couple of times to admire my work, and it feels GOOD. 

You can see the top of the table!

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. I don't buy from bulk bins any more for various reasons. Don't know who's touched it or how fresh the product is.