Friday, December 16, 2022

Coincidence - I think not!

I'm so in my happy place these days. I'm making great progress in Studio B, getting work done and clearing things out. Even though the holidays are close by, I don't (by choice) have to rush around prepping things, buying, or making gifts! No baking and no place to go! I'm somewhat like my mother because I'm a home body and I'm perfectly OK with that. I'm surrounded by enough technology to keep me happy and in touch with others. 

No cooking (leftovers are great), and I don't think I would do anything different. I'm trying to read an audiobook, and I find my mind wandering a wee bit, thinking about things that need to be done or that I want to do. Yep -- life is pretty much A-OK. 

I think part of that reason is that I'm getting rid of the guilt of ignoring e-mails. I spent all morning on the computer and made a valiant attempt at getting some stuff cleared up. That darn calendar and class schedule for 2023 have my brain in a tizzy. But I think I figured it out and just have to finish communicating it to everyone. I'll be back at the computer this morning. I NEED to get back into that morning routine of doing paperwork and planning and the afternoon for sewing. 

We had a crappy weather day, although it wasn't as bad as they forecast. We were supposed to get 15 centimeters of snow, and that didn't happen. But we got lots of rain and wet snow. I went out in the afternoon to shovel, and I swear I was shoveling WATER, not snow. 

Shoveling slush

We are lucky that the temperature is still above freezing because when it freezes, it will be a skating rink out there. We have a sunny weather forecast over the next couple of days, so let's hope they are right and will help dry things up. I did NOT even go for an afternoon walk. I didn't think it was worth breaking a leg. However, I still managed to do my 11.5 KM. How did that happen? 

By lunchtime, I had already walked over 9 KM -- a good part of that was walking the dogs in the morning, but I was also doing a lot of walking around in the house, and hey -- I count every step I take. Thankfully, we all get to set our own parameters for our goals, and that's mine -- EVERY step counts. 

Over 9 KM by lunchtime

And I got soaked on the morning walk. It was a very windy day, so I was not taking an umbrella with the dogs. I was good for the most part, but it did get heavy at times, and I had to change clothes when I got in the house. So it was a PJ kind of day. And I'm not sure why, but I had to take my sweatshirt off during the afternoon. That NEVER happens at our house. 

A PJ kind of day with NO sweatshirt

Someone spotted these thread boxes on my blog and asked for them. If you still want them, send me an e-mail at so we can connect and get them to you. I cleaned my sticky label off them the other night, so they are good to leave the house. I tried the hairdryer as someone suggested, but that would take forever, so I used a razor blade and WD40 to get the labels off, and it worked like a charm. 

Thread boxes

Something very weird happened. If you remember, I have these large tubs, which I use to store quilt tops. Someone gave me a bunch one time, and they are amazing. Although they are super heavy if filled with fabric. One of these tubs was hanging in the garage forever, and when I hung up my bikes, the tub came inside. The tub in the garage didn't have a lid. I had written to Rubbermaid to ask if I could get a replacement. That was eons ago, and I never heard from them. 

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from them. The tubs are no longer made, have no replacement parts, and it's long past their warranty. Shoot. Well, I happened to look in the tub without a lid that is sitting on the desk in my office, and guess what I found? 

No -- not the lid, but my green dust cloth! Two random references to those tubs in one day! A coincidence? I don't think so. The tub was still in the office as a reminder that I had not received an answer from Rubbermaid. 

Well, the chances of finding a lid are slim, so I will have to find something to put in this tub that doesn't need a lid. Hm - I could put it downstairs in the storage room and put quilts to be quilted in it. And now I have my favorite dust cloth back!

My lost dust cloth in the tub

I decided to tackle that pile of inserts to see what was there. Can you believe I found THREE inserts for my Arrow sewing cabinet? Why? These are the solid ones used to cover the opening for the sewing machine. I've no idea -- I only need one, and even then, I don't use it. But I put these back in that corner. Should anyone need one -- let me know -- I've got two extra! 

Three inserts for an Arrow cabinet

I unearthed an insert for a sewing machine that I no longer own. That machine was the MegaQuilter and has the same body as other brands - Singer, Brother, etc. 

Mega Quilter

The insert fits into this Sew Steady portable table. 

The Sew Steady portable table

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the insert looks like this. I don't need the insert since I no longer have the machine. The person who now has my machine doesn't have a use for the insert. So if anyone has that machine and this table, you can have the insert! Otherwise, this is going to go into the garbage. Can they recycle plexiglass? 

The insert in the portable sewing table

I also found two pads that you put under your sewing machine. I don't use them any longer, so if anyone wants one or both, they are yours!

Sewing machine pads

The other day we talked about Swap and Shop --- I lived in a small town, and they used to have that on the radio. Every day, you could call in with what you wanted or wanted to get rid of, and hopefully, someone listening could help you. Wouldn't it be fun to do a Zoom swap and shop? 

I also found an insert for the machine I am selling, which will go with that machine. If the person wants to make an opening on a table, they have the insert. 

I found a big plexiglass table for my Designer 1, which I'm keeping. It's so old, but it still works, and this is going to be my retreat sewing machine. 

My Designer 1 with the extension table

And I have an insert for this machine in the big Arrow cabinet. So I'll keep that one. I didn't empty that space, but at least what is there applies to the machines I own, which is a good thing. 

For now, the Designer 1 will reside in the storage room under that fancy new sewing machine cover. 

My Embellisher and my retreat sewing machine

While the Designer 1 was out, I placed it on the table with my Epic 2. What a difference. The embroidery arm was NOT on the Epic 2, but it is on the Designer 1. The D1 was the top-of-the-line machine in the late 90s! Oh my -- how things have changed. 

The old and the new

That little exercise is an important learning curve in getting rid of stuff in your house. How many of us have accessories for things that we no longer own? I'm trying to eliminate all that and don't have much, but that insert was a good example. Here's another example - my Dad had to buy a new truck last week. He uses his truck as a storage place because he no longer has a shop. Well, they removed several grocery carts of stuff from his truck. That included the toolbox in the truck's box and a 50-lb piece accessory for a drill press that he no longer owned! 

So if you don't want to get rid of stuff, I get it. But at least get rid of stuff you can no longer use because you don't own the thing it was to be used with!! And I think we will have to overcome the fact that not everything we want to get rid of will go to a good home. Some of it, unfortunately, is destined for the landfill!

Two more quilts got the binding attached. 

Binding on a Quilts of Valour quilt

These are both for Quilts of Valour, leaving TWO more to bind. I swear the binding was made for them, but I can't find it. So I may have to wait until all the quilts on that table are bound to see if I can find it. If not, it's easy enough to make more. 

Another Quitlsof Valour quilt bound

We have a virtual retreat this weekend, and so I should be able to get many quilts bound! 

The next customer quilt is done!

Customer quilt - done

That leaves two urgent quilts -- one for me and one for a customer. OK -- I bumped the customer quilt and loaded my own. It's HUGE, and I need it quilted for Sunday! After that, I have a few of mine that I would like to quilt, and going to experiment with the software on the long arm and try some fancy stuff. 

The little spring popped out of the bobbin case as I was getting the machine ready. Good grief -- it's a fiddly thing to get back properly, but it's happened enough that I know how to snap it back in place. 

The spring inside the bobbin case

And here's proof that I can use that YLI variegated on my long arm. I'm almost done with this pool of brown, but I could NOT get the orange to work. Hmm. 
Spools of thread

Here's more thread that I unpacked yesterday. Almost done! Should I eek it out until Christmas or just go for it? 

More sparkly thread to play with

My girls will never snuggle with each other -- this is about as close as they get, but it's very unusual for Lexi to be this far into the office. She usually sleeps right at the door to avoid getting trapped in the room. Don't ask me why. 

Close but not touching!

They must have been having a needy day yesterday because I also took this picture of them in the living room. Close, but not touching! Never touching unless they are fighting! 

Again - close, but not touching!

Well, that's it for me today. Don't forget that we have Virtual Retreat TOMORROW, starting at 6 PM. And for those who don't have family or friends with whom you share Christmas Eve, we're going to have a virtual sewing day. For those with family and friends -- do NOT feel you are missing out. You are not - because you are with family and friends. Some of us don't have that luxury! Or maybe we don't want that luxury! I like my Zoom family!

Here are the links for this weekend. 

Saturday, December 17 --- STARTS at 6 PM  EST

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, December 17 --- STARTS at 1 PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. OMG, the spring popped out of my LA bobbin holder a few weeks. First time in 13 years. Crazy!

    Congrats on the continued declutter. :-)

  2. Re: Swap and Shop. There's a Facebook group called Buy Nothing where members request or offer items. I've given away a lot of crafting items and received bags, boxes and bolts of fabric for charity quilts. Hubby makes decorative pieces out of reclaimed wood gifted to him and I've offered the pieces, making a full circle.