Friday, December 9, 2022

A seamless move

Another long but successful day! An extraordinarily productive and worthwhile meeting, which took way longer than planned, but I'm OK with that. If good comes from it - I'll meet all day. Now I have some work and new samples to make, but I'm super excited! Don't worry -- you'll get to see it all someday!

Something weird is happening in our neighborhood, and it's about deliveries. For whatever reason, the couriers can't seem to find this house. We had that issue with the package a week ago, where the box was supposedly refused, then we received the wrong package, which later in the day got swapped for the correct package. And then, two days ago, we had another issue. 

When Lulu (and Katheleen) were here, the doorbell rang, and I ran up to see why. There was a box on the front step. Oh yes -- I was expecting a package of thread from someone. I didn't look at the return address, brought it downstairs, and plopped it on the cutting table to be opened later. 

Later in the day, I got a text from a friend (not the one that supposedly sent me the package) asking if I was home. Well, that's a weird question when this person isn't even in the country. I said, "Yes." Then I realized that he had also sent me a package, and Canada Post seemed to be having trouble delivering it to me, as he was getting the notifications on his phone. 

I checked the box I had received earlier in the day, and it was from HIM, not the other person I was expecting it to be from. OH!!! I had forgotten that he was going to send me something. But look what was written on the package. 

Moved? When?

If I moved, I missed the entire episode! This means that the package was again delivered to the wrong address, and rather than them saying "delivered to the wrong address," they marked it "moved." What is happening? 

I have received everything that should be coming to me. Just in time to place a couple more orders today! In all instances, the address was CORRECT. 

Here is the customer quilt of the day. It was from someone in my Tula Pink Butterfly class, and this coloring is one of my favorites. Yep -- I like it even better than mine! She used Kaffe Fassett fabrics and solids. The colors blend nicely -- I prefer this one to the one on the pattern. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Here's a close-up of the fabrics. 

Fabrics in the butterfly quilt

And here's a shot of the backing fabric, which is perfect for the quilt. 

The backing for the butterfly quilt

This is one of the reasons I love these ongoing classes or sew-along. Some people are happy to make the original quilt using a kit, and others want to do their own thing. Sometimes those work, and sometimes they don't, but it's about learning about color and trusting your gut instinct! 

There is a lot of white on this quilt, and one must be careful during the quilting process to get rid of those wee bits of thread, so they don't show through. There is NOTHING a customer can do about this -- it's up to the long arm quilter to try and get all the bits off. I'm sure I missed a spot, but I try to get it all off. 

Errant threads that need to be removed on white backgrounds

I walked to Diane's again and got four more bright flannel quilts. Yep -- this is all that flannel that has been languishing on my shelves for years. It's now or soon will be sewn into quilts, making me happy! I've got fabric for the backing and the binding sitting in the community project storage area, and I hope to get some more quilted, but I need to finish those bindings first!

Four more community project quilts

I also got some batik scraps, which got sorted and will be put to use later today. 

What did I find in my "shopping" advent calendar? Zipper tape. White tape with a pewter zipper and nice zipper pulls. Oh shoot -- this reminds me that we saw the BEST tool ever for putting the zipper pulls on the tape. I MUST find that when I settle down to the computer this afternoon. It was the slickest thing I ever saw -- much better than a fork that some people use. 

Zipper tape

That sweet Lexi is such a suck. She did her business, and I wanted to walk it back to the garbage rather than carry it through the forest. She didn't want to backtrack, so I dropped her leash and made her sit. That's an ordeal -- this dog knows NO commands at all. Well, she knows how to sit but does it so reluctantly. 

And she is quite happy to sit there. I wonder if she would sit there if she didn't have her leash on. But she is a good girl. Once I picked up her leash, we were off, but man, she stops to sniff a LOT. 

Waiting for Mom

On the other hand, Murphy likes to be indoors and LOVES watching TV. Oh yes -- she knows the word TV. She was totally doing something else, and I mentioned TV, and she was there instantly! Do they have big remote controls for their paws? She would love it! 

Mom! Where's the nature channel?

I know they have video cameras for dogs. Well, that's another day!

I don't think I'll get any quilting done today. I have errands this morning, and then I have some class information and e-mails that MUST be sent! So I'll be doing that this afternoon. Once that is done, I can start planning the upcoming classes/clubs. WAIT -- I also have three classes to prep for tomorrow. Yep -- another busy day!!

If you are a Jack Reacher fan (Lee Child author), you should try and get your hands on the short story Second Son. It's only 1½ hours long, but it goes back to his childhood when he was 13. Far fetched? But very realistic! Now to find another audiobook. I can't listen when doing e-mails or planning, but I'll need one tomorrow!

On that note, have a super day!!!



  1. This might be the zipper tool you saw.

  2. Hi, there is a foolproof method for no-tool-at-all, I use it all the time :-)
    Watch from Minute 13, she shows several zippers and zipper-pulls and all without a tool.