Monday, November 29, 2021

Winter wonderland

What a fantastic Virtual Retreat!! I think I accomplished the most I've ever done, and I'm thrilled. We had people from the US, Germany, and across Canada. Loads of fun, and I'm so pleased to say that I've made new friends, and we get to check up on how people are doing in other parts of the world. It's way better than listening to the news! Thanks to everyone who attended. 

I also dug out my Brother Label Maker and two rolls of tape. As the girls said -- why "save" that tape for a better purpose -- use it now and get those boxes labeled so NOTHING will ever be lost again! OK -- I just need to refresh the batteries, and I'm good to go. 

Let's start with what I didn't get done -- I didn't turn on the embroidery machine. I didn't think I was going to be able to concentrate and chat at the same time. So that will wait for later today. 

But I had the serger and the sewing machine going, and this is what happened. 

I got the border on the Bonnie and Camille Bee Quilt. When I checked the backing section, I couldn't find anything that worked for this quilt. Then I went back and found a whimsical Sunbonnet Sue in the same colors. Perfect!!! So the binding, backing, and top are now done, and it's moved to the "to be quilted" pile. 

Another quilt is ready to be quilted!

And there's that serged seam for the backing! 

Serged seam for the quilt back

Then I pulled out the Tula Pink quilt. Wait!!!!  The borders are already on the quilt! Oh yes -- I forgot I had done that. So, the backing got serged together, and the binding got made. 

Serging the backing for the Tula Pink quilt

And so one more quilt got moved to the "to be quilted" pile, which we won't discuss!

Tula Pink quilt is now ready to be quilted

So to recap my list from yesterday. 

Schoolgirl Sampler - DONE
Urbanologie - DONE
Tula Pink Sampler - needs a border, binding, and backing
Bonnie & Camille Bee Quilt -- needs a border, binding, and backing
Long Time Gone - needs a border, binding, and backing
All in a Row Quilt - needs a border, binding, and backing
All in a Row Quilt -- there are two other partially completed quilt tops

And this is the list today:

Schoolgirl Sampler - DONE
URbanologie - DONE
Tula Pink Sampler - DONE
Bonnie & Camille Bee Quilt - DONE
Long time Gone -- needs a border, binding, and backing
All in a Row Quilt - needs a border, binding, and backing
All in a Row Quilt - there are two other partially completed quilt tops

So yes -- progress happened, and I was thrilled. I will tackle the All in a Row Quilt next and then finish up with Long Time Gone. Either way, I'm delighted that I could keep up with those sew-along quilts this year and am very close to finishing the last of them. 

Then this happened. And this is why one needs to keep your stuff organized. When I went into the closet the other day, I found a bundle of grey and green fabrics. Very pretty. I had put them aside to make a "special" quilt. 

Grey and green fabrics 

As we were chatting yesterday, this bundle was mulling in my head, and I remembered another bundle of grey and green fabrics that I had purchased several years ago. I pulled them out, and OH MY GOODNESS -- they are from the same collection!!!!  I must have found it very appealing. 

More grey and green from the same collection

Now the two bundles are together, and I have a nice stash of grey and green fabrics. 

The two bundles are now together

What to do with them?? I was going to search for a collection to do a new sew-along project hosted by The Hobby Horse. I think it's going to be perfect!!!!  Yeah --- and that's why you need to keep a handle on your stuff. More details on that quilt tomorrow. But it's called Among the Stars by it's sew emma. 

Pattern and fabric are now in a project box

And so, when one finishes a project, one must figure out what to do with all the leftover bits. All the Tula pink fabric got bundled together and put with the modern fabrics. There was only one large piece (the red) that went into the stash baskets. The rest are pretty much scraps and went into the appropriate color scrap box. 

Cleaning up the project

I have some other Tula Pink scraps, so I may attempt a scrap Tula Pink quilt at some point. 

I have to share these ADORABLE sweaters with you. They were made by Nina, who joined the Virtual Retreat from Germany. These sweaters make up an advent calendar - the bottom is sealed, and you put chocolate in them. I think you can put lots of chocolate in there. 

Advent sweaters

The pattern can be found on Arne & Carlos website in case you are interested. I checked out their website and some pretty darn cute stuff. I don't have time to pick up anything new, but someday perhaps!!!

Advent sweaters

She was working on number 18 when we were together, and I see that it's done!!

Sweater 17 and 18

OK --- so I didn't stop when I got those two quilts together. I decided to forge ahead with my Enchanted Autumn. I want it done by the end of the year, and I still have a lot of work to do. 

This pieced block was partially together. But now it's done! I had to finish making the half-square triangles.

One pieced block for Enchanted Autumn

Then I had the LAST applique block to finish off, but before that, I had to make the pieced part of the block. I wasn't sure how easy the roof would be, and I goofed and didn't reverse the template for part of it, but the end result is stunning. I dug into the landscape fabrics for that one. 

The last block with applique on it

And that's it for the applique blocks, except that I now have a LOT of stitching to do. 

Well, I wasn't quite ready to call it a day, so I dug out fabrics to cut the pieces for more pieced blocks in the quilt. 

I have a bunch of hourglass blocks to make, and the components are all cut. 

The hourglass block pieces

There are some half-square triangles to go around a small applique. Those are cut and ready to sew today. 

Half square triangles are cut

And that leaves ONE more block to cut and sew. I was too tired last night to cut that out, so I'll try to get that accomplished today at Monday sewing. 

Here's the quilt status at the moment. Oh, my --- who would have thought I would ever get that much done so quickly. Just goes to show you that anything is possible. Once those pieced blocks are done, I need to get myself in gear for all the stitching around the applique. That will take some time, but hey -- my schedule is relatively wide-open now - only five presentations this week. 

Enchanted Autumn

But I also need to get some more organizing done. I can't wait to get everything sorted and labeled, so NOTHING will ever be lost again!! It's going to be so exciting. Less time will be spent looking for lost things, and bundles of fabric that I can use for quilts will be in the stash room where they belong. Oh yes  -- it's going to be exciting, and I might just find room to consolidate a bit more stuff from upstairs. And, of course, offload the current project table to a manageable amount. One has to experiment, and that one didn't work out, but now I know!

And there are loads of projects on those UFO lists that need to be completed. I have one large project to work on that is due in January, and I wanted you to know that I refused a couple of other potential projects to not rush on this one. I also have a smaller one that is due NOW, so I'll be working on that. See -- I'm trying to be reasonable!!!

I can't wait to start tackling more projects and especially the UFOs. Oh yes -- this is going to get done!! 

I'm pretty disappointed this morning. One of the local radio stations is announcing their new hosts after firing the previous crew over one month ago. I've been listening to the station this morning to see who the new hosts are, and after a one-half hour of Christmas music and ads and public announcements, they finally said - that the new hosts will be introduced at 7 AM. Seriously????  Just get it over with and announce it. I changed stations. 

One last picture to share -- here's what it looked like on our walk yesterday. A winter wonderland. Let's say that Muprhy and Lexi were in their glory! But those squirrels are just way more fun to look at than Mom!!
Murphy in a winter wonderland

Oh -- I should remind you that there is another Virtual Retreat in December. The dates are December 18 and 19. Saturday evening and all day Sunday. I can hardly wait because I'll be able to get tons of something done. 

My focus for the remainder of the year is the long arm, but I also hope to clear up a couple of UFOs as well. It's going to be a super December!!!

Before I go, I wanted to share this video with you. It's from a young quilt shop owner (Quilt Addicts Anonymous) and her struggle to keep work/life balance and how to juggle a brick and mortar store and expanding and well -- a lot of interesting stuff. It's very good and heartwarming. 

On that note, I'm off to spin class, but not before I have to scrape the windshield of my car. Oh, well -- it's winter, and that's just life!!

Have a super day!!


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