Monday, December 12, 2022

Sorting threads

Those birds were waiting for snow before they hit the birdfeeders! It was like a switch got turned on, and before I knew it, a pair of cardinals, a woodpecker, and many other smaller birds were feasting away, and I loved watching them. 

Mr. Cardinal

Small birds


Of course, the girls were excited by the snow and couldn't wait to get outside. Our area hasn't had much snow, and it was like a winter wonderland walking in the morning. Then it stopped snowing, but we haven't seen the sun in a long time! Where is the sun? 

MOM -- there's snow!

Here is the next customer quilt! It's done and ready for pickup later this week. Several years ago, there was the Stonehenge (by Northcott) blocks that stores had made kits for -- well, this is one of the quilts made with those blocks and the Stonehenge panel. 

Customer quilt - DONE

And she put extra blocks on the back. What a great idea! The next one is loaded and ready to go later today. 

The back of the quilt

I spent the day sorting and tidying up. And the end result was an empty top to this cabinet; for the most part, the drawers are now empty. 

An empty space for something?

And this bookcase is now empty as well. Oh, that's a nice clear picture! - NOT!

An empty bookcase

And what was in those spots? Thread! It's now more organized, and hopefully, I'll start using some of the threads I don't use often. 

A good part of my embroidery thread was stored in these boxes. And there were some drawers of it in that little white drawer unit. So these boxes are now going to the thrift store unless any of you want them. They have served me well over 20+ years of embroidering, but I now have too much to fit in them. 

Embroidery thread boxes

And I have a variety of spool sizes as I attempt to move from Sulky to Robinson Anton. That will only partially happen in my lifetime. So I'm using those scrapbook boxes (the 12" by 12"), and I've put a shelf liner on the bottom to prevent the thread from moving around too much. I also bought some small trays from the dollar store to corral some smaller spools. 

The start of the blue thread box

And this is what it looks like in the container for the blue thread. I can start using ALL the blue thread I have now that it's in one spot. 

Blue embroidery thread

I continued on until all the embroidery thread was in one spot. I found embroidery thread in MANY places. For the most part, each container is ONE color, and the ones on top are miscellaneous. As I start to use the thread, I may be able to put more into some of the containers, or I'll move some of the spools around. But it's organized and all in one place, making me very happy!

My cabinet of embroidery thread

And all my piecing and unusual threads are in these containers. I never thought to check for embroidery threads, but I know there are some metallics in here, and I tried to put all of those in one of the shoeboxes on top of that unit. Hmm -- a bit more to work on. 

Piecing and other thread types

And then there's this cabinet full of thread as well. Seven white bins are threads for the long arm and the rest? Well, that's more thread I should be using, but I don't seem to be. Let's say I have enough thread for a while, and there is a wee bit more on the cutting table to be unpacked and stored away. At least it's better organized than it was, but it wouldn't hurt to have another sorting session at one point. I did NOT look in the three baskets at the bottom of that unit. 

Another cabinet of thread

And then I fixed my sweatpants last night. I LOVE the wide elastic waistband, which is much more comfortable than a narrow one. However, we all know what happens. Yep, that elastic folds down and then becomes a tight, annoying elastic band. I knew that would happen, but I was in denial, so I did nothing. Last night, I managed to manipulate the elastic back to its full width, and then I stitched it in several places with the sewing machine to prevent it from folding again! Much better. Next time, do it right from the start! 

The waistband on my sweatpants - FIXED

I borrowed a Jack Reacher audiobook. OK -- so how can you not call those page-turners. I didn't want to stop listening to it! But I did. Maybe I can finish it today? 

We had some great show and tell as we finished our Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt, which I'll share later this week. And also some amazing show and tell for machine embroidery! I love the show and tell; everyone is having loads of fun playing with their new toys or learning by experimenting. I LOVE it. 

Well, I'm off to the gym. 

Have a great day!!



  1. I’m very happy that the birds have come back. They are so fun to watch! The “small birds” are a Junco (forefront of photo) and a chickadee. 😊

  2. I have bird feeders outside my office/sewing room window. Love watching them, don't like the battle keeping the squirrles at bay. I have a platform feeder so I get Blue Jays in addition to the Cardinals, Chickadees, Junco and a pair of Doves. Also have a suet feeder for the woodpeckers and nuthatches.

  3. I am interested in the thread boxes if they are still available. Also, thanks for sharing your fix for the wide elastic waist band on pants. I will do the same to mine as well.

    1. Yes -- -they are --- send me a note at and we can make arrangements for pickup.