Saturday, November 6, 2021

Fun Friday!

Not to bore you with my UPS package, but it's in the right state, so it should be delivered on Monday! Yippee!!!!

I can't wait until I have another package to send to see how to fix this commercial invoice problem! It doesn't matter, the package is arriving one business day late, and I can certainly live with that!

It makes me laugh because when I worked for a fabric company, which was concerned about the cost of shipping things but had zero issues with shipping overnight instead of 5 days. So what's the difference? Well, I sent that package for $30 CDN. If I had sent it overnight, it would have cost $228. 

WOW -- that's a HUGE difference. When I left that company and had to get things ready FIVE days before the due date, I thought I would die. How will I cope with the deadline? Well, you just get it done five days before you need to ship it. 

So - imagine all the companies shipping stuff OVERNIGHT and then passing along those costs to the consumer! Yep -- it happens all the time. Amazingly, they tracked who sent what, but no one ever got their wristed slapped for shipping overnight. I'd have been on my employees like a dirty shirt -- DO NOT ship overnight unless there is a darn good reason!

Anyway -- I had one presentation yesterday, and it went super! I'm done until Monday when the circus starts all over again! For the next three weeks, I have 9 or 10 presentations a week, and in some cases, I've still some major work to finish prepping the series because it's brand new. So it'll be a busy month. 

But before I did the presentation, I had an errand to do. Om the way, I saw these clouds, or should I say CLOUD. Wow -- this picture doesn't do justice to it. It looked very ominous and unusual, just like a thick layer of batting hanging in the sky. 

A thick cloud layer

And then this happened. 

Geocaching points

This is my geocaching score for the month. I need to get 5,895 this month, and I'm close! There'll be no running around on the last day to gather points! I'm doing great, as I only need four regular caches to get to the goal. How did I get this far, this fast? I found some quick geocaching games (Adventure Labs) in a cemetery close to where my errand was. I've passed this cemetery MANY times and never stopped. Wow -- it's an old cemetery and quite interesting. 

Actually, I need to investigate the Adventure Labs thing a bit more. That would make a very cool scavenger hunt, and you can incorporate it into Waze so you can do it in the car (I think!). 

The two geocaching games took me on a tour of the cemetery. And while the sun was out, there were huge trees in the place, and the grass was still very frosty. I was chilled for the rest of the day as the sun was out but totally blocked by the trees. 

Some graves were marked with a small cement pad with just one initial. A child? 

Grave marker

And then this person has a stump for a headstone! How cool is that? It's not a real stump -- it was made of concrete, but a very unusual shape. I've never seen that before, and there were at least two of them in the cemetery. 

A stump for a headstone

It was a glorious morning despite the wet grass. But there is no rhyme or reason to this cemetery. There were no real straight lines -- lots of curves, circles - it was hard to know how to walk across the darn thing. 

Beautiful cemetery

Another small stone with a little lamb on top. Definitely a child. 

A small headstone

And there were loads of monuments! Most of them were in good shape, but a couple, including one that I needed to find, had some broken panels, and I peeked inside. Totally hollow!!

Monuments in the cemetery

Anyway - that was a nice little diversion in the day. I did my errand and got back home in time to do the presentation. I have a little bit of geocaching planned for next weekend, and I should be able to get my goal for the month!!

It's the 6th of November, and we still have glorious colors in our neighborhood. This is at the end of my street and contrasted with the blue sky -- it's gorgeous!!!

Beautiful colors still

On the way home last night, I saw a Christmas tree in someone's front window. That's just wrong!!!

Don't tell Lexi this, but she's a goof! She did her business, and I had to walk it back about 100 feet to the garbage. She was too lazy to walk back, so I dropped her leash. Now she could have gone ripping through the forest, as Muphy would certainly do if I dropped her leash. Nope, Lexi just stands there - waiting! That dog is crazy! If she didn't have that leash on, she'd have been gone. Oh, what a silly girl!!!!

Lexi "tied" to a tree

And this is the two of them after the walk. Lexi is unhappy, and Murphy just looks like she wants something, which is always the case!!!

Murphy and Lexi

And here are the crazy fish. I plugged the pond heater in the other day, and these fish are no dummies. They love the warm water and flocked to the heater! OK -- perhaps I shouldn't have done that. They are supposed to be hibernating! I had to buy a new aerator for the winter and that's what I should get going today. 

Fish flocking to the heater

I actually had time to sew this morning. I haven't sewn or quilted all week and look at the cutting table. It was a disaster. 

The cutting table is a mess!

The ironing board was covered with more stuff. 

The ironing board is also a mess

But I did some tidying up, and I managed to get some sewing done! OK -- so I put a lot of that on the floor, and I'll deal with it later today!

The cutting table with room to work

I'm always telling people that I do NOT pin when I sew. And for the most part, I do not. However, when you are working with mitered corners, I pin. Well, whenever I'm putting a border on a quilt - I pin! And I use lots of pins!

Pinning the corner of a mitered border

I need to get those borders on the quilts. I think there are four in total that need borders! And I still have blocks to sew for one more quilt! I have two of the four mitered corners done for this border, and it shouldn't take long to finish the other two later today.

Checking that the mitered corner is square

We decided to go to another movie last night instead of going out for dinner as usual Friday night. I was still chilled from my romp through the cemetery, so I had a warm beverage laced with yummy stuff. We watched Dune, which was good, considering that Sci-Fi is NOT my genre at all. 

Hot beverage to warm up

And look, my package arrived yesterday! Can you tell that it was a COD package? But since I had prepaid it the other day, they just left it on the step! 

My package arrived

And now it's time to get the day started! There's a load of things to do, and well - I have big plans. Let's see how much I can get done. 

Are you trying new things? Or new ways of doing things? Try to change ONE thing up today that you wouldn't normally do!

Have a super day!!!!


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