Thursday, December 8, 2022


Where is the month going? It's December 8 already, and while I've got lots done, I have yet to finish up much. I have about one more week of quilting, and then I was going to start on some more community project quilts. However, I've decided that I'm going to stop and take a break. Well, not exactly. I will focus on getting the last things cleared up in Studio B. There are lots of quilts to bind, a few things on the cutting table to finish off, go through the box of clothing, etc. So I'm NOT allowed to work on anything new but finish what I have started. 

Then I can start the new year with a clean slate, and I will have so much fun next year in that NEW space!

Let's start the day by showing you my "shopping" advent calendar item. It's a roll of pearls on a string! They are stowed in the right tub and one less thing to unpack and put away. 

Pearls on a string

I walked to Diane's and got two more quilt tops and some more scraps. 

Two more quilt tops for community projects

I now have a basket of flannel scraps (sorted by color), and I'm going to tackle that to see what I can make. There is enough in the basket for at least two or three quilts. There are some batik scraps, and I will add those to my batik scrap box. I should have enough leftovers for at least two quilts. And over the holidays would be an excellent time to putter around with that. 

While I had company (wait for it!), I assembled the storage shelf I had purchased earlier in the week. 

Starting assembly

It was easy, and I have a good plan for it, but I won't share it until next week when it's all organized. I'm excited about it, and by moving that larger shelving unit, I now have room for this right beside the sit-down machine. I need to level the table before unpacking the machine, but I struggled. It should be easy to level? I'll try later today. Let's face it, it's a basement floor, and all the floors are sloped to the drain, so I have to deal with that issue when leveling. I'll go for all four feet on the floor! 

And so the small storage unit got assembled. 

Small storage unit assembled

And one more customer quilt got quilted. I had quite a session later in the day when I trimmed quite a few quilts. They need to get out of my house! Most will be gone by tomorrow. As I mentioned, I have about one more solid week of quilting, and then I can take a break for the holidays. And there are already a few lined up for January. 

Customer quilt - DONE

So who came to visit? Lulu!! Oh my gosh --- we wanted to steal her. She is so adorable, cuddly, and much smaller than I expected her to be. Mom says she weighs 7 lbs, so she is twice the size of Bear but still much smaller than my two monsters. 


Lexi was outside when Katheleen and Lulu arrived, and she couldn't have cared less. But Murphy was another story. She NEEDED to see what was going on. Yet, she was a little hesitant. Several times Murphy barked (once) at Lulu, but she didn't flinch! And I had to laugh as Lulu was DYING to get close, but Murphy wasn't having anything to do with her. Murphy was quite jealous of all the attention Lulu got. 

I love this picture - it's like they are having a showdown! And it looks like Lulu is hiding behind the legs of that stand! 

Hey, big dog -- let me play with you! 

And now, let's get a little bit closer! 

Hey, big dog. I am so cute -- play with me

And how about now? 

Hey, big dog -- don't be afraid! I won't look at you!

Let's say that I got NOTHING done while Lulu was here. Oh, Katheleen was here as well! But Lulu was adorable and a pretty obedient girl for 14 weeks. Even though she was excited to play fetch, she listened and sat down! WOW! Lexi won't even do that! Murphy will, but not Lexi. 

It was loads of fun. Even DH wanted to steal her! 

I was going to get up early to load the next quilt, but that didn't happen. And I dreamt that I got up and the quilt was already loaded. Like that will happen! But it did in the book that I just finished. It was called The Basement Quilt by Ann Hazelwood. I will confess that it was a bit saccharine -- OK -- it was a lot saccharine, but I listened to it anyway. 

Since I finished it last night, I decided to download a new book to listen to. WHAT??? About 10 days ago, the third book of The Seven Sisters was available, and between the five libraries I have access to, only one had ONE copy. When I went to download the book last night, someone has it out, and three people are waiting! Who amongst you is waiting for that book? 

No worries, I have plenty of other books to read. I might read Louise Penny. I'm way behind. As a matter of fact, I'm about to read Book eight - A beautiful Mystery which was published in 2012. However, I just checked, and the book is out, so I have about a two-week wait.

However, something very strange just happened. As I mentioned, my library card is attached to five libraries in Ontario. This is legit -- not an under-the-table thing. Usually, we have to search each library separately, but just now, it searched all five simultaneously. WHAT??? That is amazing!!!! 

OK -- I'm off to find another book that I can read. You know how some authors write a short book between their yearly publications (in the case of series - that is usually what happens - one book per year). I just found one that I hadn't read. It pays to keep lists of books you have read. It's short -- one hour, and I could download it! I'm set for the day!

We certainly can't complain about the weather this week or the gas prices! Let's get out there and enjoy what we have! We never know when it will end! 

I've got two Zoom sessions today, and the rest of the day is mine! Well, I have work to do, but I'll be on my own! 

Have a super day!!


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