Thursday, March 14, 2024

The lost list gets longer

I am even more annoyed with myself this morning. Well, I'm no longer irritated, but yesterday? I was very annoyed. I was putting together the presser feet I was going to demo in my presentation, and do you think I can find my Open-Toe feet for the PFAFF? They are not to be seen. Then I realized that I was also missing my Quilt Binder. I have two of them, and they are in big purple boxes. 

I'm VERY diligent about keeping all my presser feet in a specific location by brand. I'm anal about it. But at some point, in prepping for these presentations, I removed the feet and put them in a SAFE place. WHERE is that safe place? 

I was annoyed beyond anything, and I've realized that I do NOT deal well with frustration, mainly when aimed at myself. I went for a walk, and I felt much better. I still have not found that missing sample, nor have I found the missing feet. 

However, I came up with a compromise that worked just fine. I will find these feet one day, and they will be staring me right in the face, but at the moment, they are not to be found!

The favor I asked of someone and the requirement that I be at their location at 8 a.m. worked out OK. I have yet to test everything, but I will later today. Let's hope that all is fine. There was so much information sharing besides the favor they did for me that it was well worth my time! 

So, two more Zoom presentations are in the bag, leaving seven more this week, and a meeting popped into the mix. I'll finish the work, but the prep is time-consuming, and I also have to set up the camera area. The remainder of the presentations will require less work there, and the more I become familiar with the system, the easier it is to work. I'm good! 

Murphy tried to help me get things set up, but she wasn't really all that helpful. But she tried! She's the comic relief to keep things light! 

MOM -- can I help you? 

OH, and last night, Bear was quiet and slept in his bed for the entire first presentation. However, asking him to be quiet for the second one? That was pushing it. I had him on my lap, then he was on the floor on my samples, then he went to his bed, and when DH came home, Bear was freaking out behind me. So DH had to come down to get him; of course, he plays hard to catch! Thankfully, the cameras were on the sewing machines, not on me, so people may have heard the commotion but didn't see anything! 

There are so many great quotes in that happiness journal! Look at this one. WOW—I love all these quotes, and they are so true! This quote gives me an idea! I might just use it somewhere special! 

Another great quote

At one point, one boy and one girl were trying to help, but it was more like sleeping on the job. It's tough to get good help!

HEY -- it's Union break time! 

As I've said before, Lexi will NEVER come downstairs. She is NOT a fan of indoor stairs in the least. She has hated them from day one when we brought her home. 

But everyone is getting into the synchronized act with Bear. They will miss him when he goes home - if he ever goes home. 

HEY -- we are waiting for our walk (that never happened!)

Even Lexi is getting into the synchronized sleeping thing. Although they faced each other, which isn't really synchronized. Yes - Bear in his dog bed! 

Sleeping "together"

Even though I felt better after I returned from my walk, I was a bit annoyed when I found a note from Canada Post on my front door. When I removed the note, it left a mess. Imagine if that had been a painted door, not glass!!!

A mess left by Canada Post note

It was so beautiful yesterday that I had no choice but to be outside as much as I dared. A bit cooler weather and some rain for the remainder of the week, which is good. That'll keep me inside as I have a lot of work to do! I got a chuckle, though, on my walk. I'm wearing a T-shirt. I didn't even bother to bring a sweatshirt this time - it was 20 C. I passed people in puff jackets and hats. I was sweating in my T-shirt; I could only imagine what was happening to them. 

There's Mr. Adventure -- he's off to explore the backyard. They all have to be trained to STAY OUTSIDE for a while. They've become positive house-bound dogs over the winter, and Murphy is NOT happy to be out there alone. Nope -- she needs someone to be with her. 

Mr. Adventure

I've more or less completed one more writing assignment. There are a few pictures that I'll change as I'm not happy with them. That will be gone before noon, and Number Three is starting. Then, I need to work on the projects for Numbers 4 and 5 so I can start writing about them. I'm not pressed for time, so I'm enjoying the process much more, but it still needs to be out of the house soon! 

One of the Zoom sessions I'm running is about your basic sewing machine. We are talking BASIC stuff here. I'm surprised at how many people need help understanding those essential functions. One lady, who had her machine for 11 years, didn't know she could change the tension! All I can say is - get out your User's Guide! Study the diagrams, and if you don't know what a particular button or dial does -- try it! It's HARD to break a sewing machine by playing!!

On that note, I'm out of here! I've got a lot to prep for today, and I have to get the girls and the boy out for their walks!! 

Have a super day!!!


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