Tuesday, March 12, 2024

On the POSITIVE side

 I am ANNOYED!!! And I'm annoyed at myself! 

I'm trying to get organized for the events over the next couple of weeks. The first one is tonight. So I'm organizing the samples, and I'm missing ONE. Actually, I'm missing a couple of samples. Now, thankfully, both of them are small and would take very little time to redo. It's the principle of the matter. I had one in my hand last week, and I swear I left it on the table. 

I've been searching for it, and nothing!! Thankfully, I had it in my hand recently, so I remember exactly what was on it, but how annoying is that? And there are two more small sample pieces that are also AWOL, and where the heck could they be? 

On the positive side, the samples/supplies for most of the events over the next two weeks are in order! I have to make a few extra things, but at least I know what I'm missing. 

GRRRR -- I hate when that happens! 

Also, on a positive note, I have my Heartfelt Sampler on the design wall. I can't show you a picture until the group has seen the quilt, but it's looking amazing. I'm always on the lookout for a new colorway, and this time, I went with brown. I KNOW!! Who intentionally makes a brown quilt? It's one of the least-liked colors. I wonder why that is. 

OK -- so what would we do without Google? I searched for the answer (seriously???) Yep -- and here it is. 

Everyone should make at least one quilt in their least favorite color! It helps us to be more in tune with ourselves and the world around us. I'm taking the positive side of the definition and seeing the warmth and autumn in this quilt. Stay tuned -- it may or may not get completed for the final reveal, but at least it's on the wall! I switched a number of the blocks around until I got them to my liking and to balance the values. I had the correct amount of blocks, but the final block wasn't the correct size. I needed a 5" block, and the leftover was 6". So, I'll remake one more block. The 6" can't be cut down without looking a bit weird. No big deal to make one more. 

The leftover block

I didn't like the coloring on one of the other 6" blocks, so I swapped it out for that extra one above. 

The rejected block

There are more positives! One of the five writing assignments is gone, and I'm working on Number Two. The pictures are complete for a couple more articles, so it's all good. Oh - did I mention that I walked over .5 km this morning as I searched out different samples. I also started to put away some things I no longer need. 

I've used every flat surface in Studio B, including all my portable TV tables. But as the week goes by, I'll be able to consolidate and put things away. I'm in good shape! But where is that darn sample? I know the minute I make it, it'll pop up! And it'll shout—you looked everywhere, but here!

In the Heartfelt Sampler, the eight-pointed star blocks use the Peaky and Spike component, or as Deb Tucker calls them, the V block. 

A Peaky and Spike component

We should NEVER shy away from making any type of block. It's all a learning experience, and we expand our knowledge. These tiny Peaky and Spike blocks were part of my Cherrywood Challenge for the Diana exhibit. The quilt is back home now but still tucked in its packing box. I should mention the finished size of each component is ONE INCH. 

I've been in the quilt world for over 25 years. Where did the time go? Many new quilters have no idea where some of these names came from. Doreen Speckmann named that component Peaky and Spike. I knew that without Googling it!!! 

Here's a picture of my Diana Cherrywood Challenge.

My Cherrywood Challenge

I laugh when I look at this quilt, wondering how intentional was my design. Those two darker hearts represent Princess Diana's two boys. Hmm—those hearts are NOT intertwined. Knowing what we know, they should have been on opposite sides of the quilt!!

There are many rulers and tools to cut those units - I use a Tri-Recs ruler (old-school, but still an amazing ruler!), others used the V Block by Deb Tucker, Marti Michell has a ruler, and one person cut them out on their digital cutter!! There is more than one way to do anything!!!

Speaking of learning, look at the quote in my Happiness Journal yesterday. 

I popped into the local thrift store to look for blank T-shirts that I could use for heat transfer experiments. Yep, I found two. It's rare to find a plain T-shirt these days. I also found two other things that I won't share yet, but I have plans for those two items. That's a task for April. 

And I must STOP looking at the jigsaw puzzles. Good grief -- they have oodles of them. I do NOT need more puzzles, but I was tempted by two of them. There is one that I almost bought in the fall when I was out puzzle shopping. I just checked and I do NOT have it. Hmm -- I think we got a $10 off coupon. NOOOO --- just say NO -- you do not need another puzzle. But look how pretty it is!!!!

A gorgeous jigsaw puzzle

Yesterday morning was so beautiful on the walk. Yes - it might have been a tad nippy, but not enough to require a hat. The forest was ALIVE with energy and the blue sky contributed to it. Maybe that's where I get my energy -- all that forest bathing and the energy from those living things just seeps into my pores!

Don't forget to look up!

The tranquility of the walk is amazing. And I refuse to walk more than one dog at a time. If I'm pressed for time, they get shorter walks, but I will not walk more than one at a time. That's for all our combined mental health!

Lexi and I out for our walk

And look at what I spotted - a hawk! He was on the hunt for breakfast, no doubt! 

A hawk

I have loads to do today, and once I remake that sample, I'll feel better, but I'm still annoyed! There's much to do -- emails to send, phone calls, and two in-the-car errands, so there's no time to waste. 

Have a super day!!


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