Saturday, March 2, 2024

Happy Birthday (one day late)

Today, there are two presentations, and both are as ready as they will be! There is so much to share with the groups, and I can only hope the message gets across. I get some questions and know that some are getting it, and well, I need to review for a few! The biggest issue with EVERYONE in any class is STABILIZER!!!! It's not that hard!!!! 

But all is good. Then I have nothing on the agenda until Monday morning, but I have eleven Zooms next week, one in-person event, Monday sewing, and a meeting. And that's the schedule more or less for THREE weeks. Yikes --- it's going to be insane. While I'm "up-to-date" with the homework, I may have pieced one of the blocks for the month, but I have to sew the remainder of the blocks. They are cut and sitting in piles by the sewing machine! 

There just isn't enough time to sew in a day!! Yes -- I could sew all day, but I like to break the day up and walk a bit, read a bit, and be entertained by the girls. An errand or two to do, so if I'm a bit behind, so be it! And I have THREE new sewing machines that need to be unboxed, and I need to do that today!

Let's not even mention paperwork. Every day, it seems to pile higher on my desk, and I'm trying to get to it. 

But I would be remiss if I didn't mention M. It was her 28th birthday yesterday!! Happy birthday!!!!

Photos of M

When I was cleaning up my iPad, I came across this collage. That is the ferry to Salt Spring Island (BC), and we've been on the ferry many times. The ones of her on the right-hand side were taken on a trip she took as an adult. The ones on the left were taken by us on a vacation! Who knew that she would end up living out there. 

Since she's currently on the other side of the world, right now, I technically wished her Happy Birthday two days ago!! So happy birthday M and I know you had a great day!!! Love you to the moon and back!! Little Bear says Happy BARKday!! 

I also forgot to mention that I found the sample I was looking for, and I found it BEFORE I left for my class. You know how in your head when you're looking for something, you say, I looked EVERYWHERE, and yet you can't find it. While walking Miss Lexi, I remembered another spot where I store samples and had not looked there. Sure enough -- there it was!!! I guess I should get better organized with my samples!

My missing sample

While I sewed for a good part of the day, it's not something I can share with you - YET! I was working on the homework for today, and it's ready to go. 

After dinner out, we came home to work on the EXIT Game. Oh - we were on a roll!! But again, we had to be a team to make it work. I may have come up with the ideas, but DH shouted out the first part of the process. Then I swooped in and came up with the answer!!

Since we were pretty cocky that we solved that one in less than a minute (a record for us), we decided to do one more. Hmm --- this one took a bit more thought, but we had it done in about 5 minutes between us. It was teamwork all the way, and it sure helped to verbalize what the clue was all about. Then POOF! The idea came to my head, and DH did the translation, and we were good! We have seven puzzles left in the advent box. 

The room for the EXIT Game puzzle

The puzzles are so clever - I cannot imagine how their brains work to develop these things. 

Speaking of Advent Calendars, I see that Stitch by Stitch has a pre-sale on their Advent Calendar, so if you want to get in on it, you might want to sign up NOW!!! I don't see it on their website. The information came in an email, but I'm sure they could help you if you called. 

Little Bear is so cute. He's an adventuresome little guy and never wants to cut his walk short. The others don't even know when I have to shorten their walk. Murphy is on high speed and doesn't notice. Lexi is in low gear and doesn't notice. But try to trick Bear? It won't happen, and for a little guy, he's pretty strong and stubborn!!

He loves off-roading in the forest, but yesterday he came home with burrs on his legs. This isn't the first time that's happened, and his hair is so fine it was entertaining to take it off. 

HELP! I've got burrs

I got home from running my errands on my walk (three on one walk!), and then we went outside for a while. The little guy hasn't figured out that if he waits at the door, I'm outside, and he can't go in when I'm out! 

Waiting to go in

What a little fluff bucket, and I guess he knows better because DH was in the house, but we didn't stay out long as I had work to do. 

And there's Miss Lexi in HER bed. Which is actually Murphy's bed, but they share that one. 

MOM -- I CAN see you!!!

I managed to transfer more books to the file folder, and now I guess I'd better buy some storage on iCloud since I have only the basic, which isn't much. Technically, the only things on the iPad are these manuals and a few pictures, which need to be transferred off. But I've spent a lot of time downloading and filing those manuals; if I had to do it again, it would take a lot of time. Thankfully, storage is cheap!

I've less than 20 "books" to switch into the filing system (from iBooks), so I'm making good progress. I will also delete all the apps I don't use, which is MOST of them. There are ZERO games on the iPad, and none will ever be installed. I know myself, and games are just a time waster for me. I had other things that waste my time, and I'm not going down that route. 

Even though I've charged my iPencil, I can't seem to get it to pair (no reaction), so I have to investigate that further. And someone mentioned a FREE drawing program, so I may check that out. I just want to play a bit. I guess that is my kind of time waster! 

I am such a liar -- I have a dinner thing tomorrow, and I have to pick something up! There goes the afternoon and evening! Oh well, that's OK. 

It seems like I didn't cross much off my weekly "to-do" list, but the week isn't over yet. So, if I'm smart, I'll take care of some of those things, so they do NOT get transferred to next week because there will be NO time next week. It's all about managing the time and resources and setting priorities!!!

Is anyone interested in attending a retreat (Shelbourne) for a few days between March 25 and 31?) It's a quilting retreat; you could come for two or three nights. Send me an email if you're interested.

On that note, I'm out of here to take the girls on their "short" walk. The short walk is almost as long as the long walk, but not quite. I don't want to risk being late when I have Zooms that start early. 

Have a super day!!!!


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