Monday, March 4, 2024

Prioritize, Focus, and WIN!

Someone suggested I run a defrag on my hard disk. Yes -- that's a good idea, and I must remember to do that. 

What I think I need to do is get myself organized first. I must write down each place where I have storage - how much I pay and what is stored there. There's Googe Drive, One Drive, and soon iCloud. I have Dropbox (which I need to cancel), my external hard disks, and my storage on the two computers. Wait -- there's also the phone and the iPad. Can you see the craziness of all this? And I need to identify what backs up to where! 

I need a plan to figure out what is what. But what mystifies me at this point is the email. What is filling up the email space to the tune of over 100 GB?? That's a lot of storage for emails. I know it's the attachments, but deleting some doesn't make a difference, so why is the file so large?

That will be something to contemplate while I walk the dogs! 

What ended up happening yesterday? I focused and prioritized as best I could, and I surprised myself. 

I decided I needed to get some work done on the Heartfelt Sampler as we have a class this weekend. I have cut all the remaining blocks, so I pulled out the trays with the cut pieces. 

Heartfelt Sampler - cut blocks

There were still SIX sets of blocks that had to be sewn. Yikes!!! In total, 45 blocks remained to be sewn. Then everything has to be laid out on the design wall, and I still need to cut all the background squares. A lot of work to do between now and the weekend. 

However, I managed to get one block set done. Technically, three blocks were already sewn, and the components of the remaining three blocks were done, so completing this set of six blocks was easy. 

One of six block sets for the Heartfelt Sampler!

And all the seams are nicely twirled on the back. 

Twirled seams for the blocks

There are only five block sets (39 blocks) to finish. 

And I managed to get one more block set done. As mentioned, all the pieces were cut, and one block was stitched. Before I knew it, the remaining five blocks were together. 

One more set of blocks completed!

So, four block sets are left for a total of 33 blocks. I will attempt to work on this quilt today during Monday's sewing. Whether cutting the background, laying out the blocks, or trying to complete one or two more block sets, I MUST work on it. 

Here are all the completed blocks so far!!!

All the stitched blocks!

While I was doing that, I also worked on the customer quilt. There's nothing more exciting than seeing this. 

The last row of the quilt

It was a giant quilt, but it quilted up like a dream. So, I'll trim that during Monday's sewing and prepare it for pick-up. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Do you use the Pony Express to send things? Our Monday sewing group uses it a lot! I have some things in the "staging" area at the front door that need to be picked up or moved along to someone else. Last week, someone dropped off a bag of stuff that needs to go to several people, so now it's my job to work a stage of the Pony Express. I need to look at what's there, as a few things have been there for a while, and see if I can move them along. 

A bag of goods on the Pony Express

Then I went to my meeting/dinner. Such fun to meet up with friends and reminiscence about cycling trips. While in that area, I had something to pick up, so I headed out to do that after dinner. And this is what followed me home. 

COMPLETE Cricut setup

It's hard to see in the photo, but it's a complete Cricut setup. Yep -- I bought it through a contact of mine. The owner has passed away, and the husband had no idea what to do with it all. There are five mats, a Cricut Maker, two presses, vinyl, tools, and a LOT of stuff. I know - I already have a Brother Scan and Cut, but I'm finding with the class that I want to share the Cricut experience with the group, and now I can. I need to find a home in Studio B for this and all the tools. I think I know the perfect spot downstairs, so I hope that will happen over the next while. 

Or, as someone mentioned a while back, I could make Studio U, the digital cutter/scrapbooking/journal-making area. That's a possibility!!! There's lots of room up there. Hmmmm --- what to do - what to do? I'd do it in a heartbeat if I had better internet up there. Now, I must call my provider to see what I can do. It would be amazing to have two separate areas. 

I had to go to Barrie to pick that up, so it was late when I got home, and I went to bed. 

I would be remiss if I didn't post a couple of pictures of the girls and a boy. Murphy is a good girl and quite tolerant of Bear, but this pushes the limit. Murphy knows that Lexi's food dish is OUT OF LIMITS, and she will NOT touch it. But Bear thinks it's his dish for grazing when he's done with his own food. 

MOM -- this is UNFAIR!!!!!

Murphy is quite upset at the entire thing and wants to dig into Lexi's dish, but she knows she's not allowed, so this is unfair!!!

But the two are inseparable! Well, they do the same things together. Look at this!!! And currently, they are sleeping in their dog's beds in tandem!!

MOM -- he's sniffing my butt!

Bear got a real bath yesterday as he was in desperate need, and I'm sure his mother would be quite distraught at his grey fluff! OK -- I have zero experience with washing a dog and tried. He looks better, but he's still not as clean as when M washes him!!!

GRANDMA -- you're not doing it right!!!!

And here's a quote for today. This is so true. I see many people almost paralyzed to make a decision and then second guess that decision over and over. The thing is, make the decision and go for it! If it was wrong, find the silver lining in that decision. 

You can't live in the past, and you can't change a decision. Learn to live with those choices and move on! That's my philosophy about decisions, and while I have made the wrong choice sometimes, so what? I move on and try not to repeat it!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. I'm off to spin class, and the week stretches before me! I need to get myself organized with my list, which I did NOT do last night. So much didn't get done this past week, and now, adding in all those Zooms - well, we just do what we can!!! I refuse to STRESS about it because that will just make it worse!

Have a great day!! 


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