Monday, December 19, 2022

Finishing off UFOs

 Yesterday was a busy day, and I was on Zoom for most of it. I can't imagine what my days would be like without it! Yes -- I could get together with friends locally, but I couldn't be with someone in Germany, Mexico, and various parts of Canada simultaneously! But with Zoom, I can! The friendships that have grown, the things we have shared -- well, it just can't be beaten! 

And some of them just can't get enough! I left the call at 9 PM, and there were still some diehards. The night owls, but where are they now? Fast asleep! While I get myself up and to the gym!

As you know, I have those darn lists of UFOs, and I'm attempting to get them done. So here are two of them, and they are COMPLETELY DONE. 

The Chunk of the month --  quilted

Although I call this one the Chunk of the month, it's called Twinkle little star. And now the binding is on. 


I started it in 2013 and finished in 2022. 

The next UFO that is completely finished is Farmer's Wife. This one was started in 2012 and completed in 2022. 

Farmer's Wife quilt - done!

The binding is now on the quilt. 
The binding is on the quilt

I'm pleased as punch that both of those are now done. As I've mentioned, there are lots more where those came from, and I'm trying to take full advantage of the UFO Club to make that happen. 

I did a quick tally yesterday of the numbers from the UFO Club, but I need to have them in my head, so I'll try to post them tomorrow. But we will be making a nice donation to the local food bank with the funds that were forfeited by not finishing our goals as promised. And I'm not the one that sets the goal, but I've been known to slip! It happens. 

And now I'm onto the next UFO. I'm going to finish the 150 Canadian Women. The blocks are on the design wall. 

150 Canadian Women - the next UFO on the list

I don't know if I'm going to rearrange the blocks. I might rearrange a few, but they randomly got thrown up on the wall and play together nicely. You'll notice a gap along the bottom left, and I have a plan for that. Now that all my commitments for the year are done, I can get down to business and get more stuff done without any distractions. There is one more distribution list to create and then to deal with all the e-mails I've received. They are all filed away to make it easier for me to deal with. 

I will use EQ8 to help me determine the size of the sashing to put between the blocks -- ½" or 1"? I'm trying to keep the quilt as small as possible, but I don't want it to be a weird size, so I may have to go with 1". And then to figure out the border. I'm cheating in a way as I saw what one person did with theirs, and I really like the border, so I may copy!

And I was debating on using red or white for the sashing. Putting it up on the wall, I think the answer is obvious -- white it is, as red would be too distracting. 

All 150 names are embroidered on the quilt backing, but it now needs to be assembled; but best to wait until the quilt top is done, so the size is right. 

Part of the quilt backing

Since I belong to both UFO Clubs, I'm pushing to get homework done for both. When I made the list of UFO projects for 2023, I happened upon this project. 

The next UFO project

It's small, and the blocks are cut and will take little time to sew together. Do not laugh!! Then I'll need to find some border fabric and see what I can track down for sunflower embroidery, or I'll put something else on it. That's the problem with patterns from older magazines -- are the embroidery patterns still available? 

And let's remember this UFO that wasn't on any list, but I worked on it at the last retreat, and it's done. I believe this one was started in 2017. 

My sewing machine cover

I would like to quilt all the UFOs I'm completing. I'll see if I can sneak them in between other commitments. That would be very nice indeed. 

So did I get anything done at the Virtual Retreat? You bet! I worked on bindings, but rather than finish a quilt, I sewed many bindings to the backs of the quilt. Made the join, and now all that remains is to stitch the binding to the front. I have to switch threads to do that and decided to maximize my time. There are ten that need to be topstitched. 

The pile of quilts to be bound

So this is the current heap of quilts to be bound, and I hope the pile will be significantly less after Monday's Sewing. I contacted the Project Linus person and told her what I had to donate, but I don't think she comprehends the pile waiting for her. 

Good progress is being made in Studio B, and pretty happy. Yes -- I would love to have more done, but instead of looking backward, I need to congratulate the successes and move on! I could improve at keeping track of my accomplishments, and I'm sure I could spend some time digging through the blog to find out. But I'm just going to be happy knowing that I made considerable dents in what needs to be done, and that's good enough for me! 

I will be hosting a Virtual Retreat on December 24, starting at noon. The link will be posted on Wednesday. So this is NOT supposed to take you away from your family gathering -- it is for those that would be home with "nothing" to do on Christmas Eve. If you are around, be sure to drop in and say hi! We always have loads of fun. 

On that note, I'm off to the gym. I had set a goal for my cardio miles for 2022, and it's aggressive, although I had to downsize it a bit. The gym being closed due to COVID for several months and my not doing the entire Camino is the result of the decrease. There is still 273.2 KM to finish before the end of this year -- 13 days! Tick tock! But there are four spin classes before the end of the year, so that will take a chunk off, and I have an average of 12 KM each day to make my goal! Nothing like being ambitious and leaving the goal-achieving until the very last day! I want my medal!

Have a super day!!!


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